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The strongest prayers of the Holy Trinity

Addressing the Almighty Trinity, Orthodox believers ask for their own and their loved ones for help, health and / or healing, and thank them for the miracles they have already accomplished. Read any prayer should always be in a peaceful and peaceful state.

First you need to get rid of bad thoughts and tune in to a frank conversation with God.

On the feast of Pentecost, on the 50th day after Easter, the prayers of the Holy Trinity are especially powerful, although they will be heard on any other day. You can pray at home — in front of the icon or in front of the window — or in any Orthodox church.

This is the most popular prayer among Orthodox Christians, whose words are addressed to the Holy Trinity. With its help, a person can ask for health or healing not only for himself, but also for other people.

You can pray for children, wife / husband, relatives, friends or even strangers.

The text of the prayer is:

“O most gracious God, Father, Son, and Holy Soul, worshiped and glorified in the undivided Trinity, priestly discerning upon Thy servant (name), possessed by illness; let him all his trespasses; give him healing from the disease; bring back to him the health and strength of his body; give him a long-term and prosperous living, your peaceful and exemplary benefits, so that he together with us brings grateful prayers to You, the All-Glorified God and my Creator.

Holy Mother of God, by Your omnipotent intercession, help me to pray to Your Son, my God, for the healing of God’s servant (name). All the saints and angels of the Lord, pray to God for His sick servant (name). Amen. «

There is another version of the prayer for healing. It is shorter and more convenient for daily self-repetition:

“Most Holy Trinity, have mercy on us; O Lord, cleanse our sins; Master, forgive our iniquities; Holy One, visit and heal our infirmities, in thy name’s sake. Lord, have mercy (Thrice).

Glory to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit, both now and ever, and forever and ever. Amen. «

The strongest prayers of the Holy Trinity

To ask for health and well-being for their loved ones, there is a special separate prayer. It can be read when a native person is in trouble or just daily in order to protect him from possible troubles and problems:

“I pray to you, God, Father, Son and Holy Soul, in the undivided Trinity, worshiped and glorified, protect you from all kinds of misfortune. And neither the beast is cruel, nor is the evil of me better. And neither the element, nor the dashing person will not destroy me.

And nothing through your efforts will harm me. Under your holy patronage, under your protection I remain, I receive the love of our Lord.

So preserve my neighbors whom I loved, as Jesus commanded, preserve against all that I protected from. Let neither the fierce beast, nor the thief, nor the elements, nor any dashing person ever harm them. For this I pray thee, God, Father, Son and Holy Soul, in the undivided Trinity worshiped and glorified.

And will on all the will of God. Amen».

The strongest prayers of the Holy Trinity

The following prayer is considered universal. It is read “for every need”, that is, when a person has a need to change something in his life, but he cannot do it with his own efforts.

In this case, you can ask for help from the Holy Trinity.

“Most Holy Trinity in Heaven for centuries, have mercy on us sinners. O Lord, cleanse our souls from sins and bad language, forgive us the iniquities we create, direct the light of God on the path of righteous and sinless.

We ask for forgiveness and mercy on You, Thrice the One Ruler and Master of our souls. Amen. «

There is a prayer to the Holy Trinity, which helps to improve the material situation. It is allowed to read it only in the case when the believer urgently needs money for important needs, and for some reason it is impossible to earn it yourself. For example, due to illness or with a small child.

It is considered a great sin to use such a prayer text for the purpose of enrichment without special need..

In order for the prayer for money to be effective, you need to read it on the feast of the Holy Trinity, and also perform the following actions:

  1. 1. On the eve of a visit to the temple, you should go to the field and collect a bouquet of seven different plants. It does not have to be flowers.
  2. 2. The bouquet will need to be sanctified in the temple and held in hand.
  3. 3. To defend with him the entire service, never sitting down.

After the end of the service, you will need to take the bouquet home and read the following prayer over it:

“The Most Holy Trinity, the one-manly State, all the good Wines, that we will reward You for everything, even reward thou art for us sinful and unworthy before, even into the world, in all we have rewarded us every day, and we prepared you coming!

Similarly, for the benefit of blessings and generosity, thank Thee for not speaking words, but more than deeds that preserve and fulfill Thy commandments: we, however, passionately and wickedly learn our sins and sins and lawlessness from youth.

For the sake of, supposedly unclean and profane, not to the exactness of the Trisagiona, you are bereft of the dead, and below the Name of Your Most holy doctrine to us, if you did not deserve Your own liking, in our delight, to proclaim, like pure and righteous loving and wretched, and for our own good, to proclaim, like pure and righteous loving ones, and for your sake, to live, for our own joy, to proclaim, like pure and righteous loving ones, and for your sake, to live and love, for our sake, to proclaim, like pure and righteous loving ones, and for the sake of your liking More acceptably.

Prizbou, O Trinity of the Divine, from the height of Your Blessed Glory upon us many sinners, and our good will, instead of doing good deeds, receive; and give us the spirit of true repentance, yes, hating every sin, in purity and truth, we will live to the end of our days, creatively your most holy will and gloriously pure thoughts and good deeds of your sweetest and most magnificent name. Amen».

The same prayer can, if desired, be read daily in the morning or before bedtime. It also helps in the fulfillment of desire.

The strongest prayers of the Holy Trinity

The strongest prayers of the Holy Trinity

The prayer of thanks has two things at once. The first is to thank for the help that the believer asked for during past prayers.

The second is to simply say “thank you” for everything that a person has: health, happiness, peace, tranquility.

Says a prayer of thanks:

“O God omnipresent, we thank Thee for Your acts, for the love of our servants and the forgiveness of our worldly sins. We pray thee for all who live now and who have died for all times.

Forgive us, give me your just deserts, and give peace to your departed ones in Thy kingdom and let their sins live. Bless us to live in the Orthodox faith and save us from the machinations and wiles of the devil, do not let us condemn our neighbors and punish the infidels and apostates whom we envy and malice eat. Amen. «

This holiday is one of the most important among Orthodox believers. He embraces two festivities at once — to the glory of the Holy Trinity and the Holy Spirit.

Celebration and worship begins on the Parent Saturday.

At the Trinity, it is customary to decorate the temple and its house with flowers, tree branches, and greenery. Often believers appear with bouquets of flowers and at the festive service.

There are special prayers and chants in the church, which must be heard on the feast of the Holy Trinity. Some parts can also be sung by believers (they are intended for public singing), thereby taking part in a joyful festive event and calling for grace.

You can repeat the words after the priest or take the prayer book with the translation.

The reading / singing of the original in Church Slavonic and translation is considered correct. Every believer can choose the most convenient version.

On a holiday, the troparion, kondak, zadostnik and the glory of the holiday will surely sound.

Troparion of holiday, voice 8:

«Blessed art thou, O Christ our God, Izhe wise men of cleverness, send down the Holy Spirit to them, and by those catch the Universe, the Lover of Mankind, glory to Thee.»

“You, Christ God, made wise simple fishermen when you sent them the Holy Spirit. The apostles taught the whole world.

Glory to Thee for such a love for people. ”

Kondak, voice toyzhe:

“When the tongues descended, merging, divided the languages ​​of the Most High, always the fiery tongues, distributing, join the whole priesthood, and according to praise the All-Holy Spirit.”

«When the Most High came down and confused the tongues, He divided the nations; when he distributed the fiery tongues, He called for the unity of all, / and we, according to, glorify the All-Holy Spirit. ”

Zadoshnik, voice 4th:

“Rejoice, Queen, mother-and-motherly piety: every kind of good-nurturing benevolent mouth of the wind cannot be. You are worthy of it; the mind is astonished at all your Christmas of course. With Temzhe T’a agree slave.

“Hail, Queen, Glorious Mother-Virgin! For no eloquent, eloquent language can with its vitiyah to sing Thee to its worth, and no mind is able to comprehend Your birth. Therefore we unanimously glorify you. «

«We magnify Thee, Zhivodavche Christ, and we honor the All-Holy Thy Spirit, He sent from the Father to Thy divine disciple of Thy.»

Immediately after the liturgy, vespers are celebrated on a holiday. In the process prayers are always read with kneeling.

Such prayer texts are read on your lap. Thus, a person demonstrates that he is aware of his spiritual weakness, the baseness of his own sinful fall, humility.

The one who prays is waiting for God for saving grace and mercy.

There are three kneeling prayers. Additional texts join them.

«Prechiste, non-spinning, beginningless, invisible, incomprehensible, inextricable, indispensable, invincible, indefinitely, kindly, God, only have immortality, in the light of the unapproachable: create heaven and earth, and the sea, and all created on them, first ask for it, ask for all Give, we pray to you, and we ask you, Vladyko of humanity, the Father of God and our Savior Jesus Christ, for the sake of men, and for our sake come from heaven, and incarnate from the Holy Spirit and Mary Priest, and the Most Glorious Mother of God: learning words, after Dee and deeds showing, always a saving passion, endured, signing to us humble, and sinful, and unworthy Your servant, prayer to bring You, in your neck and knees, for your worshipers, and for human ignorance. Many-many-merciful and Human-loving Himself, hear us, we will call Teu, even more rarely, on this Fiftieth day, more vigorously after the Ascension of Our Lord Jesus Christ to Heaven, and at the end of the Lord’s and God’s Father’s hand, He sent the Holy Spirit to His holy disciples and apostles, Heaven and Sede on their one codezhdozh, and fulfilled all his inexhaustible grace, and the verb of the tongues in other Thy greatness, and prophecy. Now, fear those who pray to You, hear us, and remember us humble and condemned, and return the captivity of our souls, Thy mercy having a prayer for us.

Accept us who cling to You, and crying: Sinister, to You, the adherence of the Esma from the womb, from the womb of our mother, You are our God. But as if in the bustle of our days ours disappeared, bare Your help, deprived of every answer, but calling upon Thy bounty, call us: do not remember the sins of our youth and ignorance, and clean us from our secret years and old age, our: do not leave us, before even return to our land, be able to return to Thee, and give us blessings and grace.

Check our iniquities with thy bounties, resist you, set up the abyss of thy bounty to many of our trespasses. Look from the heights of your holy Lord, to the people who are coming, and to tea that is rich in grace from You. Visit us with your goodness, deliver us from the violence of the devil: strengthen your stomach with your holy and sacred laws.

Angela, faithful to the custodian of Thy people, gather all of them into Your Kingdom. Give forgiveness to those who hope in Thee: forsake them and our sins.

Cleanse us by the action of your Holy Spirit: destroy the intrigues of the enemy ”.

Complementing: “Blessed be Thou Lord O Lord of the Almighty, enlightening the day with the light of the sun, and understanding the charges of fire, the longitude of the day is granted to us, and approach the beginning of the night: hear our supplications, and all your people, and all of us will be forgiven and unwitting. Receive our evening prayers, and bring down Thy many mercies, and Thine bounties for Your inheritance.

Let us be your holy angels, arm us with the weapons of your righteousness, protect us with your truth, keep us with your power, deliver us from all circumstances, all slander resisting. Give us the present evening, with the coming night, perfect, holy, peaceless, sinless, hopeless, dreamless, and all the days of our stomach: with the prayers of the holy Mother of God, and all the saints from the ages that pleased You. ”

“O Lord Jesus Christ our God, Thy peace given by man, and the Most Holy Spirit’s gift, still in life with us, is an inheritance inherent to the faithful to give: the same manifest grace by your disciple and apostle today is low with the Lord, and these verbally fiery are affirmative languages: Immediately the whole race of mankind speaks with his tongue in the ear of hearing, with the light of the Spirit enlightening, and charms like a change, sensual and fiery tongue through dispensing, and a most natural act, he taught in Thee faith, and theologize with the Father and the Holy Spirit in single Deity, and strength, and power brightened. Thou shalt Father’s radiance, beings and natures His unchanging and immovable mark, the source of wisdom: and grace: open to me a sinner verbally, and teach me how to deserve, and about ihzhe need to pray: You, knowing a lot of my sins, but Yours beneficence will win these immense.

Behold, fear of the presence of you, in the abyss of your mercy, my soul despair threw me down: feed my stomach with the whole creature with inexhaustible wisdom by means of power, a quiet overwhelmed shelter, and tell me the way, I will go the same way. Your Spirit of wisdom is my infusion with mind, give the Spirit of reason to my madness, the Spirit of Your fear, my autumn works, and renew the Right Spirit in my womb, and with Spirit Mastery, set your mind on my thoughts: yes, every day, Your Spirit to bring usefulness to you, be inspired by your prayers. Yours, and Your primordially to commemorate the glorious coming, and the tormenting ones committed by us.

And do not despise my friends the world of this world with red ones, but strengthen the treasures with future perceptions of gelaty. You are the one who proclaims Vladyko: as the great ashe who asks for your name, unceasingly accepts from your presence God and the Father.

Even so, and sinful at the coming of your Holy Spirit, I pray for your goodness, forgiveness, prayer for my salvation. God bless her, everyone’s blessing is rich in tribute, and the giver of Goodness, because you deserve to give you the abundantly ask them: You are compassionate and merciful, You were a commoner without sin in the flesh of our flesh, and bowing your knee to You, bow to the mercy of the Lord, you will love the creature. May God bless our people with Thy generosity: hear us from Thy holy heaven: sanctify us with Thy saving hands by means of Thy krill by sheltering us, and do not despise Thy hand.

We are one to sin with you, but we also serve You alone. Weren’t bowing to an alien god, below stretch our Vladyko’s hands, to another god.

Leave us sins, and receive our knee-prayer prayers, extend a helping hand to all of us, receive the prayer of all like a censer that is pleasant, perceptible before Thy kingdom. ”

Complementary:“Lord, Lord, deliver us from every arrow that flies in the days: Deliver us and from all things in the transitory world. Accept the sacrifice of the evening of the hands of our rebirth.

Give us the honor and the night of the field without blemish to avoid inexperienced evil: And deliver us from all embarrassment and fear, even from the devil us arriving. Grant our souls with our souls, and with our thoughts take care, hedgehog in your terrible and righteous trial. Stick to your fear our flesh, and slay our beings on earth: Yes, and with sleepy silence we will become enlightened, with the sight of your destinies.

Take away from us every dream that is not like and lust is harmful. Restore us at the time of prayer, established in the faith, and those who stand in your commandments. «

“A dull, animal, and enlightening source, the Father’s force is in full touch, all looking for human salvation is beautifully fulfilled, Christ Our God, death is unsolvable, and the hell is smashed by divorcing, while many evil spirits are redeeming. The immaculate slaughter brought to Himself about us, and the body that gave the most pure sacrifice, the inviolable and impassable sin of every sin, and the terrible sim, and the inscrutable priesthood gave us eternal, eternal grace: he began to hell, and the eternal crushing of the eternal crushing, and in the middle of us see the rising sun: he grasping the deep serpent with god-made flattery, and tying in tartar and the chains of darkness in tartar and the lights unquenchable, and in the third, more incalculable Thy hardened stronghold, named after the Wise Father, wielded by the great helper, and rosvetivy sedyaschiya in TME and the shadow of death.

You are the glory of the present Lord, and the Beloved Son of the Most High Son of the Son, the Light of the presence of Light, the Sun of truth, hear us praying to You, and rest the souls of Your servants, the first departed father and our brethren, and others like flesh, and all of your faith, about them and the memory we create now, as you have all the power in you, and in your hand contain all the ends of the earth. Vladyko the Almighty, God the Father and the Lord of mercy, kind of mortal and immortal, and of every kind of humanity Sodetel, are compiled the same, and packs are resolved, abdomen and endings, here and there, and here and there: death, living years, and times of death : reduce to hell and raise: bind you in weakness, and let go of power: the real need is building, and the future is useful to control: make fun of the hopes of the mortal sting of a wounded resurrection.

Ubob himself, Vladyka of all, O God of Our Savior, the hope of all the ends of the earth, and those who are far away in Mori, Izh and on this last and great day of the fiftieth holiday, the mystery of the Holy and One-Subsistence, and contiguous, and inseparable, and non-discontinuous Trinity shown to us, and the influx and coming of your Holy and Life-giving Thy Spirit, in the form of fiery tongues on your holy, apostles pouring out, and those who bring the evangelism, piously our faith, and confessors and preachers of true theology showing: All the more perfect and saving celebration to, purification DRC prayer of his ilk in the contents of the hades spodobivy priimati, Veliko same podavayay us hope of weakening the contents of the containing I filthiness, and comfort thee nizposlatisya. Hear us humble, and Thy servant of those who pray Ty, and rest the souls of Thy servants before the dead, on the spot brighter, on the spot crying, on the spot of chilling: get rid of every sickness, sorrow and sighing and bring their spirits in the villages of the righteous, and peace and weakening endorse them: supposedly not the dead praise Thee Lord, below the essence of hell confession dare to bring You: but we will bless Thee blessedly and pray, and offer You purification prayers and sacrifices for their souls. ”

Complementary: “Great God, and eternal, Holy, human-loving, who has been honored us at this time before your unapproachable glory, to singing and praise your wonders, cleanse your unworthy servants, and give grace, even with a broken heart, to not honor You, Tris holy glory, unhappily, bring unto You the Tris sacred, Your great gifts, you have done to us, and do always in us. Remember the Lord our weakness, and do not destroy us with our iniquity: but do great mercy with our humility, but avoid sinfulness, walk in the days of truth and glorify ourselves with the weapon of light, hated from all sorts of wickedness, and boldly glorify all, to You, one of the true and God-loving God.

Your bo yako truly and the great sacredness of the sacrament, the Master of all, and Creativity, is a temporary decision of Your creatures, and the same copulation, and repose for ever and ever: You confess all of you, our entrances, even into this world, and the exoduses, Hope we have the resurrection, and the life imperishable, With your false promise, they preconclude us, we will receive it in the future Second Coming. You are the God of God and the resurrection of our Head, and those who have lived unintelligent and humanely Judge and blessings Vladyka and Lord, Izh and attached to us sincerely flesh and shelter, descent for the sake of the utmost: and our passions are inconspicuous, we put the temper in temptation, we accept for mercy and in the same place you hurt yourself. He took a liking, tempted by us, being a self-promised helper: so did you and co-called us in Your lack of passion. Accept our Master, prayers and supplications be ours, and God bless all fathers, mothers, children, brethren, and only-born sisters, couples, and all previously repaired souls: in the hope of the resurrection of life, bring their spirits and names to them animals in the wilderness of Abraham, and Isaac, and Jacob, in the land of the living, in the Kingdom of Heaven, in the heavens of sweetness, Your bright angels, bringing all of you to the holy in your abode, sozdvizayay and our body in the day, more rarely determined by Thy holy and non-lying promise.

God bless your slave death, coming to us from the body, and to you our God who come to you, but the death from the saddest to the most useful, and the sweetest, and to the rest and joy. But even that which has sinned to Thee, be merciful to us and those, Zedin is pure before You from evil, below if only one day of his stomach is, unless You are just one, the sinless Lord Jesus Christ appears on earth: Imja hope all mercy receive, and the abandonment of sins.

For the sake of us, however, it is as well, as God, Good God and the Human God God, weaken, forsake, forgive our Falls, voluntarily and involuntarily, even in the conduct and not in the knowledge, presented and forgotten: even in deed, even in thought, even in words, even in all our lives and movements. And grant those who have departed freedom and oslab, bless us with those who live here, end the good and peaceful with us and all of Your people, and open the womb with mercy and humanity for us, on the terrible and terrible Your coming, and create the kingdoms of us worthy of us. ”

The second one is complementary: “God, the Great and the Most High, alone have immortality, in the light of life unapproachable, creating all creature with wisdom, dividing in the midst of light and medium: And the sun is laid in the region of the bottom, the moon and the stars in the region of night. He is worthy of us sinners and present your face in confession today, and bring your evening service to you. Himself a Lover of Mankind, Lord, correct our prayer, like a censer before Thee, and receive in the stench of fragrance.

Give us the present evening and the coming night with peace: we clothe us with the weapon of light, save us from the fear of the night, and from all sorts of things in a transitory way. And grant us a dream, Heaven bestowed upon us upon the rest of our infirmity, changed from every devilish dream.

To her, Vladyko, to all the good beneficiaries, let us be touched and caress our hearts in our lodgings, and in thy night shall your holy name be. And by the admonition of your commandments we illumine, in the joy of our heartfelt delight to the thanksgiving of your kindness, prayers and supplications to your grace that brings about your sinners, and about all your people: visit them with the prayers of the Most Holy Theotokos, in grace.

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

Money has always been my main concern. Because of this, I had a bunch of complexes.

I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me. However, I decided that I still needed personal help.

Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

But who will help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that all life is rolling down the slope and passing by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when I had to give 11 for renting an apartment. It was my surprise when my whole life suddenly changed for the better overnight.

I could not even imagine that one could earn so much money that at first glance a knickknack could have such an effect.

It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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