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Chakra colors: how color energy affects the state of different chakras

How knowing the colors of the chakras to fill themselves with the necessary energy

Chakra is an energy center that controls the development of a specific spiritual quality of the individual. The chakras are located in the second part of the body — stretching along the spinal column.

Each chakra has its own specific characteristics — frequency, symbol, stone, contributing to the disclosure. In this article we will look at the colors of the chakras.

Chakra colors: how color energy affects the state of different chakras

What is the color of the chakra?

Color is a definite energy vibration. Therefore, buying items of clothing of a particular color, we find ourselves filled with the energy of our chosen shade.

If you have problems with certain chakras, and want to improve their work, it is important to disassemble the chakras by color and add to your wardrobe things of exactly the shade for which she is responsible.

1 chakra (Muladhara)

Muladhara — the lowest chakra, corresponds to the energy of red.

1 chakra (also known as the root) provides a person with vital energy, controls safety, survival, and a healthy physical life.

Her energy corresponds to the red color. It is red in various traditions that is a symbol of beauty, is responsible for creating a new life, it is also associated with blood and fertility (it is used in various rituals providing fertility).

Muladhara refers to the earth element, and the earth gives every person physical energy, fills with the desire to live.

Red is also responsible for carnal desires — it is in his power that there are such feelings as passion, which testifies to a huge amount of a person’s internal energy.

2 chakras (Svadhistana)

This energy center is associated with orange. Svadhisthana gives a person pleasure in all its manifestations, causes such emotions as joy, optimism, adjusts a person to a positive wave.

Orange is a fairly open color, it is ideal for those who are not afraid of the free expression of their feelings and emotions. This is directly related to the amount of sexual energy.

Orange is also made up of red, it also has a tremendous life force, but it is manifested here more as a joy, not a physical struggle for survival, as is the case with the previous shade.

Orange color has a significant potential of fantasy, provides a developed imagination, it also helps to unleash the creative potential inherent in a person.

3 chakras (Manipura)

Manipura has yellow energy. The third energy center helps the individual to succeed in social life, is responsible for self-realization, the manifestation of his «I».

Yellow is the color of optimists, he directs a person towards his goals, gives confidence in his abilities and opportunities, attracts what he wants into life.

Using clothes or surrounding objects of yellow color, it will be easier for you to cope with difficulties, you will increase motivation, improve brain activity, ability to remember information and other qualities that ensure success.

4 chakras (Anahata)

Her vibrations correspond to the color green, but sometimes she is also credited with a pink hue. These two color solutions contribute to the functioning of the chakra.

So green helps to become more balanced, harmonizes everything around, it is also considered the color of the soul. According to a multitude of beliefs, the soul of man is located precisely in the region of the heart.

Green color provides us with an awareness of universal love. He is also associated with youth, beauty and eternal life.

In some esoteric sources, it is believed that having achieved a state so that all energy begins to flow through the anahata, a person will be able to secure his eternal life by successfully coping with death.

The second symbolic color of the 4 chakras is pink. He personifies a very gentle, friendly love.

Pink combines red and white shades, but in this case, red no longer carries aggressive or passionate notes, but fills a person with more harmonious, spiritual and conscious love.

5 chakra (Vishudha)

It corresponds to the blue color. It is characterized by airiness, elevation, dreaminess, and also provides peace, harmoniously connects a person with the Upper Worlds.

Chakra colors: how color energy affects the state of different chakras

Blue energy is inherent in creative people, as it provides an expression of their thoughts, desires, feelings. It is also the chakra of truth.

The flow of blue energy of Vishuddha comes from higher levels. His associations are trust, belief in the existence of higher powers.

6 Chakra (Ajna)

Ajna produces blue energy. Blue has a very variable number of meanings — it is wisdom, knowledge, consciousness, the ability to accept the surrounding reality as it is.

Blue also provokes the appearance of emotions in us like an endless sky.

Classically blue is a combination of internal and external aspects, calm and concentration.

Learn more about chakra colors in the following video.

7 Chakra (Sahasrara)

It has a violet vibration. Purple is a very complex and unusual color. It is a combination of two opposites — combines red and blue energy — passion and tranquility.

These two shades are radically different from each other.

That is why purple is different mysterious, intrigue, kind of magic. People who give their preference to violet have many internal contradictions.

They also represent a combination of opposites — radically different aspects of personality.

The energy of violet is also directly related to spiritual development, the highest divine knowledge, the cosmic interconnection. Color helps to comprehend higher truths, to learn many things about our world, it connects a person with the highest frequencies.

Chakra colors: how color energy affects the state of different chakras

Knowing all the colors of the human chakras, and using this knowledge in practice, you can not only harmonize the work of the energy centers, but also develop the qualities and abilities that are responsible for the energy of a particular color.

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