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5 simple charms for home and family

5 simple charms for home and family

Charm for family use since time immemorial. They are able to get rid of any negativity and not allow quarrels to destroy a happy family union.

At all times, people tried to protect themselves from all sorts of trouble, reading prayers, resorting to the help of knowledgeable people and laying out all sorts of protective little things at home. Now the wisdom of our ancestors still helps to preserve harmony in the family and to resist any misfortunes. The experts at the site dailyhoro.ru know about the existence of many charms and suggest you choose the ones that will be optimal for your protection.

Family Charm Icon

Icons help people gain self-confidence and resist any negative. You only need to decide on who of the heavenly patrons will protect your dwelling. The clergy urge young families to create their home iconostasis, in which, besides the icons of Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary, there will be personalized icons.

You can determine your patron by date of birth, as well as by the name by which you were baptized in the church. In addition, the house should be an icon, presented during the wedding celebration by parents. Such a family amulet will be able to protect you from any negative and will not allow people with evil thoughts to harm you.

Charm Doll

This woman makes a doll using natural materials. To create it you need a small piece of fabric made from flax or cotton, hay, cotton wool or straw, bright pieces of dyed flax, hemp, linen or silk thread. Torso and head are created from white fabric. The head is stuffed with a soft filler and tied with a thread.

The body is done on the same principle. A flap appears on the head of the doll, and a sundress curls on the body. It should be done without a needle, only with the help of ropes or knots.

A person in no case signs out to exclude the evil eye and damage. The doll is hanged over the front door so that it protects the family comfort.


Ward make of burlap with their own hands. It is placed in:

  • pin to resist the evil eye;
  • coin for financial abundance;
  • several grains for prosperity;
  • dried mint leaves for harmony and comfort;
  • sunflower seeds for procreation.

After all the ingredients are folded, the bag is tied with a red thread. Hanging charm can be anywhere, but it is best not far from the front door.

Our ancestors knew a lot about charms, so in previous times it was almost impossible to find a house in which there was no protective talisman. One of these talismans was a horseshoe. It was hung up and down to protect against any adversity or upward to attract happiness.

As a talisman, you can use a regular broom. Make it best with your own hands, using natural materials. For a pen, you can take a regular stick or a paint brush, and make pomelo from straw, branches of mountain ash, willow, oak and other trees with protective properties. Many housewives create a broom from the branches of the trees, patrons of the husband and wife.

The charm should be decorated with a satin ribbon of bright color and placed where you want.

Housewares can also be purchased at the store, but they will not have equally strong protective functions. Esoterics recommend keeping a few items of power in the house that can save your family from trouble. We wish you good luck and prosperity, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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