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Alatyr stone — symbolism and magical meaning

Stone Alatyr — application and magical properties

All stones have a stone, a cornerstone, a king-stone, and a white flammable stone — this is the name for alatyr in Russian folk tales. The alatyr stone seemed powerful in the popular understanding, magical properties were attributed to it.

The sorcerers and wizards turned in their plots to the powerful power of Alatyr, believing in his magical power. The word «altar» also comes from the name «alatyr».

What kind of shrine is it that the ancient Slavs revered?

Alatyr stone - symbolism and magical meaning

Bel combustible stone alatyr

Where is the alatyr to which our ancestors turned for help? According to folklore, this stone is located in the very middle of the sea on the famous island of Buyan. In all likelihood, this place is the spiritual center of the earth.

Rivers with healing water flow out from under the white-hot stone; sometimes they are called “milky”.

On alatyr there is a world tree, symbolizing the center of world domination. The stone itself personified world wisdom, being the legislator and the ruler of the fate of the universe. According to the beliefs of the Slavs, the king-stone fell from heaven with the laws of the god Svarog already written on it.

This legend echoes the beliefs of the Jews (tablets of the covenant) and Muslims. Followers of these religions also worship stones with the written words of God’s law.

In Russian folk art there are many beautiful legends associated with the origin of Alatyr. One of them says that the king-stone existed from the beginning of time and got it from the bottom of the sea World Duck.

The duck intended to carry a pebble in its beak, as it was of small size. Seeing this, Svarog read the magic spell, and the stone began to grow.

The duck dropped a stone from its beak, and it fell into the middle of the sea-ocean. According to the ideas of the Slavs, this moment served as the beginning of the creation of the universe.

Alatyr stone - symbolism and magical meaning

Another legend explains the origin of alatyr differently. In the Ural Mountains there lived an ancient people — a chud. They were hardworking, hard-working and kind people.

Chud worshiped his deity at the Alatyr stone. He was hidden from prying eyes in the hermitage. But the hostile tribes learned about the stone and the people and decided to take away the wonderful shrine.

The elders pleaded and asked the stone for advice. Alatyr was lit with sunshine and told the people where to go.

Since that time, no one else has seen the Chud, but they cannot find Alatyr.

From the legends we see that the king-stone was the mediator between people and the creator god. He was worshiped, he was asked for advice. The ancient Slavs had a holiday dedicated to Alatyr — Iriev Day.

It fell on September 14th. It is noteworthy that in the Christian tradition it is on September 14 that the Exaltation is celebrated.

Center of the universe

The sacred and most important meaning of the alatyr is the center of the world, the beginnings of beginnings. Along with the symbolism of the stone, the Slavs revered the eternal unfading fire of Svarog.

When the god Svarog hits the alatyr with a golden hammer, gods and a sacred host are born from his sparks. The phrase “the spark of God” originates precisely from here: according to Slavic beliefs, the spark from under Svarog’s hammer gives a person talents for art.

In Christianity, the Alatyr stone has its meaning, which is described in the legend about the Apostle Peter. Once a devotee of Christ Simon saw the Savior in the sea. Delighted to meet with the Lord, he swam over the waves to him.

At that moment, he turned into a rock and rose above the waves. Christ, seeing the devout heart of the believer, called him Peter.

Alatyr stone - symbolism and magical meaning

Alatyr symbolism

The eight-petal star is considered the symbol of the king-stone. It is also called the cross of Svarog. The sacral meaning of the symbol is the unfolding and folding of the universe.

Alatyr is a divine altar for the rest of the gods. Embroidery of an eight-petal star on clothes could only be afforded by knowledgeable people, since for ordinary citizens this sign could bring misfortune: the energy of an ordinary person is not able to cope with the power of universal wisdom.

The symbol was embroidered on the towels that were in the temples. It is believed that in the eight-peaked star all symbols, runes and other sacred signs originate. She is the beginning, the source of things.

The eight petals are the eight worlds of the universe, the energy of birth and creation. Opened petals — the manifested world of the earth.

Rune alatyr — another sacred symbol of the Slavs. This rune is considered the beginning and end of all existence, the alpha and omega, the symbol of the balance of the universe.

An endless struggle between Belobog and Chernobog takes place around this rune, and world chaos takes on the features of a world order. In magic, the altars, which are the prototype of the Alatyr stone, decorate the rune alatyr.

Amber or not?

One of the names of Alatyr is the white flammable stone. Fuel is a substance that is subject to melting.

It is amber that has these properties. Scientists have long sought to learn about the fate of Buyan Island — is it real or exists only in folk legends? Scientists managed to prove that Buyan is the island of Rügen (Ruyan), located in the Baltic Sea.

According to scientists, amber is the mythical stone alatyr, because in ancient times the Baltic Sea was called Alatyrsky.

True or not, no one can say for sure. Are the pieces of hardened resin (amber) a symbol of the mighty king-stone?

The answer to this question is covered with the thick dust of antiquity, and the legend remains alive in the hearts of our compatriots.

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