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Bagua square in feng shui — laying on an apartment on a compass

Bagua square in feng shui: how to divide the space into sectors

In Feng Shui, Bagua is a grid divided into eight sectors, each with its own trigram. This symbol contains the whole meaning of Eastern philosophy — the elements and energies of nature.

basic information

The Bagua grid consists of eight zones uniting the central sector, symbolizing Yin-Yang — the union of masculine and feminine. In each sector of the square there are trigrams corresponding to natural elements and elements.

Also, each zone corresponds to a particular side of the world.

Bagua square in feng shui - laying on an apartment on a compass

According to an ancient legend, several thousand years ago a huge turtle came out of the ocean waters. On its shell was the Bagua square, which contained the message of the gods.

It formed the basis of Eastern philosophy.

Overlay flat on a compass

The whole philosophy of feng shui on the organization of space is built precisely on the square of the Bagua. Each sector corresponds to the four sides of the world.

Using this, you can determine which zones in your apartment are responsible for each vital area.

Bagua square in feng shui - laying on an apartment on a compass

How to work with the Bagua mesh on Feng Shui:

  • draw a plan of your apartment or house and mark its central part with a dot;
  • in the place of the conditional center, stand up and use the compass to determine all sides of the world, and then mark them on the floor plan.

After that, you can divide the apartment into zones and begin to equip the space according to the canons of Feng Shui.

There are important rules to follow — otherwise the Bagua Feng Shui card will not work. The recommendations are as follows:

  1. Before you begin to equip your apartment according to the canons of Eastern philosophy, get rid of the trash. We need to throw away all old, broken, spoiled, unnecessary items. Take it to the garbage, distribute or sell items that have been idle for more than a year. Any extra rubbish not only clutters up space, but prevents positive energy from flowing freely through the rooms.
  2. All sectors of the apartment must not only be identified and equipped, but also activated with the help of special talismans. These are various oriental figurines, figurines and other decorative objects with a “magic” meaning. They fill space with energy and attract luck, well-being and happiness.

Let us consider in detail how to activate each zone.

Activation of Bagua zones

After you have divided the space into zones, think about how you will activate the energy that is needed to fill each sector.

Bagua square in feng shui - laying on an apartment on a compass

  1. The northern part is the sector of work and career. The element of Water reigns here, so the interior needs to be decorated with “water” accessories. In design, use all shades of blue. White and silver colors are also suitable. This is an ideal place for aquariums, decorative fountains, seascapes.
  2. The northeastern part is the place where the energy of the Earth is concentrated, which gives a person wisdom. It promotes abundance, fills the space with care, support, neutralizes the negative. In this area you can put crystal figurines and dishes, statues of owls, snakes, turtles, dragons. The preferred colors are all shades of brown, beige and yellow.
  3. The eastern part of the apartment is a symbiosis of two elements at once: the Tree and the Water. The design is better to choose blue and green shades. It is an ideal place for family photos, soft cozy furniture and plush pillows. Great, if you compile and place the family tree of your kind.
  4. The southeast part is a zone of wealth and prosperity. To attract material well-being to the family, place a couple of money charms and water symbols in this sector. Make sure that there is no «dead» energy: dried indoor plants, stagnant water.
  5. Sector glory better decorated in bright, colorful shades. Use rich colors for decoration to activate the powerful life energy of achievements and activities. The walls can be decorated with diplomas, certificates, on the shelves arrange victory cups.
  6. The south-western part of the apartment is a place where the energy of love circulates. Ideally, if there is a bedroom in this area, then you will never be lonely, and sooner or later you will meet the man of your dreams. Here you need the presence of paired items, photos of the happy moments of your life.
  7. In the west, it is best to arrange a nursery. Here the energy of creativity prevails. Children will actively develop, improve their talents and learn with pleasure.
  8. In the north-western sector, you can equip an office or workplace. Icons and other religious symbols are usually placed here.

Watch the video about Bagua Octahedron:

Central zone

The center of your home is the most important part of the space. From his organization will depend on the health and attractiveness of all family members.

If the energy in the central zone is circulating incorrectly, you will often be ill, you can quickly gain weight and feel bad.

  1. In the central part it is necessary to hang a large and bright lamp. Ideal — a crystal chandelier with a lot of faces. Crystal reflects light and enhances the flow of positive energy in the house.
  2. It is also an ideal place for the location of the dinner table, where you will gather with the whole family. The table can be decorated with red candles or put a live flower in its center.
  3. It is very important that when sitting down to have dinner, all the households were in a good mood. Try not to swear and do not sort things out for a meal, so as not to attract the negative to the family.

Proper organization of space according to the canons of feng shui can quietly and imperceptibly change your life for the better, add positive emotions and neutralize any negative.

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