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Chakra Manipura — how to develop the energy of the third chakra

Chakra Manipura will help improve your position in society

Manipura Chakra is translated from Sanskrit as “diamond place” or “abundance of jewels”. It is located in the region of the solar plexus, located near the diaphragm, in the middle of the sternum and navel.

Because of this placement, it can also be referred to as the solar plexus chakra.

Chakra Manipura - how to develop the energy of the third chakra

General information about this chakra

This chakra shows the energy of Ego. It is in her competence that the process of personal formation, as well as the manifestation of her emotions, controls the desire to receive a vocation and occupy a certain position in society.

In addition, manipura has the following properties:

  • promotes harmonious assimilation, accumulation and transformation, and the redistribution of energy throughout the body. It acts as a kind of turbine at a power station, which, thanks to its rotation, replaces mechanical energy with electric energy, which is then distributed to all the chakras of the body;
  • manipura is also responsible for intuitive abilities — It helps to choose the right way of life, based on what a person seeks and wants to achieve. When the chakra works correctly, the individual has his own independent opinion and can make competent conclusions about life;
  • if we talk about the spiritual mission of the chakra, then it allows you to embody your life and professional purpose in material reality — that is, with the help of your innate abilities with talents to self-realize on all plans, successfully cope with your life mission;
  • the third chakra also controls how the will of the individual manifests at the level of energy which is expressed at level 5 of the chakra. This means that at level 3 of the chakras, energy resources are allocated that are necessary to ensure the will or intention of a person formed on the higher chakras. For example, a thought that has arisen at level 6 of the chakra becomes a word at level 5 of the chakra, and it fills it with energy and physical strength at level 3 of the chakra, which contributes to its realization in a certain action;
  • manipura is an energy balancer the whole energy circuit of a person (or aura).

Overview of the main characteristics of the chakra

  • The color of energy is yellow. It is a leadership energy that gives the desire to be first and achieve success in all plans — at the level of body, heart and mind. The chakra energy ranges from yellow to yellow-orange.
  • This chakra corresponds to note mi.
  • Manipura refers to fire element.
  • Her character possesses ten petals.
  • By taste corresponds to the pepper (or spicy) taste.
  • Has an aroma patchouli and bergamot.
  • The use of the following stones will help to open the chakra or strengthen its work: yellow tourmaline, citrines, amber, tiger eyes and topaz.

What organs and systems are responsible for

Manipura is inextricably linked with the digestive tract, as well as the respiratory organs and the diaphragm. Under her control is the state of the stomach, pancreas, small intestine, gallbladder, spleen.

The degree of disclosure of the yellow chakra

When manipura is well developed on a high spiritual level, a person is able to realize his personal strength and significance in the surrounding reality. Such a person has the ability to make a sound assessment of the situation and his own strength, and he can also effectively interact with the outside world (cooperating with him).

A person believes in his strength; he is notable for flexibility of thinking. and bodily intuition, has the ability to consciously realize their desires and will, clearly controls the process of expenditure of their vital energy. Differs self-discipline, self-control, has excellent management and organizational skills, skillfully concentrates on how to achieve goals.

Chakra Manipura - how to develop the energy of the third chakra

Also a person with a harmoniously working manipura. able to clearly and clearly express her thoughts, she is characterized by the correct construction of her speech, a feeling of peace and inner harmony, relaxation, as well as the ability to enjoy her own harmony and perfection of the surrounding world.

If there is a low spiritual development of the third chakra, it is extremely important for a person to assert himself at the expense of those around him, he becomes angry, especially acutely feeling guilty, trying to curry favor with others, constantly feeling himself in the position of the victim, feeling helpless. Also, such people suffer from jealousy, lack of conscience, fear, lies and rigidity.

If the solar plexus chakra is not harmonized, a person is also inclined to use the people around him in his own interests, abuses his powers. He seeks to keep all power in his hands (this can be seen well on the example of many leaders of states).

There is increased ambition.

Also, the person feels offended at life, although with all his might he seeks to show that all is well. But feelings, tearing him from the inside and not going out, provoke the appearance of depressive states and bouts of rage.

What emotions controls manipura

  • Out of fears can be called the fear of financial success.
  • With the normal functioning of the chakras a person can enjoy life, food, exercise, feels peaceful and confident enough in his abilities. Harmoniously interacts with the outside world.
  • If control of the body take passions, then man succumbs to gluttony, covetousness, anger, and Nazism.

Ways to develop the third chakra

Wanting to succeed in business or business, it is simply vital for a person to start developing 3 chakras. There is one fairly simple way to diagnose, which shows the state of manipura.

To do this, you need to know whether a particular person observes a certain mode of the day.

After all the main way to open the yellow chakra is to plan your day to small moments, successfully performed over a long period of time. Of course, you should not instantly count on stunning results, but if you try very hard, you can live your day with seventy to eighty percent of the total planned.

This method is not fast, but speed does not play a significant role in this case. After all, the main thing is to learn how to enjoy working on yourself.

If it is, you do not even need to force yourself to do anything by force — the body itself will begin to adapt with pleasure to a new lifestyle.

Watch this video with pleasant and relaxing music, it will help to clean the chakra from the negative and improve its performance.

When the chakra is inharmonious

Perhaps, The main task of the third chakra is to teach a person adhere to your own opinion, not listening to the wishes of others regarding the vision of a particular problem. When the chakra is harmonized, the person does not need third-party prompts, but focuses solely on the call of his Soul.

And the ability to quickly assimilate the knowledge gained enables people who have the solar plexus chakra to work actively, quickly analyze the information, while making up their own vision of the situation. The latter may be completely different from the opinions of other people.

How to find out that this chakra is closed or does not work well? In this case, it will be difficult for a person to communicate with other people, make new acquaintances, he becomes socially unadapted.

There is also a lack of self-confidence, a lack of trust in your inner self, a desire to adapt to the interests of others, even if they go apart with your own.

Pathologies arising from poor performance

Violations in the work of manipura have an extremely negative impact on human health and the process of vital activity of his body. When the chakra gets off the correct frequency, the person begins to suffer from the increased acidity of the gastric mucosa, gastritis develops.

And if a person regularly accepts someone else’s position, which is alien to him and is imposed on by others, then the situation may even end with the appearance of an ulcer.

When a person is not able to stand up for their interests, there is a feeling of anger and anger, as a result of which liver pathologies appear, the gall bladder suffers. Normal work of the gastrointestinal tract is disrupted, diabetes mellitus develops, and conception of the child becomes impossible.

Features 3 chakras in men

The male population of the solar plexus chakra responsible for the amount of material resources, as well as for maintaining an active life position. A man is filled from a woman with the energy of pleasure from svadhisthana, and begins to transform it into various material and social benefits.

So if a woman wants her husband to earn enough and could provide a family, it needs to take on the role of his muse and motivation. For men, it is important to feel that the benefits that he earned (got) are in demand.

In a situation where a girl tries to pull the blanket over herself, competing with a man for the right to make money equally, a manipula from a stronger sex member will either go out completely and he will become an inveterate parasite, or the man will get bored and he will break this relationship by going to look for his inspiration.

Chakra Manipura - how to develop the energy of the third chakra

Manipura in women

The representatives of the fair sex have not such an active manipura. It is important for a woman to learn to accept the benefits, and in return to give comfort, coziness and give a man sexual pleasure.

If a girl does not resign herself to such a position, seeks to earn as much in a relationship as her partner does, independently engages in the interests of their couple, seeks solutions to various problems: ultimately, the chakra locks both from a very active lady and from her lover. Therefore, it is necessary to learn how to properly assign roles in relationships so that each partner harmoniously fills each other with the necessary energies.

Mantra, which will help to open 3 chakras

In the Hindu tradition, wanting to reveal or harmonize the state of manipura, one should regularly say the mantra “RAM” many times. You can also listen to the recorded sound of the mantra.

Then a person is filled with solar energy, which activates the work of the chakra.

The mantra «LLC» also brings a good effect. In the case of the correct application, as a result, you will be filled with a persistent feeling of complete harmony with the outside world, with your inner voice.

You will hear it as clearly and distinctly as possible. Other people’s tips can not lead you astray.

Yantra for the manipura chakra is a lotus of yellow color, bordered with ten leaves. In its central part is often placed a triangle, which shows a swastika.

If you regularly engage in the contemplation of yellow yantra, very soon you will tone up your body and improve its working capacity. And performing the visualization of yantra, you can perfectly improve your health, filled with positive vital energy.

Developing the energy of the third chakra, you will become a more creative person, improve your thinking along with a sense of humor. You will become independent from the opinions of others, be able to make the right decisions without fear and live an interesting and happy life.

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