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Chakra Meditation, Rite Tips

Meditation on the chakras for the disclosure of energy centers

Meditating on the chakras helps to open and clear the energy centers, to fill them with life force. Regular spiritual practices contribute to the harmonization of mental state, as a result — there are fewer problems with health and life in general.

What are chakras?

Chakras or padma — energy centers, invisible to the human eye, the main component of the aura and subtle body of the soul. It is believed that each chakra is a place where energy meridians intersect, along which prana flows — life-giving energy.

Chakra Meditation, Rite Tips

The important functions of the chakras are to receive energy and distribute it throughout the body. If a chakra is closed or not working correctly, problems begin.

With health, psycho-emotional state, personal affairs and life in general. Therefore, it is important to be filled with energy and monitor the health of your thin body.

Meditating on chakras is an excellent method for working out energy problems, a simple and affordable way to work independently with aura.

Chakra Location

Before you start practicing spiritual practices, it is important to remember the location of each energy center and its color:

  1. The red Muladhara chakra is located at the base of the spinal column, approximately where the tail bone is located.
  2. Orange Svadhisthana is located in the lower abdomen, in the location of the human reproductive system
  3. Yellow Manipura takes place in the region of the solar plexus
  4. Green Anahata — heart chakra, as if it covers the heart
  5. Blue «throat» Vishuddha — in the fossa at the base of the neck (or in the place where the adolescent is in men)
  6. Blue Ajna — in the center of the nose
  7. Purple Sahasrara — on top

Chakra Meditation, Rite Tips

It is believed that all the chakras symbolize the colors of the solar spectrum, and merging together, they become a powerful energy flow, which is fed from Space.

Rules, tips and tricks

Chakra meditation helps:

  • To open the chakras — which ultimately leads to the healing of diseases, the normalization of the psycho-emotional state, and the problem centers are again becoming the “receiver” of vital energy
  • Clear — remove negative attitudes, emotions and beliefs that interfere with the coordinated work of all components of the aura
  • To harmonize — to ensure the correct and harmonious interaction of all the chakras. As a result, this leads to enormous fullness. A person becomes able to live actively, happily, richly and successfully
  • Restore — removes energy holes and patches holes in the aura, which ultimately has a positive effect on the state of mind. And also solves most life problems.

Chakra Meditation, Rite Tips

The features and rules of conducting chakra disclosing meditation are as follows:

  1. The room for practice must be clean, filled with fresh air. Clean up and ventilate the room before meditating.
  2. It is advisable to close the access noise and bright light. Just before the beginning of spiritual practice, close the windows with curtains, turn on the soft, muffled light, close the window and door openings so that the noise does not penetrate through them
  3. Make sure that no one will disturb you — neither households nor pets. It is advisable to meditate when you are at home alone.
  4. It is recommended to meditate on an empty stomach, in the morning, before sunrise. The most favorable time — from four to six in the morning
  5. If you practice yoga, choose the suitable and most comfortable asana for you. Beginners can use the lotus position. It is believed that such an arrangement best helps to conduct energy to each chakra consistently.
  6. Turn off the mobile phone, intercom, doorbell and Internet so that a sudden extraneous sound does not knock you out of a concentrated state.
  7. Lotus position is optional. You can meditate sitting, lying, whatever. The main thing is that you are completely comfortable and you can relax as much as possible.

Watch the video about chakra meditation to understand the main principles:

Chakra meditation

When you understand the principle and follow all the rules, you can proceed directly to meditation.

The sequence of actions is as follows:

  1. Close your eyes and try to completely relax. Feel how your whole body becomes soft, your muscles literally turn off. Take a mental look from the tips of your toes and hands to the top of your head, visualizing how the body ceases to be tense
  2. Free your mind from thoughts. This is the most difficult stage. Escape from all that penetrates the brain, you can. For example, mentally alternately represent your fingers, then on the legs, or count. A good way is to focus on breathing.
  3. Next comes the meditation itself. Concentrate on the chakra you plan to work with. If your goal is to uncover all energy centers, work through each successively, moving upwards from Muladhara.
  4. Continue to concentrate on the chakra. Wait until unusual sensations appear in this area of ​​the body: a tingling, burning, heat sensation may occur. This is individual, different people have their own feelings. Be prepared that you will not immediately
  5. Do not forget to follow the breath — it must be deep, calm, measured
  6. At the end of the meditation, slowly open your eyelids, run your hands over your face from the bottom up and drink a glass of water.

Tip: if you cannot feel anything in the process of meditation, try visualizing the image of the chakra. Present it as a colored vibrating ball.

The effectiveness of meditation can be increased many times, if you regularly engage in breathing practices, yoga, singing mantras. But do not strive to do everything at once — study your soul gradually.

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