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Celtic symbols and signs: methods of application

Celtic symbols and signs: the meaning and variants of weaving

Celtic symbols are not only beautiful decorative patterns, but also signs that have a deep meaning. These are charms that protect their owner from negativity, and talismans that attract love, happiness, luck and well-being to life.

The value of Celtic patterns

Most often, Celtic patterns are an ornament imitating weaving. They may look like a braid, fabric structure, or basket.

The magical meaning is that any witchcraft is an interweaving of energy strands, which is what personify patterns.

Celtic symbols and signs: methods of application

Interesting fact: It is believed that the knots enclosed in the outline of Celtic weaving is a symbol of the Thread of Life, which passes through a person’s life. Therefore, the ornament symbolizes life, all its stages and key events.

It is impossible to change the ornament — it is granted by the gods themselves.

In ancient times, the Celts decorated manuscripts with books, carved on stones or engraved on precious metals.

If you are planning to purchase a Celtic symbol talisman, you should carefully study from the value and choose the most suitable for you.

The most important Celtic signs are the amulets. It is in this quality they are most often used.

Consider the most popular protective characters and their meaning.

Celtic symbols and signs: methods of application

  • Symbolizes a person’s life, from beginning to end.
  • Personifies the universe from the point of view of its vastness and continuity
  • Indicates the connection of objects and phenomena occurring in the world.
  • Helps to reveal talents and abilities in oneself, sends opportunities for knowledge of the world, develops intuition
  • A great helper in meditation and other spiritual practices.
  • Symbol of the unity of opposites: earth and sky, male and female energy
  • Attracts harmony and happiness to life
  • Helps enlist the help and support of Higher Forces
  • Expands the boundaries of consciousness and helps to go beyond the usual perception of reality
  • Symbol of spiritual development and growth
  • Indicates a connection between the inner world of man, his environment and the universe as a whole.

All other classic Celtic weaving is a symbol of Destiny in all its manifestations.

Animal figures

According to the teachings of the ancient Celts, each animal has its own characteristics and symbolizes a certain spiritual connection with man. Depending on the type of animal, the amulet with its image has individual properties.

Celtic symbols and signs: methods of application

  1. Pheasant and raven develop extrasensory abilities, help to see the future and unravel the intentions of other people. But sometimes the raven is a symbol of the death of something superfluous, unnecessary. This may be a rejection of old habits, the destruction of the relationship, getting rid of offenses and old negative emotions.
  2. The dove is traditionally a symbol of love. The talisman with the image of this bird attracts harmony, happiness, peace and love in all its manifestations.
  3. Partridge — the most cunning bird. A great helper to the innocent person who suffers from the intrigues of others
  4. Duck — fills with vital energy that is necessary for the development and achievement of goals
  5. Heron — develops vigilance and the ability to see the important in the little things. Protects its owner from deception, betrayal and the wiles of detractors
  6. Albatross is suitable for those who strive for continuous self-improvement. Grants wisdom
  7. The snake is a healing amulet. It fills the body with health, helps to heal from bad thoughts, develops healing abilities. Also, the snake symbolizes wisdom and great will power, perseverance and the desire to achieve their goals, no matter what
  8. Deer — attracts the patronage and help of the Higher Forces. With such a talisman, your guardian angel will always stand behind your back and suggest the right decisions. Gives prosperity, luck, success, activity
  9. The horse is a powerful protective symbol. It protects against magical negative interference, helps to bear and give birth to a healthy child. Mostly female mascot: increases attractiveness, helps to preserve beauty and youth for many years
  10. Dolphin — a symbol of spiritual cleansing. It relieves of bad karma, old negativity, which is ingrained in consciousness and prevents to live peacefully.
  11. The dog is a symbol of loyalty, devotion and protection. Patronizes travelers — gives good luck on the road, gives strength and energy, helps to meet only benevolent people on its way
  12. Fishes develop magical abilities
  13. Boar — a sign of sociability. It helps to easily find a common language with people, make useful contacts. Develops hospitality and friendliness. But at the same time it helps to defend the borders in dealing with critics and those who like to condemn and give unsolicited advice.

Watch a video about Celtic patterns:

Other characters

Figures filled with Celtic patterns can be very different. For example, the dragon, according to beliefs, gives extrasensory skills and gives magical powers.

It also protects the owner of the talisman from all sources of external evil.

The tree is an analogue of the Celtic Tree of Life, it fills with energy and strength, develops the gift of foresight and the sixth sense, improves health.

All kinds of leaves, intricately intertwined — a symbol of coquetry. ease, carelessness. The amulet with them is almost neutral — it can be worn as decoration.

Anyone can find among the variety of Celtic symbols something suitable for themselves. It is important to choose the amulet, based on their own feelings.

The image of the weaving and the silhouette of the figure in which it is enclosed must also be liked visually.

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