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5 best family charms that will help preserve love and happiness

5 best family charms that will help preserve love and happiness

You can save happiness in family life with the help of effective amulets. Use the wisdom and experience of our ancestors so that harmony and comfort reign in your life.

There are quarrels and misunderstandings in the family, because of which negative energy accumulates in the house. Often the negative enters the family from envious and detractors who are not haunted by happy married couples. Many negative factors affect the relationship, so it is important to maintain your happiness. To do this, you can make a few amulets with their own hands.

They will help couples get rid of any negativity and maintain peace in the family.

Preserve family happiness

To create this charm you will need a small piece of natural fabric. You can use linen or cotton. These materials store the energy of nature and help get rid of the negative in the house. Sew a small bag, decorate it with embroidery or the names of your spouse and yours.

Inside put conifer needles. Collect them to be away from the roads with your loved one. Needles fit from both spruce and pine.

If you have the opportunity, then put artyysh in the future charm of a grass twig. She is able to drive away evil spirits and preserve peace in the family. Pour several grains of rice, oats, millet and buckwheat on the needles. Tie a bag of hemp thread and say:

“I will hang a magic bag in the house, I will save love, I will attract happiness and wealth. There will be no adversity where love reigns. ”

Hang the amulet over the front door so that no negative will penetrate you beyond the threshold. Once a year, change the bag to a new one, and burn the old one far away from the house.

Charm for the preservation of love and understanding

This charm lovers need to do together. Find the bottle of the shape you like and remove all the labels from it. Prepare your favorite dried herbs, fruits, cereals and hearts cut from red paper. Take turns pouring all the ingredients into the bottle-charm and say compliments to each other.

Fill the bottle to half and tightly close the lid. This amulet will help you avoid quarrels and conflicts in the family, will repel negative energy. The contents of the bottle should be changed once a year.

Preserved for happiness in the family

Every woman has intuitive magic, and if she really wants to, she can create a protective amulet. He is filled with his own energy in order to maintain happiness in his family. To do this, the keeper of home comfort should sew a doll from natural fabrics, stuffing it with hay. Grass for hay is better to pick and dry yourself.

The doll is sewn without a face so that ill-wishers could not impose on it the evil eye or damage. You can choose any size, but a large doll will not be so easy to place in a secluded place. When sewing it is important to tune in to positive thoughts.

Speak aloud all that you would like: love, happiness, children, a loving husband. By putting in all your love and care, you will create an impenetrable protection for the family.

Charm, attracting love to the family

If you and your husband often quarrel and can not find a common language, this charm will help you to restore the harmony in the family. To create it you need a family photo and a church candle. Talk to a photo at any time of day with a lit candle. First read the prayer «Our Father» to tune in to the ritual, and then say the words of the conspiracy:

“Our family is strong, in the photo together, in life do not spill water. As with a photo of a person you will not remove, and in a life to us not to leave. I bring love to the family pure, warmed by the sun, washed up with water ”.

Wait until the candle burns out completely, and place the photo in the bedroom. It will keep the energy of happiness and well-being, not allowing the negative to penetrate into your home and family life.

Strong amulet to protect family happiness

So that in your family there is no place for any troubles, create a talisman used by our ancestors. To do this, offer each family member to hold in their hands any small thing. All items are folded in a box and read the plot:

“Everyone gave his energy, he did not lose his strength. Things hands remember, human heat is stored. How many lie, so much evil will not, famously forget about us. «

Put the box where no one else can find it and take it. This amulet will drive away any negative and help your family forget about quarrels and misunderstandings.

Any of these charms only create in a good mood. If something bothers you or you are angry, then do not start making protection for your family. Remember that where laughter sounds, there will be no room for negativity.

Do not bring negative emotions into your home, give up swear words. Happiness to you, strong love, and do not forget to press buttons and

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