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Button: an old ward from evil eye and damage

Button: an old ward from evil eye and damage

Buttons have long been used as a means of protection against dark forces. The word «button» is not for nothing comes from the word «scare.» The button is able to ward off ill-wishers, negative energy, gossip and unhappiness.

But in order for this talisman to bring you benefits, it is important to learn how to properly use his magic power.

How to protect against damage and the evil eye

If you are afraid of the evil intentions of a certain person, and look for protection from him, then you will be helped by buttons that are the color of your foe’s eyes. If he has blue eyes — take three blue buttons, if green ones — take three green buttons, if brown, then take brown ones, if black ones — black buttons will do.

In the event that in your environment you do not see danger, but want to protect yourself from damage and the evil eye, then take three white buttons.

Buttons are better for choosing the smallest size. The smaller they are, the more powerful their magical power. It is also recommended to choose old buttons.

New will not be able to give the desired result. They can be sewn into the lining of the clothes or on the seamy side. But in order for them to always be near you and protect them from evil people, it is recommended to carry them in your pocket or bag.

And so that they are not lost, they can be fastened with a thread.

Such a charm from the evil eye and damage will give you a sense of security and protect you from all misfortunes and unpleasant situations.

Signs associated with buttons

It happens that the buttons on the clothes (not amulets, as mentioned above), split or come off. These little things need to pay attention.

  • If the button has come off, it means that you are in danger of some kind of danger or illness. You should not sew a torn button back — it will not bring good luck. Throw it through the window with the words: «Where it came from, it will go there».
  • If the button has split, it means that they were trying to impose damage on you or the evil eye, or have already directed it. It can also be a sign that you are under the influence of others, which has a negative effect on you.
  • There is an interesting conspiracy for luck, which can be applied even every day. When you put on clothes with buttons in the morning, buttoning them, I say: “I fasten buttons for good luck for thirty-three, I fasten myself to my happiness”.

We hope that these tips will help you protect yourself from damage and the evil eye and attract good luck. Be happy and do not forget to press the buttons and

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