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Celtic knot — what it is and how to use it correctly

Celtic knot: symbolism, meaning, types and features of creation

The name «Celtic» received those kinds of knots and stylized styles, which performed a decorative function for the ancient Celts. Basically, Celtic knots signed church monuments with manuscripts (from bright examples we can name the Book of Kells, the Lichfield Gospel of the 8th century, and the Gospel of Lindisfarn.

It was from that time that their distribution began in different countries and cultures of the world.

The earliest of interwoven patterns first appeared in the era of the Roman Empire. And by the 3-4th century, a special art form was formed from the nodal ornaments, which soon embodied in the form of decorating mosaic floors.

Celtic patterns were very popular in the architecture of ancient Byzantium, as well as in the art of the Celts, Copts and Islamists.

Celtic knot - what it is and how to use it correctly

What secret do Celtic patterns hide?

Each of the Celtic patterns is characterized by its own special sacral symbolism. Today, Celtic symbols are actively used — it can be detected on various amulets, amulets and pendants.

The Celts firmly believed that every person is a particle of the World Tree. That it was necessary to achieve in the final stage of his path, after physical death.

For each Celt, a special print was chosen for the amulet, which, as it was believed, corresponded to its fate. It was the symbolism of the ornament that could tell about the state of health, well-being, finances, and also love — in general, about all the components of a person’s life.

All Celtic patterns harmoniously intertwine with each other, forming very fancy figures. All Celtic patterns are artistic and filigree.

Thanks to their unimaginable aesthetics, mystery and symbolism, they retain their popularity to this day.

In appearance, Celtic patterns are very similar to intricate and cunning labyrinths. At the same time, their main idea lies in the following: a person has to be in search of the truth all his life and learn all the facets of his personality.

What do the various symbols of the Celts

When you first look at the mysterious Celtic ornaments, the soul is overwhelmed with a very unusual feeling — they catch the eye and simply fascinate. All characters are not just drawings, but an ordinary abstraction, while each character has its own meaning.

Here are some examples of basic Celtic symbols:

  • Cross. The cross to which the circle is added has a deep meaning. It acts as a symbol of the harmonious combination of all 4 elements or directions of light. At the bottom of the cross is always expanding — this indicates a growing human need. Another symbol of the cross exists in Christian religion and paganism. In the latter he is personified with the energy of the sun. There is an opinion that the Celtic cross is able to protect against the negative effects of evil forces and will fill its owner with wisdom of life.
  • Butterfly — personifies the soul of man, and also relates to the theme of rebirth after death and change.
  • The Tree of Life. In Celtic culture, the tree was depicted as hands that stretch towards the sky at the top, and at the bottom — resemble roots. The ancient Celts at all times believed in the existence of parallel realities. The Tree of Life symbolizes the unification of ordinary life, life in the Highest worlds and the underworld.
  • Heart — even inveterate Celtic warriors were romantically inherent. So they have a heart symbol, which is applied as one continuous line. The heart symbolizes the union of two souls.
  • Trefoil (or triksel). It is found in Celtic symbolism very often. The trefoil will indicate the unification of the earthly, water, and fire elements. He has very strong defensive abilities, he will make his owner more successful, successful and rich.
  • Spirals. They are always triple. The spiral denotes eternity, unceasing spiritual growth, as well as harmony between the physical and the spiritual.

The Celts were of the opinion that all the ornaments were formed by the Threads of Life and it is unacceptable to change the patterns, because the gods gave us over them. Symbolism was carved on stone, and also engraved on metal carriers, used to decorate books.

Celtic knot - what it is and how to use it correctly

At this point in time, Celtic patterns are applied to amulets and amulets. They are also often used in the form of tattoos. Before you decide to focus on this or that Celtic style, it is worth a while to carefully examine the true meaning of the signs.

After all, using magic symbols, you have an inevitable impact on your destiny.

Types of Celtic Knots

Consider the most commonly used varieties of Celtic knots.

Protection node

With such amulets, the ancient Celts decorated their homes in order to protect themselves from any misfortunes. In addition, the sacral badge was used on a military weapon: applied to the shields for battle and on the bodies of the soldiers themselves.

They believed that the symbol has a powerful life-affirming energy.

It was also widely believed that the protective knot removes any ailment from the person, the evil eye and provides protection against all diseases.

As a rule, protective knots were hung in the area of ​​the entrance door (so that evil could not get inside the dwelling) or above the bed (in this case, the knot provided sweet dreams for the home).

Celtic love knot

It is a symbol of the union of male and female energy, thanks to which it becomes possible to give birth to new forms, which also “mate” with each other and contribute to the birth of subsequent ones.

The knot of love indicates the union of two souls and is able to help lovers maintain their feelings for many years. If both of them have such an amulet in a pair, then no one can separate them.

There is also the second meaning of the knot of love — in the symbol mind, body and spirit are harmoniously combined.

It should be noted separately that in reality there are no specific forms that indicate that certain types of knots symbolize love. All this determines the subconscious of man.

For this reason, consciously the heart, intertwined in the trefoil is associated with the manifestation of Love in all higher senses of the word.

Celtic knot - what it is and how to use it correctly

Closed nodes in their various manifestations and forms are basically infinity, which is clothed in certain qualities of the divine nature. Therefore, they are often used, for example, in black magic, when they want to consolidate some negative qualities, enclosed in a closed node in an endless series of troubles.

If it is easier to explain, in practice, the same events, dressed in various external forms, begin to repeat in human life.

The process of creating Celtic knots

Nodes can be drawn, embroidered or burned out — their magical influence does not depend on the method of creation. It is important that the person himself felt subconsciously which of the methods listed above should be used.

In the process of creating great importance is given directly to the form of nodes. The most popular is the shape of a circle, which is associated with eternity, infinity and great potential of vital energy.

It becomes possible to enhance certain qualities, so that they will always be present in your life. In other words, that the Celtic knot is a manifestation of a causal connection, known to all of us by the saying “you will reap what you sow.”

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