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Carnelian stone — magical and healing properties with a photo

Carnelian stone — properties, features and photos

In Russia, carnelian is called carnelian because of its rich red color. In fact, the Carnelian stone is a type of carnelian and has a darker color, unlike it.

Consider what healing and magical characteristics are inherent in this mineral.

Carnelian stone - magical and healing properties with a photo

The stone was formed from sedimentary and volcanic rocks. Carnelian has an intense red tint due to its high iron content. This makes it particularly durable and hard, not susceptible to damage.

The stone is characterized by an attractive waxy luster, not transparent, soluble in hydrochloric acid.

In ancient times, carneol was used to make tools, figures of deities and animals, and seals for influential persons. The mineral was also widely used for coastal magic: many amulets and amulets made of this stone were found on the territory of Russia.

Look at the photo.

The properties of a stone depend on its color:

  • orange carnelian promote the development of companionship, give a sense of the joy of life;
  • dark red carnelian heightens attachment to the place, sense of community;
  • scarlet shades of the mineral contribute to physical endurance, help to overcome insecurity and fear;
  • delicate shades of scarlet color reveal romantic feelings in a person, give mutual understanding between loved ones;
  • temo-scarlet shades create an aura of optimism, cheerfulness and fun.

Pure red carnelian encourages a person to action, eliminates indecision, motivates actions. This mineral attracts the flow of vital energy, which allows a person to plunge headlong into the processes of creativity and activity.

Carnelian stone - magical and healing properties with a photo

Healing properties

This mineral has a miraculous effect on the entire body as a whole, attracts qi energy (vitality) to a person. A pebble is used in the form of appliqué plates, powder or a single piece.

Previously, carnelian powder was added to a glass of wine to get rid of headaches and blood pressure surges.

A pebble has a beneficial effect on blood flow and also protects against deafness. Carnelian prevents blood clots by eliminating thrombophlebitis and varicose veins.

Ancient healers were convinced that the mineral powder was able to enhance the healing effects of other drugs and drugs.

Modern lithotherapists recommend wearing mineral jewelry to influence the painful processes in the body. Earrings can be worn to get rid of headaches, a ring with carnelis can be used to harmonize blood pressure, a bracelet can be worn to adjust the digestive tract processes.

However, patients with an unbalanced psyche can not wear any carnelian jewelry — it contributes to the exacerbation of mental processes in humans.

The mineral is well suited to those who lack optimism and confidence — it is able to get rid of depression and anguish, thanks to the orange color.

Carnelian stone - magical and healing properties with a photo

Magical properties

The main purpose of carnelian is coastal magic. The stone protects from negative impact, protects the family hearth from damage and the evil eye, is a personal talisman of a person from witches and witches.

Carnelian prevents quarrels and conflicts, helping to maintain friendly relations and mutual understanding between people. It is believed that the mineral is able to ward off a deadly disease and danger.

Carnelian talisman is carried by active people — businessmen, politicians, public figures. The stone helps to reveal intuition, courage, eloquence and persuasiveness.

It attracts well-being and success, gives victory. When choosing a talisman, it is necessary to take into account its shade: lighter tones are suitable for women, more saturated — for men.

A pebble attracts good luck and prosperity to those who are engaged in business, trade and social activities. This is a great talisman for entrepreneurs and merchants.

He is able to motivate customers to buy, at the same time reflecting the attacks of competitors and envious (at the energy level). This is a mascot of singers and speakers — he is able to «open» the voice, make it attractive to the public.

The protective properties of the mineral are also known — it can save from flood, fire and theft. Therefore, from ancient times carnelian figurines decorated the home interior. If you need to ignite the passion in a person, it is better not to find carnelian — for this you need to use a pebble of red-orange hue.

Pure orange carnelian contributes to childbirth.

It is believed that carnelian frees from the fear of death, therefore in antiquity it was used in funeral processions: it helped the soul of the deceased attain liberation.

Zodiac signs

Astrologers believe that carnelian is a stone of Dev and Rakov. However, the pebble is well suited and Taurus, Pisces. The stone is undesirable for Scorpions and Capricorns, Aries and Sagittarius.

Personal energy of the mineral is not combined with energy born under these signs.

Cancers mineral helps to gain self-confidence, improves communication with people, protects from envious and detractors. Lions a pebble helps to achieve recognition, reveal all the talents and take a leading place on the social ladder.

Muslims have a legend according to which the prophet Mohammed used carnelian as a personal seal. The seal was a ring with a stone.

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