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10 best amulets against the evil eye

10 best amulets against the evil eye

Every person can become a victim of the evil eye. This is the name for the flow of negative energy that can bring unhappiness and harm. Find out which amulets are in the top of the best charms and how to make them yourself.

The best amulets against the evil eye are special items charged with positive energy. Their purpose is to resist evil intentions directed towards the owner of such an amulet. In addition, they themselves have a beneficial effect on the life of their owner, bring happiness and good luck.

Many protective amulets can be made with your own hands.

  • Preserved from the evil eye red thread. Long since this amulet is considered one of the most effective and popular tools of protection against evil. In order for it to start acting, you need to tie a woolen thread of red color on your left hand. The left side of the body is responsible for receiving energy from the outside, so when a red thread appears on the left wrist, it thereby blocks the entrance to the body to all negative influences. Do not forget to tie seven knots on it, each of which symbolizes the protection of God over each of the periods of human life. Ready, charged for good luck, the red thread can be purchased online.

  • The best guard against the evil eye for a child. An amulet called a conspiracy pin will help to take away the misfortune of children and not allow them to suffer from the evil eye. It is necessary to take a pin, read “Our Father” over it, cross it and pin it on the inside of the clothes — on the cuff, on the trousers or on the hem of the dress. Thus, it will turn into the best amulet.
  • The best charm for pregnant women from the evil eye. At all times, pregnant women tried to prevent an energy attack from evil people, as it could hurt both the mother and baby. In our time, the problem has not lost its relevance as well as the advice of ancestors. For pregnant women, the best mirror from the evil eye will be a small mirror. Put the item in your chest pocket. Now, if you try to jinx it, the negative will come back to the one who sent it.
  • Stone charm from the evil eye. It is believed that each zodiac sign has its own charm stone. But you can make your own individual amulet. For this it is better to use semi-precious stones. Gems have excellent protective properties, but pre-stone charm must be cleaned and spoken. Put the mineral under running water for five minutes, then wipe dry and place on the window sill on the sunny side. After the stone receives the energy of water and the sun, it should be left on the windowsill for the night so that it will be saturated with the forces of the Moon. Now the best talisman for you is ready.

  • Strong amulet against damage and the evil eye. Such a subject can serve as ordinary salt, if it is properly spoken. You need to take a pinch of salt, ignite it in a frying pan, then read over it the words “Where it came from and went away” and pour it into a paper bag. Put the bag in your pocket or bag to carry. Now the salt will absorb all the negative, directed in your direction. After six months, the charm must be replaced with a new one.
  • Slavic amulet against the evil eye. It has long been considered the best talisman among the Slavs to be an ordinary coin, which after carrying out a certain ritual a person always carried with him. During such a ceremony it was believed that he was buying off an unclean spirit. If you want to use the experience of your ancestors, do this: take a coin and transfer it over your left shoulder, where, according to belief, the demon tempter sits. After that, lift it up and hold it on the hot pan for a few minutes to allow the metal to glow. Thus, it will become a reliable barrier to the evil spell. Conspiracy coin always carry.
  • The best amulets for the house. The best guardian to protect the home from the invasion of negative energy — a cross of needles. It is necessary to fold two needles into a cross and tie it tightly with a thin rope or thread. Then hide the cross at the door with the words “The needle will take the evil away, it will not enter my house. Amen».
  • Preserved from the evil eye and damage — tattoo. Since ancient times, people applied symbolic drawings to their bodies, driving away evil spirits. Today, tattoos serve as the best talismans, but for this, before visiting the master, you need to properly study their meaning. By the way, it is not necessary to make a real tattoo on yourself. Tattoo can be done with henna or, if desired, draw the most ordinary pen. In this case, runes will be suitable for drawing the picture.

  • Charm Bracelet. It is easy to make such an amulet with your own hands. You will need threads of red, green and blue. Red is a symbol of wealth and good luck, green is money and optimism, blue is health and prosperity. Make a pigtail from threads and tie several knots to keep it all with you.
  • Church amulet against the evil eye. They can be any item purchased in the temple — a candle or an icon. It is believed that things brought from the pilgrimage have the greatest protective power. In the event that you bought things in the church, you can additionally charge them: pour salt on a plate, put a candle or an icon and hold it for a while. After the salt gives its protective power, it does not need to be used for food and it is better to pour it on the street.

Remember that the best charms are those items that you have chosen yourself, relying on your intuition. We wish you good luck and good mood. and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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