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Amulets for the whole family

Amulets for the whole family

Wards and amulets from ancient times helped people to protect themselves from the negative, to attract love and prosperity to life. They can be made with your own hands, and sometimes words of prayer or conspiracy become a strong talisman.

Everyone wants to protect his family and loved ones. For these purposes, people use many different objects, rituals and conspiracies. Ward-prayers for children, husbands and wives at all times valued especially.

The word of a loved one who sincerely wants to protect his beloved has tremendous power that can create a protective cocoon through which no evil can penetrate.

Charm for daughter

A prayer that guards the child is read by the mother on the day of the angel. The guardian words are pronounced over a sleeping child.

“I protect my sleeping daughter. I appeal with prayer to the Lord Almighty, to the Virgin-Protector. Guard my child in a dream and in reality. On any day, in any weather, at home and on the road.

Whether at the crossroads, on the straight path — do not let evil enter her soul. Take the eyes of the wicked people, protect them from dashing people. The word maternal is a lock. God’s grace is the key.


At midnight on the birthday or the day of the angel, the mother, standing at the feet of the sleeping daughter with a lighted candle, says the words amulets:

“Angel of intercession, follow my child relentlessly. Accompany her day and night, take care of my heart, my blood, my love. My daughter, the flesh of the flesh, blood from the blood, I give you all the protection, your angel and the Virgin pray for the protection. Do not retreat, do not overlook, take care of my little blood.


Charm for son

This prayer reads the mother or father on the name of the child.

“Since birth, an angel over my child, his wings closes from grief and misfortune. Guards from any evil. Leads the road of light, roll in the darkness does not.

I pray you, protector of my son. Keep him in good health, make your child senseless. I give protection and my own, parental, there is no more general patronage.


“Angel, my son is the keeper, his soul is the guardian of light. Protect my child (name) from the evil of anyone, from offenders and evil libel, from damage and the evil eye. So be it, no evil will cling to my son. From the goose the water from the son of thinness.


Charm for grandchildren

These prayers should read grandmother. The child is given an icon with his patron, named. Grandmother stands behind her, holds her hands over her grandson or granddaughter’s head, pronouncing protective words:

“I am a kind of keeper, grandson and ancestor. With my will and strength, with the faith of indestructible, I invoke the Guardian Angel, our child of the patron. Save the blood of (name) priceless, carry his life through the crowd of infidels. Fill the vessel with its true faith, show the way true.

Carry my word to Heaven, tell all the Higher Forces for our children. Amen».

“Heavenly forces, look at us, sinners, direct, give strength to the child in love and protection. Protect my grandchildren from evil and godlessness, take the devil’s intrigues. With the light of the strength of the newborn, with my senile experience and knowledge, with my laboring hands I bless my grandson for a rich and sweet life, without sorrow and disappointment, without shame and tears.

To my grandson only in love and caress grew. Amen».

Charm for husband

“Guardian angels, God’s helpers. Follow my condemned God data. Guard him, my husband.

From evil people, from evil beasts, from death, catastrophe, infidelity and lies. Give reason to my beloved, and the strength of men for the protection of human. I, the wife, pray and repent, repent of my sins. I give my word and will to protect the strong.

Let there be any evil against my husband (name) powerless. Amen».

Charm for pregnant women

“The Most Holy Theotokos, Jesus Christ, Guardian Angel, I cry to you, I ask for protection. Protect the child inside the womb from human malice, from disease and adversity. Mother protect him, promise easy childbirth.

Let the newborn baby give to God. Born in the cross, let him be baptized, will not forget the faith in God. Amen».

Charm protects the health of loved ones

Take a nail, sprinkle holy water on it, drive it into a joint, and at the same time speak the words of your guard:

“I’ll take a nail, I’ll roll it into a joint. Iron in the tree sits firmly, will not jump out, will not fly out. So my relatives will be strong and strong.

Angels protect them, they do not allow to turn away from the path of the faithful. I pray to all the saints for their health, for their bright souls and immeasurable happiness. Until the nail is bent, it does not jump out of its nest, they will avoid all the troubles (the names of relatives). ”

Charm for myself

“My life is bright and righteous, like Christ’s in his bosom. Angel protects me, gives me protection. It does not allow me to turn off the path wherever my legs lead me. Evil removes by daylight and dark at night.

Lord, save the servant of the sinful (name), the One who sings you, the prayer and the glory of Your proclaiming. Amen».

Take a church candle, stand in front of the holy image, and focus on the inner prayer. Then imagine how you close the transparent cocoon. His strength is the stronger, the stronger your faith in defense given from a Higher Power. Wait until the candle burns out, cross three times and worship the icon.

Do not turn your back on her when leaving.

Ward-prayers or simply protective words can be pronounced at any time. The main thing — the desire and belief that it will help people close and dear to people. We wish you peace in the family, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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