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7 protective charms that are available to everyone

7 protective charms that are available to everyone

In everyday life, we are often lurked in troubles and troubles. The use of charms and protective talismans will solve the problem of the appearance of sudden failures.

Protective charms are not always something unique and difficult to access. Most of them can be done independently, and with their own hands and from improvised things. The main thing is to know how to make such talismans and how to use them correctly.

Energy protection

Protective charms help prevent problems, they protect not only from the evil eye, the curse, the bad word, but also from what experts call bad energy. The problem is that not all people around us have a positive effect on us. Their negative can pass on to others, and without a reliable talisman you will be completely defenseless. These so-called energy vampires are everywhere — at work, on the street, in shops.

They can infect their negativity and feed on your energy, and sometimes without even knowing it.

Bad energy can cause illness or problems. It is always necessary to take care of maintaining a high level of energy so that only good luck and well-being accompany you.

Available amulets

Protective talismans, amulets and amulets can be made at home, with your own hands and from improvised things. They will be no worse than those that you offer to buy.

Pin: a pin will protect you from the evil eye. You can read special plots to activate this protective talisman. Here is one of them: «Give me strength, pin, so that someone else’s envy does not jinx me, so that the word bad does not curse me.» Charging a pin is best for the Full Moon.

Once a month, read this plot by removing the pin and placing it under the pillow. In the morning, put on again and successfully use another strong 30-day protective item. Pin a pin in an inconspicuous place on the clothes and see that it does not hurt you.

Coins: Coins will help avoid financial failures. To charge a talisman and make a reliable money shield out of a regular coin, place a coin on the ground in a plant pot. Earth nourishes the coin with power. Do not forget to mark the coin in order to recognize it among the rest and not give it away in the store.

You can carry it separately, in a specially stitched small bag or a pocket of red fabric. In addition to protection, the coin will give you good fortune in money matters.

Red thread: This is an excellent talisman, which is known in many cultures, for example, in Feng Shui. Eastern teaching says that red color drives away evil forces, and is also an excellent magnet for positive Qi energy. Red threads can be hung in front of the entrance door, and can be used for other purposes. And you can wear it on your left hand in the manner of a bracelet, so that negative flows around you.

Thread in this case need wool.

Ring: rings are one of the best protective talismans. They are universal in all senses, family rings can even be transferred from one relative to another. Such a ring usually brings good luck, but if something happened to its owner, it is better to wash the ring in salt water (see that it doesn’t damage the material).

You can talk and a new ring, so that it accumulated a positive in itself, and the negative rejected. Wearing it will always be necessary in order not to stop the process of accumulation of energy and strength. The plot for the new ring is as follows: «By the power of all things I charge you to the accumulation of power in the name of good and good intentions.»

After that, for seven days at night, the ring should be put in a glass with cold water, in which a pinch of salt is dissolved. Older rings should also be exposed to this for a week.

Salt bag: Salt itself is the perfect contrast to all that is dark and unclean. It protects literally from everything — from the evil eye, curses, setbacks, negative programs. It can be used not only in the house, but also outside the house, as a protective amulet. This charm is very simple to make.

Buy or make a small bag. Pour salt in there and tie tightly so as not to spill a single grain. When the talisman is ready, read the simple plot: «Salt for happiness, salt from troubles.»

Then just put the bag in your pocket or bag, which is always with you. If for some reason the salt has woken up, throw a pinch over your left shoulder: it is likely that your little bag of charm has taken away much trouble from you. It is worth making a new one and not delaying it.

Any decoration: Any jewelry can be used as a strong amulet, for precious stones and metals are always relevant in this regard. They don’t even need to be charged. If you have a favorite ring with a stone, earrings, a necklace or bracelet, then the power of nature will always be on guard for your peace of mind.

There are also rituals to make a jewel an amulet.

Key: buy an unnecessary key that opens nothing. Let it be small and inconspicuous. Since ancient times, the keys were, if not magical, then certainly important for the well-being of objects. Mages used them as protection against spells and evil spirits.

Now the keys can be placed at the front door in the corridor or hung on the walls next to the exit to protect the house from the negative. Every time you leave the house, you need to say the key: «Protect my house, drive away evil and misfortune.»

Each of the charms can be used independently of each other. Together, they will help build effective protection of your home against negative energy, and also bring good luck in business and away from home. Be happy and do not forget to press the buttons and

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