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Anahata Chakra — How to Unlock the Source of Worldwide Love in You

Heart chakra Anahata — the center of world love

Anahata from Sansrit is translated as “the drum that plays forever.” It is the fourth chakra of a person responsible for expressing emotions, as well as showing love, supplemented by responsiveness and openness.

Anahata Chakra - How to Unlock the Source of Worldwide Love in You

Where is located on the body

The heart chakra is located in the chest very close to the heart. It brings together the 3 lower chakras together with the 3 upper ones, due to which it represents the center of love, compassion, loyalty and care.

In its shape, anahata resembles a ball, being in a stable condition has a diameter of about five to six centimeters. The fourth chakra in the form of a spiral is connected to the energy column, passing along the line of the spine.

This chakra has received its second name “heart” precisely because of its location (it is also called the scott chakra, love or green — due to its color sound).

What is responsible for

  • A sufficient opening of the 4 chakras allows a person to show his emotions harmoniously, to be quite sensitive, responsive, open to other people — thanks to this, in some sources she is given another name — “emotional chakra”.
  • Anahata is the center of love in its highest sense, tenderness, is a kind of «emotional balance» of the organism, as well as the center of Faith and Spiritual Peace.
  • Chakra contributes to the formation of the emotional contour of the human aura.
  • Since the anahata is located strictly in the center of the human energy structure, it is responsible for the correct adjustment and interaction of the three lower chakras (produce the energy of the physical world) with the top three (which produce spiritual energy). The 3 lower chakras use the personal energy of a person and distinguish it from the total mass of such individuals. And the 3 higher ones are the manifestation of the collective aspects of the higher «I», which provides communication with the World. Anahata is the point of intersection of personal with collective aspects of personality.
  • It is in the heart chakra that the center of human awareness is present, which makes it possible to control and distribute the entire bioenergy of the body.
  • Considering how open the anahata is and works well, one can deduce whether the personality is mature enough emotionally, how emotionally open it is to the penetration of the surrounding vibrations of the material and subtle worlds.

Main characteristics

  1. 4 chakra corresponds to green.
  2. Her note is the FA.
  3. Energy center refers to the air element.
  4. Anahata symbol contains twelve petals.
  5. In taste, chakra corresponds to a sour taste.
  6. It has the scent of geranium.
  7. From stones, aventurines and pink quartz help to improve the activity of the chakras.

What organs and systems of the body are responsible for?

Anahata controls the normal functioning of the body’s cardiovascular system. It allows the following organs to function normally:

The degree of disclosure anahata chakras

When this energy center functions harmoniously, a person is able to feel love (both for a specific person and the entire world), filled with inner harmony, balanced and complete, calm, balanced, filled with joy, inspiration, easily and successfully realizes himself in the creative field.

Such a person in the most harmonious way interacts with other individuals, exchanges their emotions with them, and is also always ready to share her joy and inner glow.

Anahata Chakra - How to Unlock the Source of Worldwide Love in You

If the chakra is manifested insufficiently, the person becomes an egoist, becomes attached to certain fetishes, is able to deceive, is indecisive, unsure of his abilities and capabilities, impatient, suffers from laziness, anger, indifference, arrogance, overcome by various temptations.

Indicate that the 4 chakras are unbalanced, can be a feeling of loneliness, depression, or, conversely, falling into love dependence on your partner. In this case, there is an exaggerated desire for self-giving, self-sacrifice, excessive susceptibility of another’s grief and suffering, a sense of guilt for the mistakes of others, as well as the problems of another person.

With the good development of anahata a person is distinguished by wisdom, the ability to control oneself and one’s actions, inner strength, the ability to cope with various difficulties with the least losses, pure thoughts, intentions, energy is enhanced. If a person has the skills of “goodwill”, then such a person has the opportunity to contact with Higher Entities.

Emotional Chakra

Fears of being alone with oneself stand out from fears (it appears to be a lack of faith).

Normally, a person feels the unity and beauty of the world, rejoices, watching various manifestations of love.

When passions begin to prevail, egoism overcomes a person, he becomes willful, egocentric.

How to open the heart chakra

The best method of opening and energizing the energy center is meditative practice. In addition, you need to constantly explore yourself, your personality.

The main goal of anahata meditation is repentance, which provokes the elimination of any negative energies. First perform this step and only then begin to collect the energy of the chakra together.

This is done by changing its location, as well as its other indicators.

When activation occurs, a person automatically connects to the air element, communicating with the cosmic energy. Open anahata will help the inner work on yourself.

It is necessary to pay enough attention to mind training, memory with logic. Strive to constantly discover new horizons.

Also a huge role in the process of opening the 4 chakras is played by the manifestation of joy in any of its forms. Learn how to deal with any unforeseen fortunes, especially with negative and sad moments, without disappointment.

Thank life for the experience and the opportunity to cope with obstacles.

Another effective method of discovering anahata is teaching, the process when you share your knowledge with others. Also leads the chakra in the activity of scientific activity, the assimilation of new knowledge.

We also bring to your attention a very gentle video with meditative music, which contributes to the disclosure of anahata

Restoration, pumping and cleansing chakras

If you wish to purge the anahata chakra, first of all, you will need to say goodbye to the accumulated negative emotions, aggression and resentment. This is best done through a special meditative practice.

Try to find a warming feeling of love inside your body. Let it become your shadow, so that you can always feel the infinite love of everything around you.

Only with a sincere desire to get such a state, a person will be able to independently cleanse the anahata and maximize its energy.

We offer to your attention an independent way of pumping this chakra:

  1. Sit in the most comfortable position. Cover your eyes.
  2. Begin to perform breathing exercises. Control each inhale and exhale, they need to relax as much as possible, eliminating from your consciousness any thoughts with emotions.
  3. When you are able to purify the mind, visualize how green energy comes out from the center of the 4 chakras. It is like a ray of light envelops you, turning in the place where the chakra is located.
  4. Imagine these rotations for four to five minutes, and then mentally return the energy back.
  5. You will be able to bleed up the chakra if you regularly repeat the exercise described. Include special meditative music designed for the heart chakra.

Features thin body

Anahata is a subtle mental body of a person, which is able to accumulate a certain energy. It allows a person to engage in mental work, carefully consider their actions, control their thinking with their thoughts.

Anahata Chakra - How to Unlock the Source of Worldwide Love in You

The development of the mental body can occur by itself, without additional effects. But then the individual will need to put some effort, developing the described chakra.

A special place in the discovery of the mental body is scientific activity, the assimilation of new knowledge, as well as the transfer of their surrounding.


Most heart pathologies result from a disharmonious way of life. When people live in disharmony with their own bodies, do not care about the development of their energy centers, do not perform purification from negative energy, do not seek to fill themselves with love, they are faced with the consequences of anahata blocked — the appearance of heart diseases.

The main deep-seated problem of cardiac pathologies is the lack of ability to distance oneself from any manifestations of negative energy. When people say that “they take everything to heart”.

The first item that is necessary for the healing of your heart system is the ability to enjoy everything around us. Help in this matter must be sought in special purifying meditations.

Asanas, contributing to the opening of 4 chakras

Performing special asanas, you greatly accelerate the process of opening the chakra. Consider the most popular ones:

  • Pranamasana — it is very similar to the position of a person during prayer. In this asana, it is important to clearly visualize anahata and breathe correctly, inhale should be smooth and deep.
  • Eka Pada Pranamasana. It is almost similar to the previous version, but is complicated by the fact that it is necessary to stand on one leg only. In other sources, it is called the «Tree Pose.» The main task in this asana is to stand straight. When a person gains experience, he can do it with covered eyelids.

These are the original asanas for the disclosure of anahata. Only being able to perform them perfectly, it is allowed to take up more difficult options (Samakonasana, Ardha Ushtrasana, Supta Vajrasana, Sarpasana and others).

What feels when opening the chakra

In the process of activating each of the chakras, a person begins to show certain manifestations of the activity of this energy center. If the 4 chakras are closed, there is a feeling of pain in the heart.

It may also show tingling, cramps and other unpleasant sensations.

When the chakra “blooms”, at the very moment of opening, there is a feeling of warmth in the middle part of the chest. The appearance of vibration at the finger tips is possible, since these chakras project their state onto these points of the hands.

If you managed to completely clear the chakra of negative emotions, open it with the help of meditative practices, to achieve the desired balance of energy, then people will feel truly impressive emotions. It is believed that having successfully opened the anahata, you will be accompanied by the feeling of flight, lightness, the feeling of floating in air or even outer space.

Opening in yourself a source of energy of love, you are simply doomed to become a happy person who is not disturbed by momentary problems and adversities, who sincerely rejoices at each new day and perceives life as an amazing adventure. Do not be afraid to give your spiritual love to others — she will definitely return to you a hundredfold!

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