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Trade Prayer — Strong Business Assistance

Very strong prayers to trade

Trading magic has always been in demand among merchants. Strong conspiracies and prayers for trade are not neglected by modern traders, businessmen, and businessmen.

Of course, experiments with magic by the Church are not approved, but in the Orthodox tradition there are special prayers of appeal to the saints, which can help in the prosperity and profitability of the cause associated with the market of supply and demand.

Trade Prayer - Strong Business Assistance

How can saints pray for a successful trade?

In Orthodoxy there is no particular strong prayer for commerce. Any prayer text can be a powerful help if you perform the prayer ritual correctly and be a religious person.

To whom can you speak your prayers? First of all, you need to remember who is always next to any believer, accompanies him throughout his life — this Guardian angel.

In addition to the personal Guardian Angel, the following saints can render their assistance to an Orthodox person, whose activities are related to the sphere of trade:

  • John Sochavsky;
  • Spiridon Trimifuntsky;
  • Seraphim of Sarov;
  • John the Merciful;
  • Nicholas the Wonderworker.

If the merchant is not familiar with the text of any of the prayers addressed to the above-mentioned God’s saints, nothing prevents him from calling out with his own words about the help of higher powers. Even such a prayer, coming from the depths of the heart itself, uttered with unshakable faith, can lead to miraculous results.

Texts of strong Orthodox prayers for trade

Regular use of the data below prayers will help turn your trade, attract customers, increase sales and profitability. Thanks to the support of higher powers, your business will flourish, and the evil intentions of all detractors and envious people will be neutralized.

You can choose any prayer text from the list. Only it is necessary to pronounce it with the observance of all the presented recommendations and not to doubt the power of prayer.

Prayer to the Guardian Angel

The prayers addressed to the Guardian Angel were also used by merchants in Ancient Russia. She helped them successfully realize their business.

This prayer, which the inhabitants of the deaf Siberian village Kolyvan have kept up to our times, is considered one of the strongest. She brings good luck in the trading business.

It should be pronounced daily, before the start of trading.

Trade Prayer - Strong Business Assistance

Prayer to John Sochavsky for successful trading

The protector of all those whose activities are related to trade is considered to be John Sochavsky — in view of the fact that the saint himself was a merchant during his lifetime.

First prayer

A prayer, the text of which can be found below, should be pronounced in front of the image of John Sochavsky (it is better to buy an icon with his image in the church shop). It is also desirable that in front of the face of the saint at the time of reading the prayer words there was a lit church candle. Text:

Trade Prayer - Strong Business Assistance

The rite of worship should be carried out in the morning, before the commencement of trade. Before the prayer, you can tell the saint about the troubling problems associated with the business, ask him for help.

The key goal of this prayer is to attract customers, so it is recommended to say it daily, clearly and sincerely. In this case, the merchant must be completely honest with their customers.

To a businessman who will try to increase the sale of goods by deceiving customers, St. John will not help.

Second prayer

Also for successful trading and high profits you can read another prayer, also addressed to John Sochavsky. It will be useful to place the icon of the saint in the workplace. Words of prayer:

Trade Prayer - Strong Business Assistance

Third prayer

It is recommended to ask for help from John Sochavsky with the help of this prayer when the situation of trade leaves much to be desired. The ritual is held in the evening, with church candles. Before lighted candles it is necessary to overshadow yourself three times with the cross, to bow three times and say: “In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Amen». After that, read the prayer before the icon of the saint:

Trade Prayer - Strong Business Assistance

The rite should be carried out to a significant improvement in business, when profits become stable and regular. Don’t forget to thank John for helping out.

Prayer to Seraphim of Sarov

With the help of this prayer, they usually ask Seraphim of Sarov for good luck, including good luck in trading. It is advisable to pray to the martyr Seraphim every day, and then luck will soon become your constant companion. Text:

Trade Prayer - Strong Business Assistance

After reading the prayer, also invariably say the following words:

Trade Prayer - Strong Business Assistance

Petition to John the Merciful

The prayer addressed to St. John the Merciful helps to attract good luck to the trade. First of all, it attracts monetary success and helps to increase profits in a short time. The text of the prayer is as follows:

Trade Prayer - Strong Business Assistance

The appeal to John the Merciful will be even more fruitful if you read it before the face of the saint. Icon try to find such that its plot depicts the flow of alms.

After completing a prayer, it is highly desirable to tell the saint about his particular request related to trade, and not just think about profit.

Trade Prayer - Strong Business Assistance

As soon as you notice improvement, sincerely thank John the Merciful. Do not forget about generosity and mercy — give alms to the needy as often as possible, and then your business will certainly go uphill.

Strong olivva Nicholas the Wonderworker to trade

Saint Nicholas the Benefactor helps everyone who addresses his requests to him, and merchants are no exception. Praying to God’s saint about trade is best within the walls of the church, in front of its icon.

It is not forbidden to do this outside the church, just do not forget to visit a church service and then put a candle in front of the image of the saint — the more expensive it is, the more successful your work will be. Words of prayer:

Trade Prayer - Strong Business Assistance

Many entrepreneurs and merchants, thanks to this prayer, were able to survive even during the worst crisis.

How to ask the saints for help in trade?

No one will deny that trading, in the first place, implies a profit. Turning to the higher forces with a prayer for trading success, one should not concentrate on only one potential gain.

The thoughts of the person praying must be that he wants to receive for this money, it is recommended even to voice his specific goal.

It is permitted to pray in your own words, the main thing is to do it with deep faith and from the heart. A few more tips:

  • Do not be discouraged if the business is not yet glued, and every now and then there are some problems;
  • always help those in need: give alms, feed homeless animals;
  • take care of the quality of the goods sold: they must be useful for buyers and durable;
  • Do not forget to thank your holy helpers.

By following this uncomplicated advice, you can achieve unprecedented heights in your business, and trading success will linger for a long time near you.

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