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Amethyst stone: what properties it has and who suits

Amethyst — the magical properties of the stone and to whom it suits

Amethyst is a variety of quartz, occurring in the color range from pale lilac to rich violet. An interesting feature of the mineral — if it stays under the sun for a long time, it will turn pale.

But once in the shadow, a normal amethyst tone will be restored. In this article we will talk about the amethyst stone, its properties and how it suits.

The legend of how the stone came about

This crystal got its name from the name of the gorgeous nymph Ametis. Bacchus, who is the god of wine and joy, desired a perfect nymph, but was rejected by her.

After all, the girl’s heart already belonged to Shirikos, a shepherd and musician under the auspices of Apollo.

And when Bacchus tried to embrace the forest beauty, the goddess of the hunt, Diana, turned her into a casting lilac stone, named after the beautiful nymph — amethyst.

Amethyst stone: what properties it has and who suits

So, according to this beautiful legend, an amethyst stone appeared, featuring many healing and magical properties.

General characteristics

By its composition, amethyst is a kind of quartz, and the most valuable. It acts as silicon oxide (another name is silica).

The unusual color of the mineral contributes to the presence of impurities of iron in it. The mineral is able to withstand even a very high temperature, but, as mentioned above, loses its color, being in the sun.

If you heat the mineral to two hundred degrees, it will lose its color altogether, but later with the cooling, the coloring will return.

Basically, amethyst crystals are formed on an opaque quartz substrate. Under natural conditions, amethysts are elongated crystals, very similar to scepters, their length can vary from five to one hundred millimeters.

As for the gem deposits, the quality Amethysts are rich in the Urals, Uruguay and Brazil. Earlier in the time of Ancient Russia, crystals were used as decorative elements to decorate icons, altars, persistent crosses and panagias.

The crown of Irina Godunova, who was a Russian ruler, is decorated with the help of giant purple amethysts and sapphires.

Amethyst belongs to the group of jewelry minerals. To date, it is made from different jewelry, which are recovered in gold with silver.

The magical properties of the stone

This amazingly beautiful gem has a number of impressive magical properties. It is the strongest accumulator of information and a transformer of space: incorporating the negative energy of amethyst will help to eliminate sadness, as well as provide a harmonious atmosphere in the home.

In ancient Rome, amethysts were known as “blessed” minerals. People believed that a gem would make its owner more successful, help him defend himself against the attacks of enemies, normalize the state of the nervous system, and provide peace of mind.

Amethyst stone: what properties it has and who suits

It is probably for this reason that the rings with amethysts were actively worn by the first Christians, and later similar jewelery was also liked by the higher clergy. Then the stone in the Catholic states received the name «episcopal» or «pastoral», and in Russia — «bishop».

In addition to all the above, amethysts have the following magical properties:

  • have a positive effect on mental abilities, contribute to the full disclosure of the intellectual potential of its owner;
  • it is advised to wear a stone in cases where you want to add courage to yourself and protect yourself from rash acts;
  • the magic of the mineral will be as deservedly appreciated by trade people, because the gem attracts good luck in business and will help protect its property;
  • with the help of amethysts, you can clear the surrounding space and the soul of a person
  • used as a talisman, amethyst will help to achieve favor with the authorities, as well as add prudence to its owner;
  • if you put on the amethyst image of the sun with the moon, then you turn the gem into a powerful ward against black witch forces.

Application in love magic

Not to mention the great importance that amethysts have in love magic. The stones are designed to maintain the feeling of love in a pair, can inflame the flame of passion, save from evil rock and help to cope with unshared feelings.

Even the ancient Sumerian sages said that if you give a person a product with amethyst or a piece of this stone, he will forget about his old feelings and will burn with love for his donor.

It was accepted for people who had become widows or widows before term to wear jewelry with this “widowed” stone, which in this case symbolized eternal love and loyalty to his deceased beloved.

That is why its main meaning is to personify infinite and devoted love. All lovers mineral give loyalty to their second half.

It is recommended to keep amethyst in your bedroom if you dream:

  • about the return of your spouse;
  • about achieving complete harmony and understanding with the beloved
  • about the loyalty of a loved one
  • about the resurrection of past feelings.

Impact on energy centers

Amethyst affects the state of the frontal chakra (or Ajna) — that is, the notorious «Third Eye». It contributes to the fact that the colors of the energy field become clearer and helps a person to reveal his inner vision.

The mineral has a receptive Yin energy (that is, it tends to absorb energy). It contributes to the transformation of negative energy into positive, as well as fluids Yin — into fluids Yang.

The use of amethysts in the art of feng shui

The famous Taoist practice of feng shui is very honored by this mineral. It is believed that amethysts attract financial well-being and strengthen marriage bonds.

And if you put amethyst crystals in the legs of the couple under the bed, the spouses will symbolically be associated with each other.

In feng shui, if you want to become rich, you need to place amethyst crystals in the southwestern part of your home.

What zodiac signs fit mineral

Amethyst magic is so strong that it will favorably affect all signs of the zodiac, contributing to the strengthening of their positive qualities. In most cases, products with amethyst help develop a person’s intuitive abilities.

Amethyst stone: what properties it has and who suits

Next we look at how amethyst will affect different signs of the zodiac:

  • Aries — stone will give prudence, caution and restraint.
  • Value for Taurus — a stone will help Taurus to cope with melancholy and improve mental performance.
  • Gemini — with the help of the mineral will eliminate insomnia, nervousness, will be able to be inspired and begin to actively improve themselves.
  • Cancers should definitely pay attention to this gem. A stone will help them to normalize the life of their wards and will have a very positive effect if there are pathologies of the digestive tract organs, kidneys, and will enhance immunity.
  • Thanks to amethysts, the lions reach a state of spiritual harmony.
  • Practical and neat Virgos will be able to concentrate their mental and physical strength with the help of amethyst crystals in order to successfully resolve any troubles. Astrologers recommend that representatives of this sign wear amethysts in the form of pendants on a chain with small links.
  • Scales — improve their magical power with intuition. Women of the fair sex Libra, using green amethysts, will add to themselves attractiveness for the strong half of humanity.
  • Scorpios — should seek help from the violet quartz, which will be for them reliable amulets and can protect from the negative magical effects.
  • Sincere and peace-loving Sagittarius, if they start to wear jewelry with violet gem, it will become easier to achieve harmony and mutual understanding with others.
  • Capricorns will also feel the positive effects of minerals, because they will relieve them of negative energy.
  • For Aquarius, violet quartz will also be very useful: it will relieve the sign representatives from nervous overexcitement and enhance intuitive abilities.
  • People-Fish thanks to amethyst will become more successful in life.

It turns out that amethyst is a universal gem, all the constellations with equal success can use the magical and healing power of which.

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