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Cat’s eye stone: magical properties and whom to approach

Cat’s eye stone: properties, value and photo of a mineral

The stone we cover in this article is called the cat’s eye. This extraordinarily beautiful and interesting mineral is a kind of quartz.

And it got its name due to the effect of the cat’s pupil, which creates a narrow strip of light in the center of the mineral.

Cat's eye stone: magical properties and whom to approach

Characteristic stone

A cat’s eye is a mineral that has been processed and has a concentrated light strip inside. If you turn the stone in different directions, the strip will also change its position.

Currently, there are several natural stones that resemble a cat’s eye. Although usually this name is called chrysoberyl, because it is he who is the hardest and has the brightest effect of the pupil of a cat among other minerals.

They also include tourmaline, moonstone, alexandrite, tsimofan.

Alexandrite has an emerald color, but in the dark or under the light of electricity is able to take on a purple and red color.

The most rare type of gem is tsimofan. It has a yellow, golden or green color.

If the stone has been properly processed, in its central part a golden band is clearly visible.

The stone may be different shades, but the most common colors are gray, green, gold and chocolate. In addition to a variety of shades, the cat’s eye is distinguished by the severity of the effect and transparency.

Its value strongly depends on it.

The largest copy is stored in the British treasury and weighs over 300 carats. Gemstone jewelry began to be actively manufactured only at the end of the 19th century.

Prior to this, the mineral was mainly used to create amulets and talismans.

How to distinguish a mineral from a fake

Genuine chrysoberyl is very expensive, almost the same as diamond. The market often sells fake stones. It is possible to distinguish a natural stone from a fake thus:

  • Put the cat’s eye in the darkened room and follow its behavior. This stone will sparkle like the eyes of a cat.
  • The fake stone seems more attractive, its color is much brighter in the light of the sun than in a natural mineral.
  • Natural — has a hardness of 85 on the Mohs scale, so only a harder stone, for example, a diamond, can leave damage on it.

Getting a cat’s eye in the lab is easy. To do this, it is enough to fill the molten glass with a special form in which there are colored threads burning at high temperature.

In the place where they were and the effect of a cat’s eye will appear.

The magical properties of the stone

The natural cat’s eye has powerful magical qualities, which have been known since ancient times. It was used in the manufacture of various magical attributes and talismans.

It was believed that the stone is even able to protect its owner from death and serious dangers.

In addition, it has the following properties:

  • May have a positive impact on the human biofield, harmonize it.
  • Brings owner happiness and luck.
  • Soothes and protects against negative emotions. It is recommended to wear it to jealous and aggressive people, because the stone helps to control emotions.
  • The mineral, which has a golden color, contributes to material well-being and career success.
  • It is used to protect against the evil eye and other magical influences.
  • It awakens friendly feelings and promotes reconciliation.

Cat's eye stone: magical properties and whom to approach

Healing properties

This amazing gem also has healing properties and is widely used in lithotherapy. Products with this mineral are very useful to wear if you have such health problems:

  • Diseases of the heart and circulatory system.
  • Frequent migraines and nerve pinching.
  • Diseases of the liver, pancreas and spleen.

In addition, it is believed that the cat’s eye improves vision and even gives the ability to night vision.

With the help of this stone, you can more easily adapt when moving to a new place of residence in another city or country. It helps to relieve stress and make new friends.

Zodiac Sign Compatibility

The gem must first be worn by the Water Signs of the Zodiac — Cancers, Scorpios and Pisces. These signs he will provide support, protect against any trouble and illness.

And creative individuals will inspire and reveal their talents. But you should not wear it with other stones.

This unusual gem is also suitable for representatives of Libra, who will awaken female attractiveness and romantic feelings, will help to find a soul mate.

The cat’s eye will also manifest its qualities in Aries. It can also be worn by Lions, Capricorns, Taurus and Aquarius.

Cat's eye stone: magical properties and whom to approach

What professions cat eye is suitable

Stone contributes to the development of people of such qualities — courage, bravery, masculinity and determination. Therefore, it is recommended to wear it to police officers and rescuers, soldiers and sailors.

The cat’s eye helps to open oratorical and diplomatic abilities, therefore, suitable for teachers, politicians and diplomats. Amulet with this stone will give them flexibility and interpersonal skills, will teach eloquence.

The cat’s eye is a stone of people of creative professions. It is perfect for artists, writers, designers, artists and composers.

Mineral will help in communication and reveal the ability, will give creative inspiration.

The yellow stone should be chosen by scientists and priests.

The mineral brown color with a golden hue will be the best choice for military personnel and political leaders, directors and administrators.

Amulet green will be an indispensable assistant for employees of the banking sector.

A stone with a dark green color, suitable for people who need to withstand heavy physical exertion.

How to care for a stone

This cat’s eye is a very hard mineral, so damage to it is very difficult. But do not forget that it needs protection from heat and direct sunlight.

Periodically it is recommended to clean the stone in warm water with soap. After that, wipe the mineral with a soft cloth.

A cat’s eye should not be kept next to other gems, as it can scratch them. If you want to wear a cat-eyed amulet, choose a gold, platinum or steel frame for it.

This amazing stone will save you from ailments and protect you from negativity, help you find inner harmony and give a feeling of happiness and love to others.

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