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Chakras and Diseases — table and detailed description

What diseases arise when certain chakras work poorly

Perhaps you do not know, but all the problems, difficulties and troubles that we have to experience in the most direct way are connected with the state of the energy centers — that is, the chakras. Why this happens, what diseases cause an imbalance in the work of those or other chakras — learn about it from this material.

Here is a table of chakras and their diseases, which will help you determine what you do not quite right in your life.

In this table you can find out general information about the connection of each chakra with the activity of the body:

Chakras and Diseases - table and detailed description

What diseases can cause imbalances in the chakras, you can read more:

Myladhapa — is the first chakra. It fills a person with life force, determines the identity of a person to a specific genus.

Its main goal is the survival of the physical body. Fills with energy courage and perseverance.

Manifestations of the Muladhara chakra diseases in the body:

  1. Obesity occurs (all stages).
  2. Violated the work of the intestine (a person suffers from constipation, hemorrhoids.
  3. Diseases such as sciatica — it can develop sciatica,
  4. In men, the prostate is affected.
  5. Man for no apparent reason begins to overcome depression, depressive states, he quickly gets tired, becomes irritable, weakens physically.
  6. There is a lack of physical and moral strength.
  7. It is human nature to feel instability and anxiety for no apparent reason (as a rule, it concerns the future).
  8. Man overcomes baseless fears, phobias.

How do social imbalances manifest themselves?

  1. Nervousness develops, a person does not feel confident in his capabilities and abilities
  2. If the chakra works, on the contrary, is too active, then the person inside suffers from arrogance, egocentrism, greed and lust.
  3. Another typical occurrence of monetary instability — a person has a shortage of cash. A person is “lucky” to be constantly in a position where he is deceived with money or he receives less than promised.
  4. Characteristic is the appearance of stinginess and selfishness, which manifests itself without any particular reason.


Swadhisthana — acts 2 chakra. Chakra gives a person sexual energy, controls the process of procreation, commands the passion, creativity, emotional balance.

If this energy center works poorly, then the person does not make up his personal life. He suffers from pathologies of the urinary organs.

From how badly the chakra works, a person will have to face such troubles:

  1. It is difficult for a woman to get pregnant or bear a child.
  2. Possible miscarriages, the birth of dead children. It is also possible the birth of children with deformities and genetic pathology.
  3. Men who have broken the work of svadhisthans suffer from impotence, infertility, and are unable to continue the race.
  4. In marriage, such people often suffer from adultery, they may have sexually transmitted diseases.
  5. Characteristic of a squeamish attitude towards sex, or, conversely, a man indulges in “all grave”, suffers from sexual promiscuity.
  6. The fact that the work of the chakra is disturbed will be explained by any sexual perversions (even mental disorders may occur).

When svadhisthana works poorly, a person stubbornly has no luck in privacy: it is impossible to marry men or marry girls. And if you still legally combine their relationship, then very soon divorced.

Usually the experience of such marriage unions does not exceed 3 years. It is also possible marriages several times, reaching a succession: marriage — a divorce.

In the case of the energy imbalance of the chakra, the person becomes irritable, depressed, and his sensitivity increases.

If svadhisthana has a lot of energy, then a person shows aggression, despotism, self-indulgence.

Manipura controls the achievement of social success, fills a person with respect for himself, self-esteem and self-satisfaction. Chakra affects the organs of vision and the digestive tract.

When manipulation is disturbed, a person suffers from the following pathologies:

  1. Different gastrointestinal pathologies.
  2. Diabetes mellitus.
  3. Eating Disorders (may develop as bulimia — unhealthy excessive absorption of food, and anorexia (lack of appetite). I constantly want to «jam» my troubles.
  4. Alcohol addiction.
  5. Depression is also a characteristic sign — a person is inclined to blame himself for all the bad things that have happened to him, he is engaged in self-flagellation.
  6. Distraction appears, it becomes difficult to focus on different things.
  7. Perhaps the emergence of thoughts of suicide, and in especially neglected cases, people decide to suicide.
  8. In addition, the presence of the following mental disorders will help to diagnose the impaired work of the manipura: kleptomania — the desire to steal, dromomania — the desire to lead a wandering life, pyromania — the desire to set fire to something.
  9. In a person, the instinct of self-preservation is disturbed: defensive reactions may decrease (weakening instinct), or, on the contrary, a person faces a constant distrust towards others (increased instinct).

A person does not want to perform any actions, despite the fact that he is in normal physical shape. There is a decrease in the overall tone of the body.

Often a person gets into conflict situations at work.

In some cases, interest in the entire world around is completely lost. A person is not able to take initiative, it is very difficult for him to achieve some goals.

He is also constantly in an irritated, dissatisfied state.

If manipura produces more energy than is necessary — the person headfirst goes to work, spends on it all his life energy. Manifestation of increased demands, harm.

When the chakra does not work well enough — a person cannot believe in his strength, he suffers from timidity and indecision.

This chakra is responsible for love and for unity with the surrounding reality.

Disruption of work is manifested in the following pathologies:

  1. Heart disturbance.
  2. Elevated or elevated blood pressure.
  3. Panic attacks.
  4. The lungs and bronchi are affected.
  5. A person constantly worries about future events, feels emotionally depressed, cannot fully enjoy his life.
  6. He begins to «dig» in his past actions, seeks to find mistakes in them, blames himself for what happened. May, on the contrary, begin to shift the blame on their surroundings or higher powers.

Those individuals who have violated the activity of the heart chakra, show egoism, callousness, they cannot sympathize with the people around them, while they perceive themselves as the ultimate truth. From negative feelings they are overcome by envy, vindictiveness, tend to dismiss rumors about others.

From time to time they get angry with them, they become angry, aggressive, yearning or sad. When anahata emits a lot of energy, such people show increased capriciousness, fastidiousness, imperiousness.

If the energy center is not sufficiently supplied with energy, such a person will do his best to please other people, while putting his own interests below the interests of others.

Wishdha — 5 chakra appears, it is the inner voice of a person. Vishudha helps to implement various ideas and mental images.

In addition, vishudha is responsible for speech, allows a person to freely communicate with other people, to express themselves.

At the level of emotions, the energy center creates new ideas, provides love and mutual understanding. An open and well-functioning chakra calms mental activity, increases faith.

The fact that the functioning of the chakra is impaired can be determined by the presence of such signs:

  1. Often there are tonsillitis, rhinitis.
  2. A person suffers from any speech disorders: stutters, speaks too loudly or too quietly, slowly or too quickly, speaks a lot of information, repeats the same syllables many times.
  3. Speech disorders develop which are provoked by disturbed work of the cerebral cortex: it is difficult for a person to remember names, he is lost in the names of objects, does not understand the correct meaning of words and the meaning of various phrases.
  4. It becomes infantile mentally and physically (not mature enough psychologically).

When the vishudha energy is plentiful, such qualities of character as arrogance, arrogance, dogma, and imperiousness manifest themselves.

If, on the contrary, the chakra does not work hard enough, the person’s personality weakens, he often tells a lie, others cannot rely on him.

Ajna — is the 6th chakra, which provides high intuition, awareness, gives wisdom.

Ajna controls the human mind, performs the function of a kind of control center that controls the work of the other chakras. It helps to develop the will, inner vision of things, gives a person intuitive abilities, wisdom, inspiration, clairvoyance, clear knowledge.

When stagnation appears in the chakra, vision begins to deteriorate, the person suffers from headache, sinusitis, problems with the ears. Due to the physical ailments described above, a person faces insomnia, nightmares.

In my head obsessive thoughts are constantly spinning, a person becomes mentally unstable, unstable, nervous.

Those people whose 6 energy centers are sufficiently developed show pride, authoritarianism, authoritativeness and dogma.

If the center does not work very well, then the person is constantly timid, suffers from shyness and failure.

Sahasrara — is the 7th and last energy center in the Hindu tradition. This chakra connects the person with the Cosmos and the Higher Spiritual plans.

It allows you to achieve enlightenment.

It contributes to the integrity of the person, makes a person highly spiritual and selfless. When the energy center is fully opened, the person realizes the true nature of things.

Sahasrara is developed and functions normally in a small number of people, so there are no specific symptoms for it. For most people, it simply does not work.

Check out also an interesting video on this topic to find out more useful information about the connection of the chakras with diseases.

Now, knowing the chakras and diseases that arise as a result of their insufficient work, it will be easier for you to understand which energy center should be given more attention. After all, any disease is much easier to get rid of at the initial stage, not allowing its further progress.

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