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The strongest prayers to the icon of the Kazan Mother of God: for help in life, for marriage, children, health

Strong prayers to the Kazan Mother of God: on marriage, children, work

During the wars and civil strife, the Kazan Mother of God saved people from death, gave strength to the soldiers. She was honored by rulers and kings, warlords prayed before the battles, and their prayers did not go unanswered. The miracles associated with this image inspire Christians and inspire hope for receiving what they ask.

The Most Holy Virgin of Kazan and now helps to find family happiness, conceive healthy children, find a decent job.

The strongest prayers to the icon of the Kazan Mother of God: for help in life, for marriage, children, health

The ancient list with the miraculous icon «Kazan»

The most holy image of the Virgin of Kazan began to show miracles from the moment of its appearance. The icon was found on the site of a large fire in the city of Kazan.

It happened in the 16th century, when Ivan the Terrible annexed the city of the Khanate and began to implant Christianity among Muslims. The Mohammedans perceived this terrible fire as the punishment of Allah for the abuse of their faith.

But this event was predetermined.

The nine-year-old girl had a vision of the Mother of God, who in a dream ordered her to get an icon from the ashes of her, which was hidden by Christians during the times of Muslim domination. The image was sent to the cathedral, and two blind men saw the light on the procession of the cross, which was an indication of the special protection of the Virgin in this land.

At the site of the appearance, Ivan the Terrible ordered to build a temple in honor of the Kazan Icon and founded a female monastery.

Miracles were not only the icon found, but also lists of it. Some time later, one of them was sent to Moscow for the militia led by Prince Pozharsky. Kazan image gave victory over the Poles, with God’s help, they managed to win back the Kremlin.

In 1709, Tsar Peter prayed before a copy of the icon of the Kazan Mother of God on the eve of the Battle of Poltava, which he won. Commander Kutuzov during the war with the French tearfully asked the Most Pure Mother of God to save the country.

After a while, thanksgiving prayers for victory were served in the Kazan Cathedral.

The Kazan Icon of the Virgin Mary is the most revered image of the Ever-Virgin in Russia.

In 1904, the original icon from Kazan was stolen. The criminals were soon arrested and during the investigation they said that they stole the image because of the expensive salary. They sold the jewels, and cut down the icon and burned it in the kiln.

But the story of the image is not over. In 2004, the Pope of Rome reported that in the sacristy of the Vatican since 1993 there is an unknown Orthodox image of Our Lady.

The delegation delivered the icon to Patriarch Alexy II, and it became clear that it was an ancient list of the Kazan image. He was transferred to the Kazan monastery, to the temple, where the original of the manifested icon once resided.

The strongest prayers to the icon of the Kazan Mother of God: for help in life, for marriage, children, health

They pray to the Kazan Icon as the most powerful image possessing the grace of God. The miraculous lists of Our Lady of Kazan are famous for the miracles of healing, insight, the conversion of sinners to the righteous, the victories over enemies.

Any consecrated icon is a shrine in front of which you can pray for your needs. The prayers of the Kazan Mother of God will be heard regardless of whether it is an ancient icon or a simple small icon bought in an icon shop.

The main thing in prayer is hot faith, hope and love for the Lord and others.

In this way, the newlyweds are most often blessed; it preserves the family hearth and protects children. He is taken with him on a long journey, set in a hospital, in the workplace.

Asking for the grace of the Virgin:

  • about help in life;
  • about marriage and love;
  • about assistance in conceiving a child and during pregnancy;
  • about preserving the family;
  • about health, from diseases;
  • about children: about son, daughter;
  • About work.

Kazan icon you need to have in every home. It is installed on the iconostasis next to the face of Christ.

Unmarried women pray at the image about the device of personal life, sending a worthy spouse and soon receive what they ask for. Childless couples offer blessings for children.

Diligent prayers to the Virgin Mary do not remain unanswered.

You can ask the Virgin for help in any difficulty in life, no matter how insignificant it may seem. Opening the soul and hoping for the help of God and the intercession of the Virgin, a person rather finds a way out of a difficult situation, finds peace of mind.

The strongest prayers to the icon of the Kazan Mother of God: for help in life, for marriage, children, health

Prayers are read from the image, if possible light a lamp or a candle. They begin to pray to the Mother of God after the initial prayers, such as “Heavenly King”, “Our Father”.

You can read all the following prayers or select some of them. They are versatile and readable in all life difficulties.

The number of repetitions of a prayer can be increased depending on the situation. The main thing is not to turn a personal prayer conversation with God and the Virgin into a mechanical mindless reading of the text 33 times.

In Orthodoxy, such an approach is unacceptable.

The strongest prayers to the icon of the Kazan Mother of God: for help in life, for marriage, children, health

With infertility, both spouses pray for a long time. Order prayers for health from the image.

In the monasteries they ask for a long time to read the “Unsleeping Psalter” about a husband and wife. In addition to prayers, they read troparion and kondak for the glorification of the Virgin Mary, thus expressing their reverence and reverence.

Troparion, voice 4th: “A diligent intercessor, Mother of the Lord Vyshnyago! For all of you, pray for your Son, the Christ of our God, and for all the creatures to be saved, to your sovereign’s shelter resorted.

Come upon us all, O Lady, the Queen and the Mistress, and others like misfortune and sorrow and sickness, burdened with many sins, coming and praying to You with a tender soul and contrite heart before the Most Preserved of Yours with tears, and irretrievably hope for Tja to save all evils . Give to all that is useful, and save all, to the Virgin the Virgin: Thou art divinely covering your servant. ”

Kontak, voice of the 8th: “By the Pritech, people, to this quiet and good shelter, the fast Assistant, the ready and warm salvation, the cover of the Virgin; let’s rush to prayer and plod to repentance: the Most Pure Mother of God exudes the useless grace of the Most Pure Mother of God, foreshadows for help and cures from great misfortunes and evils His well-to-do and god-slaving servants. ”

If there is time, they read the Akathist of the Kazan Mother of God or the canon of prayer to the Most Holy Mother of God, which is readable in all sorrow.

The festival of the image takes place twice a year — November 4 and July 21. These days it is advisable to be in worship.

It is believed that common holiday prayers are most pleasing to the Lord and His saints.

If a girl wants to get married, you need to read the prayers daily, adding a request in your own words at the end of the prayer from the prayer book. It is important for a successful marriage to ask the mother to pray, because the maternal prayer is the strongest.

The text of the prayer: “O Most Pure Lady of the Blessed Virgin, Queen of Heaven and Earth, the highest angel and archangel and all creatures are the most honest, pure Virgin Mary, peace to the world as a helper and to all the people, and redemption in every need! Even now, O Lord, the All-Merciful Mrs., at Thy servants, You are praying with a tender soul and a broken heart, with tears to You, falling to Your pure and purposeful image, and the help and intercession of Your begging.

O All-merciful and Graceful Virgin Virgin revered! Look, O Lady, upon Thy people: we are bo, wickedness, not imams of any other help, unless You and ours were born of Christ our God. Thou art our intercessor and prosecutor, You hurt offended protection.

Grieving joy, siram shelter, widows keeper, fame maidens, weeping gladness, visiting sick, frail healing, sinful salvation. For the sake of, O God-mati, we resort to You and to Your most pure image with a perpetual hold on your hand of a holding baby, our Lord Jesus Christ, gazing, we offer you crying with tender words: have mercy on us, Mother of God, and fulfill our request, all essence is possible to your petition: for your glory befits you, now and forever, and forever and ever.


If a person cannot find a job for a long time, before each interview you should read the petition to the Virgin Mary. It is advisable to have a small icon with you at a meeting, for example, in your pocket, and pray in your mind.

The text of the prayer: “O Most Holy Lady, Lady of the Theotokos! With fear, faith, and love in front of your honest icon, adhering, we pray to Thee: Do not avert your faces from those who resort to you, plead, Merciful Mati, your Son and God, the Lord Jesus Christ, may God keep our country peaceful, but Her holy unshakable Yes, and obey, and from unbelief, heresies, and the split, he shall deliver.

Not imams of great help, not imams of other hope, unless You, Purest Virgin: Thou art the all-powerful Christian Helper and Intercessor.

Deliver also all who believe in Thee from the fallen sins of sin, from the slander of evil men, from all temptations, sorrows, diseases, troubles, and from sudden death; grant us the spirit of contrition, humility of the heart, purity of thoughts, correction of sinful life and abandonment of transgressions, yes all, thankfully singing the greatness and mercy of Yours, who are above us here on earth, will be honored by the Kingdom of Heaven and the tamo with all the saints we will glorify the most honorable and magnificent name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit forever and ever. Amen».

In any difficulty, you can say a short prayer to the Mother of God: “Most Holy Theotokos, save us! Holy Virgin, help! «.

After the request has been received, they thank the Lord as the giver of all good, and then the Mother of God as the heavenly helper and intercessor. The ungrateful heart drives away the grace of God.

If you forget to thank, next time you can not get heavenly help.

“O Lord Jesus Christ our God, the God of all mercy and bounty, whose mercy is immeasurable and humanity is an immeasurable abyss! We, crouching in Your greatness, with fear and trembling, as unworthy slaves, thank You for the mercies shown to us. As the Lord, the Lord and the Benefactor, we praise You, praise, sing and magnify and, dropping, thank you again!

Your inexpressible mercy we humbly pray: as you have now accepted our prayers and fulfilled them, so in the future let us succeed in love for You, for our neighbors and in all virtues — and always reward us to thank and praise You, together with the Primordial Your Father and All-Holy, and Good, and Thy Own One, Your Spirit. Amen».

“To you, Mother of God, we praise; Thee, Marie, Our Lady of the Virgin confess; Ty, the eternal Father Daughter, the whole earth is magnified. All of you Angels and Archangels and all Beginnings humbly serve; All the Authorities, the Thrones, the Lordships and all the exalted Heavenly Powers obey you. You Cherubimi and Serafimi rejoice at the coming and crying with incessant voice: Holy Mother of God Mother, the essence of heaven and earth of the majesty of glory of the fruit of your womb are full.

To you, the glorious apostolic face of its Creator, the Mother praises; You are many martyrs Virgin Mary magnifies; To you the most glorious confessors of the congregation of God the Word Temple is denounced; To you, the dominant women of the virginity preach the image; To you all the heavenly hostings praise the Heavenly Queen. To you throughout the universe the Church glorifies, the Mother of God worships; The true King of the heavens, the Daughters, praises.

You are the Angel of the Lady, You are the door of Paradise, you are the ladder of the Kingdom of Heaven, You are the King of glory the palace, You are the ark of piety and grace, You are the abyss of bounty, You are the refuge of sinners. You are Mati Savioriev, you are free for the sake of a captive man, God perceived you in the womb. By you the enemy has been trampled; Thou hast opened the doors of the kingdom of heaven to the faithful.

You stand at the right hand of God; You pray for us God, Virgin Mary, Who will judge the living and the dead. We ask you, the Protector before Your Son and God, Redeem us through His blood, and let us receive blessing in eternal glory.

Save your people, the Virgin Mary, and bless your possessions, for let us be partakers of your inheritance; God forbid and keep us even to the world. Every day, O Holy One, we wish to praise and appease Thee with heart and mouth. Seduce, the Gracious Mother, preserve us now and forever from sin; Have mercy on us, Provider, have mercy on us.

May Thy mercy be upon us, as on thee by hope forever. Amen. «

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

Money has always been my main concern. Because of this, I had a bunch of complexes. I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me.

However, I decided that I still needed personal help. Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

But who will help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that all life is rolling down the slope and passing by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when you had to give 11 for renting an apartment.

What was my surprise when my whole life suddenly changed for the better overnight. I could not even imagine that one could earn so much money that at first glance a knickknack could have such an effect.

It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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