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What is akathist and when he is read at home and in church

What is akathist and when he is read at home and in church

An acquaintance of mine told an akathist singing to the miracle-worker Spiridon Trimifuntsky who helped solve the housing problem, which was heavy on his shoulders. I wondered what akathist is and when it is read.

It turns out that this is a special rite of worship, which can be ordered in the temple or chant at home. In the article I will tell you how to order the requirement in the temple (monastery), how to read akathist at home correctly, and what saints you can ask for help in any domestic issues and to heal from ailments.

What is akathist and when he is read at home and in church

Akathists in Christianity

Church akathists are not considered obligatory divine services, except for the akathist to the Mother of God, “Vozbrannaya voivoda” (on Saturday at the fifth week of Easter fast). In Greek, the word «Akathist» means «non-sedative singing.»

This is a praise and hymn to the Lord, the Mother of God, saints and archangels. Akathist singing is always performed while standing, relief is allowed only to seriously ill people. Akathists sing all day long except for Lent.

They are performed in cathedrals and at home, but only with the blessing of the priest.

Akathists are built from 25 praise hymns, divided into two types — kondaki (praise chants) and icos (long chants). Kondaki (they are 13) tell about who the glorification is intended for; icos (12) explain the essence of the Akathist.

Ikosy and the first kontakak end with an exclamation of «rejoice,» 11 kondaks end with an exclamation of «hallelujah.» The last konduk is sung three times.

Akathists are with the consecration of water and without the rite of consecration of water.

Before performing the akathist singing, an eloquent prayer is addressed to the saints or the Virgin Mary. Then the hymn itself is sung, and at the end of it a prayer.

What is akathist in simple words is a church poetry in honor of Jesus, Our Lady, saints and archangels.

In what cases akathist hymns are sung:

  • in gratitude for the help;
  • in the days of honoring the saint;
  • to fill the soul with peace;
  • if you need to ask the saint about help in affairs;
  • for healing from diseases — physical and mental;
  • with earthly afflictions and needs;
  • to protect against the temptations of sin;
  • in case of financial turmoil;
  • in other difficult cases.

Akathist to the Mother of God, “Vozbrannaya Voivoda”, is sung for:

  • healing from diseases;
  • exemption from alcoholism and drug addiction;
  • birth help;
  • assistance in raising children;
  • getting rid of stalking enemies;
  • in other domestic problems.

Akathists to other images of the Virgin:

  • «Vsetsaritsa» — from addictions, serious diseases, the occult;
  • «Mammalian Teacher» — for babies, for obstetric aid;
  • «Burning Bush» — from fires, in defense of innocent convicts;
  • «Inexhaustible Bowl» — for getting rid of the dependence of wine drinking, smoking, drugs;
  • «Kazan» — for treatment, for preservation of matrimonial bonds, from enemies;
  • «Quick listener» — to cure ailments;
  • «Semistrelnaya» — to reconcile the warring;
  • «Healer» — for release from disease.

What is akathist and when he is read at home and in church

  • Panteleimon the healer — from any ailments;
  • prep. Sergius of Radonezh — for successful study, pacification of pride;
  • blazh. Ksenia of Petersburg — for any domestic problems, for healing;
  • to the great martyr George the Victorious — for protection against enemies, for protection against the attack of wild animals, for the safety of pets;
  • St. John the Baptist — for gaining or strengthening faith, repentance, for harvest;
  • St. Boniface — from alcoholism and gluttony;
  • the prophet Elijah — in any need;
  • to the miracle-worker John the Warrior — from robbery and theft;
  • sv. Cyprianus and Ustiynia, from occultism and witchcraft;
  • Joachim the God-bearer and the righteous Anna from infertility.

Akathist to Spiridon Trimifuntsky

This akathist song is read 40 days in a row to solve the housing problem, financial assistance and assistance in any needs. The holy wonderworker during his life cast out demons, healed the sick, raised the dead.

Also akafisty read:

  • Jesus the sweetest — for finding spiritual harmony and God’s grace;
  • Guardian Angel — for any problems;
  • St. Michael Archangel — when moving to a new dwelling.

Akathists on weekdays:

  • Sunday — honoring the resurrection of Jesus Christ;
  • Monday to the guardian angel and the archangel Michael;
  • Tuesday to John the Baptist;
  • Wednesday — to Jesus the sweetest;
  • Thursday — Nicholas please;
  • Friday to the Life-giving Cross;
  • Saturday — of Our Lady.

How to order akathist in a temple or monastery? It is necessary to submit a church note and the indicated names (in the genitive case).

You can also order online in a monastery or cathedral, which have their own website on the Internet.

Akathists are ordered only for baptized people.

When recording the names, use the baptismal names, write them down correctly: not Dmitri, but Dimitri. Ivan in Church Slavonic — John, and Tatiana — Tatiana. You can also indicate the status of a person: a sick John, the baby Dimitri, the girl Tatiana, the warrior George.

Last name and patronymic are not indicated in the notes.

What is akathist and when he is read at home and in church

Reading akathist at home

How to read akathist at home? First you need to listen to the performance in the church or audio recordings.

This is necessary for the correct pronunciation of Church Slavonic words and accents. Also important is the correct intonation of pronouncing words and keeping pauses between them.

In the house there should be an icon of the person to whom you pay your thanksgiving. Before the icon it is necessary to light church candles or a lamp.

It is advisable to read the Orthodox literature about the saint whom you are asking.

Some abbreviations of words:

  • Glory (or trinity) — pronounced «Glory to the Father and to the Son and the Holy Spirit»;
  • And now (or the Mother of God) — they read “Now and then and ever and forever. Amen.»;
  • Glory together with And now — to read successively one after another “Glory to the Father and to the Son and the Holy Spirit, now and ever and ever and ever and ever. Amen.»

What is the sequence to say the prayers before the akathist? You should get an akathistnik in the church, everything is indicated in it.

How many days is it necessary to read akathist praise? There are no strict rules and time frames, at the request of the heart and soul.

Is it possible to pronounce akathist to women during sick days? This is not prohibited, the main thing — the dictates of the heart and soul.

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