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Amulet Fang Wolf

Amulet «Fang of the Wolf» — the value and a bit of history

Amulet «Fang of the Wolf» has a strong magical value. It is often used as a talisman or talisman.

It is also used to bring good luck to life, to become more powerful, intelligent, successful. Let’s talk in detail about who can wear such a pendant, and what properties it has.

Amulet Fang Wolf

Why wolf?

For the manufacture of the amulet is not for nothing that they use the wolf’s fang. It is the features of this formidable animal that are transferred to the amulet, endowing it with powerful properties. For example:

  1. The wolf is a symbol of a faithful companion, a devoted friend who always stays close, no matter what. He guards and maintains his ruler and master, ready to fight to the last breath
  2. The wolf is associated with the mythological creature mentioned by the ancient Greeks — Cerberus. This is a giant animal, violent and courageous, who guarded the realm of the dead from outside interference.
  3. The wolf has always been associated also with the heavenly bodies — the Moon and the Sun. In Scandinavian mythology, it was believed that at the moment when a huge beast swallowed the sun, the world would end.
  4. The ancient Slavs idolized the image of a wolf. They considered this animal a powerful ruler, endowed with magical powers. It was thought that the wolf could swallow the moon, and then an eclipse occurs
  5. The same Slavs wore a wolf’s fang to all guests during wedding ceremonies. It was believed that amulets protect guests of the celebration and the newlyweds from the effects of evil forces

The threatening image of the wolf brings with it enormous strength and power. Therefore, amulets were made with wolf tusks so often.

These items have incredible strength and immense power. Let’s talk more about the meaning of such talismans and their properties.

Amulet Fang Wolf

The meaning of «Fang wolf»:

This amulet is considered one of the strongest and most powerful. It was believed that he has the following properties and effects:

  • Increases male power. Amulet since ancient times were worn by men in order to preserve the potency and the ability to have children until old age
  • Protect the family from adultery. If a woman wears such an amulet, she protects the family hearth from the invasion of rivals who dream of taking her husband out of the family. He just becomes invisible to the hunters for other people’s husbands.
  • In this case, the amulet increases the husband’s physical attraction to his wife. Therefore, it can be worn for women who wish to return their former passion to relationships
  • If a man regularly carries the “Fang of the Wolf” amulet, he will develop such qualities as affection for children. Gradually, he will turn into a earnest family man and stop looking at the side
  • Also Wolf Fang is a powerful magical attribute that helps protect the “fighter” in “battles”. But if in ancient times it was worn by soldiers before a battle, then in modern times an amulet empowers a man with the strength and opportunities for career success. The current battlefield is a place of work, and opponents are competitors
  • Wolf Fang gives its owner a sense of freedom and independence. It helps to get rid of the shackles that prevent a person from living. Chains can be both destructive relationships, feelings from which they become addicted, and certain obligations that can be borne. It can be bad habits, various dependencies.
  • Amulet helps to develop intuition. It perfectly complements the character of a person who has no “sixth sense”. Habit in decisions to rely on reason, plus the share of intuition — and success is guaranteed
  • The fang of the wolf gives courage and courage. Such an amulet can be presented to a man who lacks these qualities. Wolf Fang, gradually gaining strength, fills its owner with very powerful and very necessary masculine qualities
  • A talisman in the shape of a wolf’s canine is often presented to people suffering from a phobia. If you have a strong fear in your life that you are unable to get rid of yourself, the talisman will help you to recover.
  • The Wolf Fang amulet-charm develops such personal qualities as the ability to concentrate, attentiveness, the ability to quickly find a solution in the most unusual situations. Imagine a wolf waiting for a victim, preparing to attack — it is as concentrated as possible. The same skill gives the amulet
  • Amulet gives its owner the ability to believe in himself in any situation. It helps to always achieve your goals, no matter how difficult the obstacles will be on the way.

Watch the video about the amulet «Fang of the Wolf»:

The use of the amulet in the people

The ancient Slavs used Wolf Fang for such purposes:

  • As a guardian, guarding the home from evil spirits. He was hung at the front door. It was believed that the amulet prevents various evil spirits from entering the house
  • To protect newborns from the evil eye. Mothers hung an amulet at the cradle of the baby, which was supposed to protect the baby from all the bad things that could be pulled to him.
  • And when the baby started to cut the first teeth, they gave him a wolf’s fang to chew to get rid of the pain and stop the night crying. It was also believed that this ritual gives little boys courage, and girls — female attractiveness
  • It was believed that a wolf’s fang, like a magnet, attracts an object that personifies force. Therefore, it was worn by unmarried girls in order to “pull” a strong, courageous man to him.
  • Married women wore an amulet if they wanted to get pregnant, but did not work. It was believed that the wolf’s fang improves the reproductive abilities of the body and favorably affects women’s health.

Amulet Fang Wolf

We summarize: the wolf’s canine is a universal amulet that is equally suitable for both men and women.

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