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Candlemas Candle: What Is It, Application, Home Walk, Prayers

Candlemas Candle: What Is It, Application, Home Walk, Prayers

At the last moment before the departure of the train, the grandmother forced her to take an armful of Sretensky candles. Since there was no time to learn the details, I went to the priest, to ask what kind of candles they are, why they are needed and how they differ from the usual ones.

Our father, a middle-aged man, who knows, told me what to do with them, which I am ready to share with you.

Candlemas Candle: What Is It, Application, Home Walk, Prayers

Sretensky candles: what it is and why they are needed

On February 15, the Orthodox Church celebrates the uninterrupted feast of the Meeting, in which the consecration of candles is held in a special way. Obtained after the rank of candles were called «Sretensky.»

This custom has become a symbol of the Light that the Savior brought to the earth.

Having come to Orthodoxy in the 17th century, “Sretensky candles” took root in the religious environment: the people kept them in red corners of huts or chests of values.

Candles, both ordinary and sanctified on the day of the Presentation, symbolize the fire of man’s faith. They are composed of oil, as a sign of God’s mercy, beeswax, which was interpreted as the sweet sensations of communion with the Lord, the readiness to submit to His will.

You can use candles in the temple during the service, put a candle to the icon, take it home and light it at the time of the ascension of the house prayer — at your discretion. Making a walk around the house with the use of Sretensky candles and burning prayer, you can cleanse the hearth from filth.

Candlemas Candle: What Is It, Application, Home Walk, Prayers

Candy in Christianity and Orthodoxy

The event, in honor of which the holiday appeared, is written in the Gospel.

According to Jewish law, a rite of consecration to the Lord was held in temples over newborn babies. On the 40th day after the birth of Christ, the Virgin Mary appeared to the door of the temple with little Jesus in her arms.

Elder Simeon came out to the Virgin Mary (he was told to meet with God incriminated in flesh) and the seer named Anna, who saw the promise of the Messiah in the infant and told about His coming to those who had gathered in the temple. This event is considered the first meeting (encounter) of the Lord and people.

Simeon and Anna belong to the Old Testament saints, and Jesus will mark the beginning of the New Testament, so there is a «meeting» of the two Testaments.

In the Orthodox world, Candlemas is celebrated annually from the 10th century on the fixed day — February 15, exactly 40 days after Christ. The word “meeting” itself has a Slavic origin, meaning meeting.

Along with the rite prescribed by Orthodox traditions, the Presentation of the Lord included remnants of the pagan past of our Motherland.

In ancient times, this church holiday was considered the lot of gentlemen, while the common people preferred to call it the day of the meeting of winter and spring, foreshadowing imminent warming and the beginning of garden-field work.

Candlemas Candle: What Is It, Application, Home Walk, Prayers

Sretenskaya and ordinary candle: what is the difference

There are only two differences between these church candles:

  1. The purpose of church candles, in igniting at the time of prayer. The difference is that Sretenskys are lit for special occasions (suppose you need assistance in vital matters, such as finding a family hearth, demonic effects on people, healing diseases and getting rid of grief). It is believed that the prayer, warmly offered to believers with a burning Sretenskaya candle, has great power. However, it is not necessary to consider it a mandatory condition for the execution of the request, to attribute non-existent magical properties.
  2. It is logical that all church candles sanctify. Throughout the rest of the year, this is done in a small rank, and in Candlemas, a great one. The same happens with water: they keep it holy in the church all the time, but the water-holy prayer for the Baptism of the Lord is performed in a special way.

Why put candles in church and how to do it right

The Lord teaches the ability to sacrifice — to perform actions without demanding a response, to give something financially, without counting on replenishing the material state. Paying for purchases in a store is not a sacrifice, but a commodity-money relationship.

A sacrifice is a gift that expresses a person’s love for the person to whom the gift is intended. Charity for beggars, alms for the restoration of churches are examples of sacrifice.

Sincerely brought, it is pleasing to the Lord, regardless of the material equivalent: a gift given on a birthday, which the child made on his own, will be as pleasant to his parents as an expensive gift.

Burning a church candle is also a kind of sacrifice, but not when the candle is burned at home in the absence of electricity or to create a romantic atmosphere, but only placed in front of an icon or shrine.

Some believers who do not understand the nature of the relationship between God and man are trying to enter into “commodity-money relations” with Him, they say, you — me, I — you: you give me a beautiful wife, and I will put the thickest and most expensive candle to you.

But He does not care how thick or expensive the candle will be, the main thing is sincerity, faith and love for God and neighbors expressed in a material sacrifice for the sake of a spiritual goal.

Candles and paganism today

Whatever a person believes — who does not have faith in the True God is a Gentile. Blood is linked to paganism by magic, the main purpose of which is considered to be the submission to the person of the spiritual world, the management of events and phenomena under the jurisdiction of Heaven.

All events fit into simple rules and have simple solutions that resemble superstition, and Christian shrines in this case are presented as an indispensable and indispensable condition for success, a talisman and source of luck.

“If you don’t want your child to be ill, baptize him”, “stick a needle in the doorway so that people with evil intentions cannot cross the threshold” and so on.

Surprisingly, the pagan attitude to holy water or church candles is also manifested today. They are used in rituals or for other purposes, therefore I advise you to remember that:

  • candles and water are sanctified in the name of the Lord and are intended to serve Him.
  • You should not bring them on all sorts of rituals to the «grandmothers», «sorcerers», «healers», etc. This may have the opposite effect.
  • Candles candlesticks should not be thrown out — bring them to the nearest temple for recycling.

It seems that everything I could have told, but finally I will say: for me the main thing in communion with the Lord is not the frequency of visiting churches and liturgies, not the number of candles set and prayers memorized, but sincere faith and love in relation to God and people.

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