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Chakra breath: the path of meditation, an exercise for correction

Chakra Breath: Best Practices with Instruction

Chakra breath is a special technique of meditation. By calm quiet music, a person, using a special breathing technique, plunges into a state of trance.

During the whole process, the human energy centers — the chakras — are revealed, the state of the aura improves.

What are chakras:

The chakras are the 7 main components of the human aura, the special centers of the subtle body that control the flow of energy. Healthy chakras are a wonderful state of health, a positive life, the absence of internal fears and anxieties.

Holes or stagnant processes in the chakras — diseases, terrible state of health, a black stripe in life.

Chakra breath: the path of meditation, an exercise for correction

What are the chakras or padmas, as they are called:

  • on the health of the physical body of a person;
  • on his sex life and ability to experience vivid emotions, attraction to the opposite sex;
  • the ability to love sincerely and unconditionally: yourself, your partner, those around you, the whole world in general;
  • on financial well-being and prosperity, success and prosperity;
  • on the potential of an individual: abilities, talents, everything in which a person can manifest himself;
  • on awareness, spirituality and wisdom — available units.

When everything is fine with the chakras, there are usually no serious problems in a person’s life. If there are problems in the aura, more negative energy accumulates, which in the future turns into unpleasant consequences.

Osho chakra breathing technique

The great mystic, a spiritual person and a real legend — Osho, composed his own chakra breathing technique or active meditation.

Chakra breath: the path of meditation, an exercise for correction

Osho believed that his unique deep breathing method literally awakens each energy center, harmonizes and energizes all the chakras.

In order to start a meditation, you need to turn on calm relaxing music and close your eyes. If you are a beginner, it is advisable to close your eyes with a dark bandage through which the sun’s rays will not penetrate.

  1. Stand in the correct position: place your legs wide, bend your knees slightly, straighten your back.
  2. Imagine that you hear the melodious ringing of bells. As soon as you can visualize it real enough, take a deep breath and exhale, mentally looking to the first chakra. It is located at the base of the spinal column, almost where the tailbone
  3. When the ringing in your mind intensifies and becomes more iridescent, shift the focus of attention to the second chakra. It is located in the lower abdomen, in the location of the human reproductive system.
  4. Do not forget about active, deep breathing!
  5. Continue to «travel» on the chakras. With each new overflow of bells, turn your attention to each energy center alternately, from the bottom up
  6. Your mental path: from the solar plexus to the heart, then to the fossa at the base of the neck, then to the middle of the forehead, just above the eyebrow line. We finish the meditation on the crown of the head.
  7. From the lower to the upper chakra must pass three times. You will feel how the body is filled with energy in each center. This is the first stage of chakra breathing, which takes about 45 minutes.
  8. And the meditation ends like this: crouch and relax, close your eyes and disengage from thoughts. Feel how you are calm, peaceful, feel good. Do this for 15 minutes.

Important: for the first time during meditation, you may feel some pain in the muscles. It’s not scary, do not stop and keep breathing.

Sufi method

In order to “breathe” the chakras with the Sufi method, it is necessary to memorize a special mantra: “la illaha il alla”. Literally translated as “there is no God but God,” which means that all that exists is God, there is nothing without God and divine power.

Chakra breath: the path of meditation, an exercise for correction

  • On the inhale — maximize the chest and sing the mantra as much as it will
  • On the exhale — we try to repeat the text of the mantra as a whole, retract the stomach to the maximum position. Imagine you want to drive all the air out of yourself.

Thus, it is necessary to “walk” along each energy center — from the lower chakra to the upper.

This meditative method helps to cleanse the negative and harmonize the mental state. Particularly beneficial effect chakra breath on the heart center of Anahata.

If you meditate not at home, but in the forest, by the river, alone with nature and yourself, the efficiency will be several times higher.

Watch the video about the chakra breath by the Osho method:

Tips and tricks

There are several rules to follow in order not to harm yourself in the process of meditation, but to bring only benefits:

  1. Chakra breathing is necessarily a condition of any meditation, but not an independent way to plunge into a trance.
  2. The process of meditation must be accompanied by music. Try to find the right on specialized resources, so as not to be mistaken.
  3. Meditate better in the morning. It does not matter, but it is in the morning hours, before sunrise and on an empty stomach, you will receive the greatest amount of energy and will be able to quickly enter the correct state.
  4. You cannot meditate and practice chakra breathing if you have just eaten tightly. The stomach must be empty.
  5. Take a bath or shower at the end of the meditation. Imagine that streams of water finally wash away traces of negative energy from you. Feel yourself filled with positive energy.
  6. Give thanks mentally — the Universe, God, Higher Forces at the end of each meditation. The practice of gratitude will help enlist their protection and support. But only if you do it sincerely.

If you regularly practice chakra breathing, you will notice how much more energetic, more cheerful and calmer you have become.

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