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The strongest prayers to Nicholas the Wonderworker for help in money, work

Strong prayers to Nicholas the Wonderworker for help in money and work

Nikolai Ugodnik is one of the most revered Christian saints. They pray to him in any difficult situations.

Women who dream of a husband and children come to him with a prayer, travelers who want a safe road, mistakenly convicted prisoners. Help from Nicholas the Wonderworker can be expected in the financial sphere.

And, according to believers, he does not leave unanswered prayers.

To really change your financial situation, turning to Nikolai the Benefactor, you need to pray sincerely. In no case can one say a prayer without having an acute need.

To ask the saint for the sake of the members of your family, you can read a common prayer. At the end of the spoken words, you will need to ask Nicholas the Wonderworker for additional help in money and financial well-being.

The strongest prayers to Nicholas the Wonderworker for help in money, work

Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker

The prayer text sounds like this:

“On all the great marvelous, the great Hierarch of Christ, Father Nicholas! We ask you to hope the hope of all Christians, faithful protector, hunger for the feeder, weeping joy, sick doctor, sea ruler, poor and orphan feeder, and all a quick helper and patron, and live peacefully and see the glory of the elect of God in heaven and with them continually chant the one in the Trinity of the worshiped God forever and ever. Amen. «

The prayer is read immediately after the purchase of a new wallet — even before its use begins. It contributes to financial attraction and large incomes.

After the uttered words of prayer, the wallet will never be stolen and will not be lost.

An empty new wallet during prayer should be held in front of the icon of the Saint. In the process of reading it is necessary to light a church candle and leave it burning.

The old wallet at the exit of the temple should be given to the needy along with the remaining money.

The same prayer text is especially necessary for businessmen and people whose profession is directly related to finance. When reading a prayer, a person must be in the temple and kneel before the icon of the Saint. Put some coins in your pocket.

After leaving the temple, you should definitely give this money to those in need.

Soon after the prayer, the material condition of the person will begin to improve. Part of their earnings will need to allocate to charity — in gratitude for the help of the Holy.

The strongest prayers to Nicholas the Wonderworker for help in money, work

This prayer is recommended to read on Thursdays in the church in front of the icon of the saint. If you can not visit the temple, you can do it at home.

If a prayer for well-being and prosperity is pronounced at home, this should be done during the training camp. It is recommended to read it before making important financial transactions.

“St. Nicholas the Wonderworker, I pray you for help. Please, be strict with me, but fair. Send me wealth and abundance according to my faith and save me from mistakes.

Give me the wisdom to properly manage money, and attract opportunities that give me financial freedom. I trust in you, for you help every one who asks.

May thy name be glorified for ever and ever. Amen. «

The strongest prayers to Nicholas the Wonderworker for help in money, work

This prayer is pronounced from home. You can read it before the icon or in front of the window.

In the process of uttering prayer words, a person must hold a lit church candle. After completion of reading — do not extinguish it immediately, but let it burn.

The prayer is read according to the following text:

“Saint Nicholas the Pleasant, I appeal to you for miraculous help. Help me … Oh, great Wonderworker! I pray you, free my mind from malice and envy.

Light up my mind, give prudence and insight. Help to find work for the soul and opportunities.

May my work benefit my family. I rely on your power and strength.

Illumine my way with miracle. Amen. «

The strongest prayers to Nicholas the Wonderworker for help in money, work

This prayer is considered very strong and effective. It is recommended to pronounce it also in case of serious problems with competitors and envious persons.

“Our merciful tutor, Nikolai! Your actions are cordial and generous.

I pray for help in business and commerce, look at my efforts, loyalty to Jesus Christ. For my obedience, take away my fall and hardship from me, give me luck, reward with wisdom. Pray for me, the servant of God (the servant of God) (Name) before the Lord Almighty, ask for protection from enemies and dashing thoughts.

Let me be rewarded for my efforts and diligence. Sacred Nikolay the Ugodnik, cover, protect with your wing, I believe in your strength and mercy.


Prayer is not able to remove all credits from a person and leave him without debts if he himself does not make efforts for this. But her regular regular reading will help, for example, to find additional ways of earning in order to settle with a creditor more quickly.

If a prayer has long-standing debtors, then after uttering the following words, they must also remember their duty.

“O our kind shepherd and God-wise mentor, the prelate of Christ Nicholas! Hearing us sinners (names), praying to you and calling for your help, your speedy intercession: behold us who are weak, who are everywhere perceived, every good that is deprived and with the mind of faint-heartedness of the darkened.

Trying, please God, do not leave us in sinful captivity to be, let us not be our enemy in joy and not die in our evil deeds. Pray for us unworthy of our Co-worker and Vladyka, but to Him you are coming up with impotent faces: make us our God in our present life and in the future Wetz merciful to us, but do not repay us in our deeds and uncleanness of our hearts, but in Your goodness will repay .

For your petition for the hope, we praise with your intercession, call upon your intercession for help, and adhere to your holy image, ask for help: deliver us, pleasing us, from the evils of God that do not embrace us for the sake of your holy prayers in the depths of sin and in the mud of our passions. Pray to the Saint Nicholas of Christ, Christ our God, give us a peaceful living and the abandonment of sins, but to our souls salvation and great mercy, now and forever and ever and ever. ”

This version of the prayer text is recommended to read at the time of despair because of the plight of the family. If a person does not even have the means to buy food and other essential goods, you should ask St. Nicholas for help in changing the situation.

It sounds like a prayer:

“O Nicholas, the human intercessor, our helper! Help the servant of God (your name) in real life!

Ask the Lord for the welfare of my family, With a Deed, word, action, beg Him. Deliver me from poverty and torment.

I will glorify your name, the name of God, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen! «

Such a prayer is not only a request to St. Nicholas, but also a gratitude for his help and other matters. A prayer in honor of the seven created wonders can be pronounced under any conditions.

It is suitable for cases when a person needs help, when a believer wants to express his gratitude to the saint or he is simply good at heart.

“To the All-Holy, Nicholas the Wonderworker, the great saint of the Lord! Turn upon us sinners your bright eyes from Heaven and hear our prayer.

May our prayers not be left unanswered by your omnipotent intercession to the Lord and your great faith. Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker! We remember and honor your kindness once manifested to one family.

Then you secretly gave your father a dowry for his three daughters and saved them from a bad fate. And the gold of the earth, given away by you, miraculously shone with the gold of heaven in the grateful memory of our hearts.

May we share in your blessing with your holy kindness, and follow your example as the true fulfillment of the commandment of God. Always glorify the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, and your gracious protection to us. Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker!

We remember and honor the power of your faith shown during your pilgrimage to Jerusalem. Then you, in response to the prayers of the sailors, tamed the storm predicted by you, and saved many souls. And this miracle became a testimony of your great faith in Jesus Christ and the memory of the Savior, who stopped the storm on the Sea of ​​Galilee.

May we share in your blessing the power of your faith, and we will follow your example as true trust in the Lord. We believe in the One God of the Father and of the Son and the Holy Spirit, and your merciful intercession for us. Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker!

We remember and honor your struggle with the demons during your ministry to the Bishop of the World of Lycia. Then you, enlightening the pagans, destroyed the idolistic treachery, and by prayer you cast out unclean spirits from them.

And this miracle became a testimony of the Kingdom of God, which reached us through the saints. May we share in your blessing against the forces of evil, and may we be holy by your example.

Blessed be our God, and blessed be His will in you, holy Father! Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker!

We remember and honor your wisdom shown at the Council in Nicaea. Then you by faith comprehended the divinity of Jesus Christ and upheld the teaching of the Church on the Triune God.

And many saw you in a vision next to the Lord and the Theotokos. May we share in your admonition of the wisdom of the knowledge of God, and keep faith in purity and strength. Blessed be our God, and blessed be His wisdom in you, holy Father!

Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker! We remember and honor your love that was once shown in the Worlds of Lycian by three innocently condemned to death. Then you miraculously stopped the executioner’s hand, denounced the mayor and forced him to confess his sin.

And this miracle became the testimony of God’s mercy to us. May we share in your grace of love for people, and carry love through life. Blessed be our God, and blessed be His love in you, holy father!

Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker! We remember and honor your wonderful help during the famine in the Lycian Worlds. Then you appeared in a dream to an Italian merchant and, after transferring three gold coins as a pledge, ordered him to bring wheat to the city.

And this miracle became evidence of God’s help to people. May we share your grace in helping the suffering, and we will remain willing to help for life. Blessed be our God, and blessed be His help through you, Holy Father!

Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker! We remember and honor the miraculous healings granted through myrrh, exuded by your imperishable relics in the Bar.

Then many people who came to you with faith, got rid of bodily and mental illnesses. And this miracle became the testimony of the great healing grace given to you by God.

May we share in your grace the healing of our neighbors, and we will come to their aid during illnesses. Blessed be our God, and blessed be His grace in you, holy Father! Amen. «

Such a prayer should be addressed only in rare cases when a person urgently needs money, and there is no place to take it. For example, if a believer needs financially, but he is very sick and unable to go to work.

“I am appealing to you for God’s favor, merciful, I am a servant of God (name) asking. You did wonders during your life, you helped people to get rid of poverty.

I beg you, pray to our Lord, the Only and Almighty, the Lord of our earth and heaven, the Great Lover of Mankind. So that he would not judge me strictly for my iniquity and my sins, but granted me the blessing and wealth by my infinite mercy.

Help me, the Prelate of Heaven, pray for my sins with God and protect me and my family. And do not let me soggy in poverty and misery.

Increase my wealth, but not to the detriment of others, but for good. Amen. «

You can not contact the saint with such requests too often. The money received after the appeal should be spent on exactly what was said in the prayer.

A saint can bring good luck and come to the aid not only of the believer himself, but also of the person for whom he is praying. Mbets are considered even stronger than those read for themselves.

The text is pronounced in the temple in front of the icon of St. Nicholas. The candle is lit at the very beginning of the process and is extinguished at the end of the prayer.

At home, reading is repeated again with a lit candle, but this time it should burn out to the end.

“On all the great marvelous, the great Hierarch of Christ, Father Nicholas! Begrow the grace of the Man-lover of God, that he may not condemn us because of our iniquities, but that He will do with us by his mercy. Ask my friend, servant of God (name), Christ and God have our peaceful, serene living, mental and physical health.

Deliver him from all misfortunes, both spiritual and physical, from all yearning and devilish slanders. May we continually send glory and thanks to the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, now and ever, and forever.


Before prayer you need to tune in to it correctly. First of all, a person must understand that any financial tests are sent to him for a reason.

You can not blame anyone except yourself for the current situation and the impossibility of attracting funds to your family.

It is necessary to ask God for forgiveness for all the mistakes committed earlier, to be cleansed from sinful thoughts.

The following rules should be observed when reading a prayer:

  1. 1. To pray sincerely, focusing on his words.
  2. 2. Do not be distracted from prayer.
  3. 3. Be sure to pronounce the words of the text clearly, clearly, with understanding. But it is not necessary to memorize it.
  4. 4. Ask the saint for help more than once. How often you need to pray, each person decides for himself — at the call of his heart. It is advisable to repeat the prayer repeatedly, expecting positive changes. For example, read the text daily in the evening before bedtime.

Waiting for help from Nicholas the Wonderworker, the worshiper must avoid not only sinful deeds, but also thoughts. During this period, it is desirable to observe all the posts and abandon noisy entertainment.

Under such conditions, a person will be rewarded for his humility and patience.

There are favorable days for requests to the saint. Especially distinguished among them on August 11, December 19, May 22.

These are church holidays dedicated to Nicholas the Wonderworker. Also auspicious date — the feast of the Protection of the Blessed Virgin.

The list of non-recommended days for requests for the attraction of material benefits includes church holidays dedicated to the Most Holy Theotokos (except the Intercession), days of commemoration of the dead, one-day fasting.

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

Money has always been my main concern. Because of this, I had a bunch of complexes. I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me.

However, I decided that I still needed personal help. Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

But who will help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that all life is rolling down the slope and passing by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when you had to give 11 for renting an apartment.

What was my surprise when my whole life suddenly changed for the better overnight. I could not even imagine that one could earn so much money that at first glance a knickknack could have such an effect.

It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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