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What is prayer by convention

What is prayer by convention

Everyone knows about the power of prayer. She is able to help in the most difficult moment and give strength to illness, sadness and longing. But prayer by agreement can multiply the action several times if certain conditions are met.

Orthodox prayers have been around for a very long time. Christians pray for family happiness, well-being, and deliverance from disease, as well as simply expressing their worship of God and the saints.

It is believed that prayers are powerful if several people pray together. From an energetic point of view, this is confirmed: during rituals, rituals or prayers, the energy of several people unites into one and enhances action.

That is why the prayer by agreement is read when the efforts of one person may not be enough.

Several people agree on a joint or alternate prayer for one another or on the same situation, for example, the recovery of the sick or the forgiveness of sin.

The basis of this practice is the Gospel covenant, which says that the prayer of several people in one place will be heard more quickly by the Lord.

Examples of prayer feats by convention

In the history there are several of the most vivid examples of prayers by agreement, which brought a stunning result. One of them is the Protection of the Mother of God. This day is still celebrated by the church as a great holiday.

According to legend, during the siege of Constantinople, believers gathered in the temple and, by agreement, began to pray for the salvation of the city.

At night, the Virgin Mary appeared to Andrei the Foolish and covered them with a snow-white handkerchief, which was perceived by them as a symbol of the gift of protecting their city.

Nowadays, prayers by agreement are also often practiced by believers. Such prayers arise when oncological patients, seriously ill children and the elderly are prayed for, and they also pray for alcoholics and prisoners.

How to pray

Prayer by agreement is stronger than the prayer of one person. But like any general energy action, it requires a special attitude to oneself and the observance of several rules:

Thoughts must be clean. All participants in the prayer by agreement should sincerely wish to help and stand up to prayer with zeal and desire. Insincerity is terrible and carries within itself the destruction of the very idea of ​​mutual aid in common prayer.

You cannot ask for common prayer for family matters. No matter how much you would like to enlist the help of like-minded believers, family matters and family problems should remain in the family. Even with the best of goals, you cannot ask believing friends to pray for a changed husband.

This should only be your family secret and your personal prayer.

Before prayer you need to take a blessing. Prayer by agreement is a good deed, and the blessing taken will further strengthen its operation.

If you do not have the opportunity to come together for prayer, you can pray at the same time, being at a distance from each other. Knowing how to pray at home will help you not to make mistakes. We wish you peace in your soul, good luck in everything, and do not forget to press buttons and

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