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Amethyst stone — magical and healing properties

Amethyst stone — according to the signs of the zodiac

Amethyst stone - magical and healing properties

Amethyst can not be confused with other minerals due to the saturated purple tone. In fact, the shades of the color of the mineral are many, but they vary in the spectrum of the lilac-purple range.

A feature of the stone is the ability to lose tone intensity with age: it loses color by about 20% every 25 years of its life. The most unique and beautiful amethysts are mined in the Ural Mountains.

The transparency of the stone is different: it can either pass through the rays of light, or completely absorb and be opaque. Recently, a new type of amethyst — prasolite. This stone is distinguished by a golden-green shade.

However, these minerals are of artificial origin and are grown in the laboratory. Green amethysts of natural origin are mined only in one place on the planet — Brazil.

Mystical qualities

The purple color of the mineral speaks for itself: it is a clairvoyant stone. Many secrets can be revealed with the help of amethyst, but amethyst may not help all people. Only a person with a pure and immaculate soul can comprehend the secrets of the universe with the help of this mineral.

The self-seeking stone takes revenge, therefore it is not suitable for everyone.

Since the stone is truthful, it is used as a talisman against lies and deception. Amethyst protects its owner from intrigue, forgery and any fraud of detractors.

In family life, amethyst protects peace and quiet, extinguishes conflicts and ensures mutual understanding. Stone gives women beauty and youth, protects from premature old age.

Amethyst is a stone of sincerity, sincerity, kindness and wisdom. The owner of the mineral will forget about the unrest and anxiety, aggression and unkind thoughts.

The aura of the stone has a positive effect on the energy of the person, and disposes him to sincerity and sympathy. The aura of the stone also affects the environment of a person, granting sympathy to loved ones and outsiders to its owner.

Amethyst stone has a unique property to predict the weather: it changes its color. Because of this predictive feature, the mineral has always been present on seagoing ships.

The people amethyst got the name «widow’s stone» because it was worn by the husbands who lost their wives as a sign of eternal love. In fact, amethyst does not bring loneliness, as some people believe: it is a symbol of constancy, sincere feelings and undying love.

However, if you believe that the stone brings loneliness, do not wear amethyst jewelry.

The ability of amethyst to cause a feeling of sincere sympathy and love is used in negative magic when they want to separate lovers. To do this, give a stone to one of the happy couple, and he cools to his half. Amethyst takes the love of a person and gives it to the donor of the stone.

If a gem recites a magic spell, the effect is enhanced. Therefore, amethyst can bring both happiness and misfortune to man.

Amethyst stone - magical and healing properties

The property of the mineral to absorb negative energy protects the owner from damage and the evil eye. However, if a person often gets into conflict situations, the stone should be regularly washed in running water.

If you do not, amethyst will begin to give an excess of negative to its owner.

Perhaps the most important quality of the mineral is to protect the ward from intoxication. Previously, no feast was attended without an amulet, so that ill-wishers would not spoil a person or poison him.

In modern conditions, amethyst quenches a person’s desire to drink, saving him from addiction to alcohol.

Healing properties

The main healing feature of the stone is balancing the nervous system. Amethyst relieves stress, soothes naughty nerves and gives a deep sleep.

If you put a stone under the pillow, at night you will dream amazing and pleasant dreams.

Stone purifies blood, increases the flow of energy from space and strengthens the immune system. It is useful to wear amethyst jewelry for people with diseases of the hematopoietic system. In the old days, gems were worn to prevent gout attacks.

Infused with mineral water saves from a contagious disease.

In modern medicine, the stone is used to adjust the hormonal system for endocrine diseases. It is proved that amethyst has a beneficial effect on the hormonal function of the body.

In the massage room rejuvenation sessions are conducted with the help of amethyst: it smoothes wrinkles and restores skin tone. Look at the photo of amethyst beads:

Amethyst stone - magical and healing properties

Water on amethyst drink to cleanse the body, with the deposition of salts in the joints. A mineral attached to a bruise or edema can relieve pain and relieve swelling. In migraines and headaches, a gem is applied to the temporal region.

Remember that to activate the effects of stone on the body, requires direct contact with the skin surface.

Zodiac signs

Who is amethyst stone suitable for? Astrologers believe that this is a talisman of Gemini and Aquarius.

Since the gem is under the auspices of Saturn and the air element, it will benefit all air signs. However, the fiery signs of Leo and Aries gem also provides patronage.

Signs of fire love to be in the center of attention, and amethyst gives them attractiveness and charm. To do this, choose samples of purple and violet tones.
A rare black variety of amethyst corresponds to the signs of Virgo and Scorpio. Gem is able to immerse Scorpios and Virgos in their inner world and reveal the extraordinary abilities inherent in birth.

It is no secret that for these purposes amethyst is used by magicians and psychics.

For water signs, Pisces and Cancers are suitable for a stone with a purple tint. It helps in the development of partnerships and the development of business.

Also amethyst helps to overcome internal contradictions and excessive emotionality of the water element, giving its wards peace of mind and comfort.

Who does not amethyst? Astrologers believe that Taurus should be wary of this stone. Energy mineral is the exact opposite of the Taurus qualities.

But Capricorn and Virgo brings only positive influence.

How to store a stone?

In order for the gem to retain its aesthetic properties for a long time, it is necessary to protect it from the influence of the sun’s rays, impacts and scratches. For cleansing, use ordinary soapy water, then rinse the gem in pure water and dry it with flannel.

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