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An overview of the amazing possibilities of lapis lazuli stone

Stone lapis lazuli — magic that amazes

Lapis lazuli is one of the brightest and most beautiful minerals. He is often given the name «heavenly stone», as it is simply fabulous and beautiful and very similar to the azure that appears on a clear, sunny sky.

The word «lapis lazuli» in Arabic means «blue.» And in Persian, lazurite means «blue.»

The inhabitants of the Ancient East stone was known by the names of “Bukhara lapis lazuli” or “Armenian stone”, while in Russia the gem was called differently — “azure stone”.

An overview of the amazing possibilities of lapis lazuli stone

General information about lapis lazuli, some history

The stone with the rich color of the cornflower has an unusually attractive natural shade, shining effectively, both in the rays of the bright sun and in artificial light conditions.

Lapis lazuli has a very extensive color palette — it is presented in colors from pale blue to bright purple. Those stones that have the highest brightness and rich tone are the most appreciated by jewelers.

The mineral is filled with a special aristocratic and noble shine due to the small golden inclusions of pyrite, beautifully sparkling in the sun. Even under conditions of poor illumination, the stone is distinguished by a piercing look, but the truth is a little gloomy.

The rulers of ancient Egypt, the stone had the same high value as gold. They ordered that their tombs and sarcophagi be trimmed with an ultramarine stone.

Russian emperors also adored juicy and bright lapis lazuli, especially for them caravans brought gems from Asian states. But skilled craftsmen made real jewelery masterpieces from gems, which later fell into the collections of representatives of the elite of society and connoisseurs of everything beautiful.

From lazurite mined ultramarine pigment, which the artists added to their dyes. Ultramarine has also been used in the production of garments.

Since ancient times, Afghanistan has been famous for its most famous and large deposits of lapis lazuli — here stone mining began as early as 7000 years BC. It was from Afghanistan to the Russian imperial court that the most valuable lots of gems were delivered.

In addition to Afghanistan, the ultramarine mineral is actively supplying the following countries to the world jewelry market: Chile, the United States of America, Canada, India, Burma. As for Russia, there are no particular lazurite deposits, a small part of the mineral deposits is located in the Transbaikalia region.

An overview of the amazing possibilities of lapis lazuli stone

Mineral healing properties

It is believed that the greater the brightness and «charisma» has lapis lazuli, the more pronounced its healing properties. Surprisingly beautiful stones have demonstrated their medicinal abilities for more than one thousand years.

  1. Since ancient times, the gem has been used to relieve headaches, improve blood circulation and improve the immune system.
  2. Folk physicians worship lapis lazuli as an effective means of restoring visual acuity, as well as improving the general condition of the visual apparatus. Therefore, it is recommended to wear jewelry with lapis lazuli to all those who have to perform hard work for a long time to concentrate on small details.
  3. Lithotherapists are convinced that lapis lazuli beads help reduce blood pressure and also cope with nervous agitation and insomnia.
  4. The stone has strong analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. It is used as an effective remedy to eliminate burns and bruises, to tighten wounds and to facilitate the edema.
  5. In ancient treatises you can find references to lapis lazuli tinctures and powders, allegedly healing people from the deadly bite of a poisonous scorpion and poisoning. Historically confirmed that the ancient Indians had been popular use of crushed stone to a state of powder, which was taken orally to remove poison from the body.
  6. In medieval medics, lapis lazuli is known as a magical mineral, whose radiance heals from any diseases.

And the famous doctor from India, Buddha Bhayshadshya Gur, sat on an amazing lapis of lapis lazuli, which glowed with ultramarine radiation. And all the suffering sought to get to this great ruler at the reception, after which all their illnesses disappeared by magic.

  1. Those who were tormented by a dry grueling cough should have been put on the chest with a piece of mineral — this removed the symptom of the disease in the shortest possible time. Also, ultramarine minerals are advised to apply to the lumbar region or diseased joints in order to relieve themselves from pain.
  2. Infusions of lapis lazuli drank as an excellent choleretic agent, as well as to remove stones from the kidneys. The same stones that had golden pyrite inclusions helped to eliminate severe internal ulcers.

The value of lapis lazuli for women

Energy mineral vibrations are of particular importance for the fair sex. Scientists believe that the stone has a powerful rejuvenating effect, helps to restore bone tissue, relieves women from menstrual pain, rheumatism and normalizes blood counts.
The beauties of antiquity used lapis lazuli to get rid of warts and age spots on the face, as well as depriving and eczema.
A stone that was ground to powder and mixed with vinegar was applied to the eyelashes — such a mixture successfully treated the fallout and accelerated the growth of cilia. Similar cosmetic procedures were done for the hair on the head.

Representatives of different cultures of the world advised women in the position of wearing amulets with lapis lazuli on their abdomen for the safe course of pregnancy, proper maturation of the fetus, protection from miscarriage and easier childbirth.

An overview of the amazing possibilities of lapis lazuli stone

Lapis lazuli magic, meaning for man

The bright blue stone is a symbol of good luck, success and well-being. It allows you to translate into life various plans and projects, helps strengthen friendly ties.

Traditionally, lapis lazuli is associated with sincerity and friendliness. Therefore, it was customary to make diplomatic gifts that included a stone — they were a sign of true friendliness.

In ancient times, people noticed that the saturated blue shades of lapis lazuli tend to pacify, eliminate depressive states, relax and help develop intuitive abilities in a person.

In yoga, lapis lazuli is used to cleanse the energy envelope from the negative, bad thoughts, negative memories of the past, various disorders. To this end, a piece of stone must be applied to the «third eye» area and mentally meditate for several minutes.

To suit a beautiful gem

According to numerous legends, lapis lazuli is considered a stone of lovers, which grants the mutual loyalty of both partners to each other, if they wear jewelry with it.

The use of stone in rings or bracelets on the hands will allow the owner of the products to forget forever about depressive and melancholic states, as well as to normalize sleep.

Mineral protects against evil hardships of fate, strengthens the body and mind. This is an ideal stone for meditative practices aimed at spiritual perfection of the individual.

Especially shown to wear jewelry with lapis lazuli girls with dark hair. And he will help his red-haired beasts to improve his fate.

Astrology experts believe that the stone will fully show its positive properties for Sagittarius and Libra. And people belonging to other signs of the zodiac (except Capricorns) mineral will not bring any harm.

The strength of its impact depends on a number of different factors — the amount of the personal energy of its owner, the proper handling of it and others.

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