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Chakra Ajna — what will give you the opening of the 6th energy center

Ajna Chakra — how to discover superpowers

The Ajna Chakra is the sixth energy center, its name translated from Sanskrit means «management area». This chakra is represented by a circle of sky color, which is framed by 2 lotus leaves, on which 2 feet are depicted.

2 central petals are the personification of the Sun and the Moon, forty-nine and fifty letters are inscribed on them from the Sanskrit alphabet Ham and Ksham. In the center of the lotus there is an inverted triangle, which is a symbol of the yoni, and in the inner part it is located in the italics.

Chakra Ajna - what will give you the opening of the 6th energy center

Chakra Location

The sixth energy center is located in the region of the eyebrow, in other sources you can stumble upon its second name — “bhrumadhya”. The energy center, unlike the previous chakras, has a very diverse color range — so you can find yellow, blue and purple shades in it, from time to time the chakra turns white (the color acts as a symbol of creativity and spiritual aspirations).

The Buddha statue very well conveys the material embodiment of the ajna: in the area between the eyebrows, a precious mineral is traditionally inserted, indicating wisdom and an elevated level of consciousness.

In the Indian religious teachings often different deities and mythological heroes are depicted with a third eye.

How chakra affects the body

The sixth energy center is responsible for spiritual personal growth, and also controls all physiological processes that occur inside the body. The chakra restores the state of the vegetative system, ensures the health of the liver, organs of sight, smell, improves the condition of the ridge, and also the endocrine system is in its control (this includes the pituitary gland with the epiphysis).

Traditionally, the chakra is divided into 3 main levels, in which the mental shells of the personality are located:

  • top level — provides awareness of social processes;
  • medium — contributes to the disclosure of the person’s ability to understand himself and conscious control over the formulation of personal intentions with aspirations;
  • lower — provides the ability to understand the psyche of the people around them with their worldview and aspirations.

When a person works at once with all three aspects of the chakra, there is an active development of his physical and mental activity, complete union with nature occurs, harmonization of all nerve endings in the body occurs, thereby achieving a kind of nirvana.

Chakra Ajna - what will give you the opening of the 6th energy center

The geniuses of science who are engaged in the study of the human energy centers have concluded that a developed third eye provides the ability to predict the future. But this will largely depend on the purity of the energy channel that passes through the sixth chakra, connecting it with all the previous ones.

The higher the purity of the spiritual and energy channel in a person, the less time he will need to uncover his hidden mental capabilities, which in the future will take full control of the state of the body and mind.

Therefore, in the case of strong development of the sixth chakra (for example, in psychics), a person is able to see certain energy formations or entities that are inaccessible to the eyes of ordinary people.

How does ajna malfunction affect the body?

If the third eye does not work well enough, the functioning of the nervous and autonomic systems of the body is significantly impaired. Chakra is closed by negative thoughts, an increased concentration on the negative (the so-called pessimism), a vision of life with all its events in a negative perspective.

When a person does not think about the good, concentrating only on the negative, these data enter his consciousness through active centers. As a result, wrong thinking begins to form, which in turn causes mental dissatisfaction.

It is not a secret for anyone that thoughts are also energy capable of drawing both positive and negative into our life. When a person is constantly suffering from negative thoughts, his endocrine system is disorganized, which in turn provokes mental and physical body disorders.

To avoid such negative consequences, it is important to engage in strengthening the work of the sixth chakra. In this case, various meditation practices as well as the Binja-mantra will come to your aid. Having managed to achieve full immersion in meditation, you are abstracted from negative energy, you can exercise complete control over your consciousness and feel only positive emotions.

A good effect also brings viewing special videos, which offer innovative development of energy centers.

The sixth chakra is an essential element in the construction of the human body. It has phenomenal power, influences mental and physiological processes occurring with an individual.

When the center is sufficiently developed, the person has an immanent spiritual potential, and also looks at the world from a different angle.

What are the characteristics of the chakra

  1. Ajna carries the energy of inspiration, spirituality, awareness, possession and improvement.
  2. Its sacred sound is the word «AUM».
  3. Corresponds to the musical note A.
  4. The main principle is to realize the true essence of being.
  5. The inner aspect is extrasensory abilities.
  6. Carries the energy of intuitive abilities.
  7. This chakra does not belong to any of the elements.
  8. She is patronized by the planet Moon.
  9. From sensations ajna corresponds to cold.
  10. Chakra does not match the smell or taste.
  11. It controls the functioning of the central nervous system, as well as the hormonal glands — the pineal and pituitary.
  12. Of the organs that fall under the influence of ajna, you can call the brain with all its components, the central nervous system, face, ears, nasal sinuses, organs of vision.
  13. If the energy center works in an insufficient way, such pathologies begin to appear: diseases of the eyes, ears, respiratory tract, also the pathologies of the nose and its sinuses, the facial nerve suffers, and headaches and nightmares are characteristic.
  14. From aromatic oils to this chakra corresponds geranium oil, lavender, rosemary, peppermint oil.
  15. To enhance the energy of ajna, one should wear such stones: azurites, blue aventurines, amethysts, indigolites, labradors, lapis lazuli, sapphires, sodalites, falcon eyes and fluorites.

Ways to open the «third eye»

Not everyone is born with a well-developed sixth chakra. But thanks to the activation of the center, people begin to perceive better the information that comes from the other world.

There is a great way to aromatherapy, allowing you to open the third eye. To do this, you need to take eucalyptus oil and grind a small amount in the area of ​​the forehead.

This is done from the central part of the forehead to the nose. Meditation can be done both in a sitting and lying position.

When you take a comfortable position, begin to concentrate on the area where the chakra is located. It is important at the physical level to feel the increase in pressure in this area. When the pressure increases, visualize how the energy penetrates deep into the head.

From there begins to emerge a counter-current flow of energy. Watch carefully as the two energy flows meet each other and merge, becoming one.

Then start uttering (or singing) the KSHAM mantra. Feel the mantra harmonize with the pressure inside the head.

Pay close attention to your inner feelings. With the help of such meditation, you will be able to open the ajna chakra and clear it of unnecessary energy blocks.

In this case, you can independently pronounce the words of the mantra or use the finished audio recording. In any case, the action of the mantra will be effective.

We also recommend that you view the following video to activate the energy of the sixth chakra.

Than the closed chakra is fraught

Insufficient work of the 6th energy center causes the development of pathologies of the brain, the condition of the eyes also deteriorates, the frontal and maxillary sinuses of the nose, the upper jaw suffer.

In this case, a person will regularly complain of headache, loss of coordination of movements, bouts of fainting, inability to concentrate his attention on certain points.

In addition, ajna bears control of the pineal gland and pituitary gland. The pituitary gland acts as a separate center that manages various functions.

It produces hormones that affect the entire sphere of human activity.

Superpowers of this chakra

Ajna well-functioning gives a person excellent vision, ability to concentrate, good memory, thinking, helps to easily find a solution for any problems. The energy center is responsible for the conscious perception of the whole surrounding reality.

This is the center responsible for all mental abilities, the process of learning, memory and willpower.

Chakra Ajna - what will give you the opening of the 6th energy center

Another ability that a developed “third eye” gives a person is the ability to hear one’s intuition and follow its voice. Also, wisdom is inherent in people with balanced ajna.

They are able to tell the development of future events, and also perceive various messages from above and interpret them correctly.

How does the opening of the chakra physically manifest

When you begin to open the ajna chakra, you may experience a sensation of tinnitus. This happens for the reason that you begin to perceive messages from the universe.

The main thing is not to interfere with this process.

Many people call this phenomenon clairvoyance. In addition, a sense of tinnitus indicates that your inner self is trying to send you an important message.

Do not ignore it in any way, listen to your heart!

It is also not uncommon for physical pathologies of the ears to begin in the process of opening the 6th energy center. Unfortunately, the opening of the «third eye» is not always associated only with positive feelings.

Of the latter, there is still a feeling of strong pressure in the area where the chakra is located. There may also be a feeling that the chakra is erupting on a physical level.

Having studied the reviews of people who have managed to open the “third eye” in themselves, you will be impressed and you will want to perform such a manipulation with yourself. After all, then you will be able to master the gift of clairvoyance, begin to hear your intuition, and also be able to predict future events or tell what happened in the past.

Chakra Picture

The image of the chakra is known as yantra. Yantra for the sixth power center is a blue lotus flower, framed by two lotus petals.

If you consider this yantra for a long time, you will be able to harmonize the energy flows of the ajna chakra. It also helps to clear the entire energy system of the body from various blockages.

A person begins active spiritual growth.

It is important for each person to improve the work of the ajna chakra, because it plays a huge role in the general energy state of a person. The sixth chakra has a very strong influence on both mental and physical abilities of the human body.

Opening the ajna chakra, you will learn to better understand yourself, you will clearly hear the voice of your intuition, which will help you make the right decisions in the maze of life.

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