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Cacholong stone — properties and application in magic and healing

Cacholong stone: how to properly apply magical properties

Milky-white mineral attracts with its delicate beauty. This river pebble is not a precious gem, however, it has many useful and unique characteristics.

Kakholong is a Kalmyk word for «river stone». Consider the topic: cacholong stone — properties and significance for humans.

Why use this mineral, can it help in healing?

Cacholong stone - properties and application in magic and healing

This stone belongs to the family of opals and was formed due to the merger of opal with chalcedony. The mineral is distinguished by its luminous feature: it seems that a glow emanates from inside it. The impurity of chalk makes it vulnerable to moisture — the cacholong may lose its original shape or crack.

Some mineral specimens resemble expensive china.

In India, there is a legend that the Kahalong appeared on the earth from the udder of a sacred cow that lived in monasteries high in the mountains. People firmly believed that the milk droplets of the sacred animal immediately turned into stones of milky-white color.

Indian women used cacholong to increase breast milk.

In Egypt, there was another legend, according to which the cacholong is associated with the sacred bull Apis, who was born from the rays of the lunar star. In Europe, white opal was used to make interior decorations; the Mongols compared the beauty of stone with the petals of a sacred lotus.

Cacholong stone - properties and application in magic and healing

Healing properties

First of all, the properties of cacholong are used in motherhood and childhood. It is believed that decorations from it facilitate childbirth and calm babies in the first months of life.

Mineral gives men excellent potency up to old age: for this you need to wear a ring with cacholong constantly. In the modern world with existing infertility in the male population, such rings will help enhance the viability of sperm.

Cacholong helps the body recover quickly from stress and illness:

  • he gives strength;
  • strengthens the immune system;
  • promotes the flow of vital energy.

In order to accelerate the healing processes, it is necessary to install any mineral figurine in the patient’s minds. If you insist on spring water on cacholong, it will acquire healing properties and help you cope with the disease faster.

A pebble with green veins helps with glaucoma — you need to constantly contemplate the surface of the mineral.

Cacholong stone - properties and application in magic and healing

Magic characteristics

A pebble carries a special mission on earth — opposition to evil. This mineral is used only in bellagichesky rites, as it reveals the spiritual potential in man.

Cacholong helps to achieve enlightenment, it is used in meditation.

Contemplation of the mineral eliminates aggression and anger, adjusts to a harmonious and calm mood. There is a belief that cacholong prevents evil in all forms.

If you put a pebble to a dark sorcerer, he will not be able to do evil.

Cacholong is used in the business of magic as an amulet. You can make a seal in the ring and put it on contracts: the partners can never break their promise.

Also, printing from cacholong will protect business from dark forces and will not allow dark magic to negatively influence it.

It helps pebble and keep love in pairs, peace and harmony in the family. To do this, you can wear bracelets or put a figure in the room.

Cacholong helps young girls to find a serious young man for marriage.

Zodiac signs

Who is the cacholong of the zodiac signs? Astrologers advise to wear it Taurus, born under the auspices of Venus. The mineral is also suitable for signs under the auspices of the Moon.

Mineral is contraindicated to Scorpios and Aries — it enhances their negative qualities of hot temper and aggression.

Mineral fish helps to discover the healing qualities. If a female fish acquires a decoration with milky-white opals, she can become a healer.

To other zodiac signs, cacholong is neutral.

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