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The strongest prayers for the fulfillment of desire in one day

A very strong prayer to the Lord for the fulfillment of desires

I believe that the power of prayer will help bring any desired events to life. Therefore, today I will tell you how to properly ask the Lord about your dreams so that they quickly become real.

Prayer for the performance of the desired

The fulfillment of secret desires is the cherished dream of many people. Surely, everyone dreamed of becoming the owner of a magic wand.

After all, with its help you could get what you want. However, the magic that people so dream of is not happening. And it makes them simply give up and even stop dreaming.

After all, they do not want to wastely hope that what they have wanted for so many years would happen. That’s just not so quickly give up.

The strongest prayers for the fulfillment of desire in one day

There is a way to make the desired real. And in order to get this, a person does not need to turn to dark forces for help.

Enough to use prayers. The text of these prayers is a true gift from heaven.

After all, after reading them, a person will get the opportunity to ask for the fulfillment of some kind of secret desire.

And it does not take much time. Those who have already managed to use the prayers claim that the desire is fulfilled in one day.

These are really very strong prayers that for many years remained unknown to anyone. Although they fulfilled desires almost instantly. However, now the text has become available to people.

But just some refuse to believe that such magic is really possible.

Prayer or conspiracy: how not to anger the heavens?

Immediately it is necessary to make one important reservation. The fact is that some Christians put an equal sign between prayer and conspiracy.

This is wrong, since there is nothing in common between them.

The priests are extremely negative toward those who use conspiracies and recommend others to do so. After all, in essence, a conspiracy is dark magic.

No matter how the witches try to justify themselves, they use the power of the Devil himself to get what they want. If you think about it, then every conspiracy is not just a reading of a certain text. There are a number of requirements, observing which, a person turns the reading of a conspiracy into a ritual.

And the ritual, as is known, has absolutely nothing to do with Orthodoxy. This is more about pagan culture.

It is for this reason that clerics strictly forbid people to use certain conspiracies to achieve what they want. In this case, it is much better to think about using the text of one of the many prayers.

After all, with its help, a person can turn to heaven and ask for mercy.

It should be noted that prayer cannot be called a 100% guarantee. In other words, it is only a way to express your request to the Most High.

But at the same time, no one says that the request will be heard without fail.

Why prayer does not help

Quite often it happens that the one asking for mercy is in a difficult situation, but does not receive help. And the reasons for this may be a great many.

It must be remembered that the ways of God are inscrutable. If a person has not received what he wants, he may not be ready for it at the moment.

Oddly enough, but such indifference of heaven sometimes goes to good. Since it is not given to man to know exactly how his fate would change.

That is, no one knows what could happen to him after the fulfillment of a wish. For example, a negligent employee could ask for salary increases, career growth, and having grown rich, become a victim of robbers.

The strongest prayers for the fulfillment of desire in one day

Therefore, it is not necessary to think that immediately after the appeal to the Lord, the desire will necessarily be fulfilled. However, in this case, many may have a question, but why then ask at all? This is an opportunity that you should definitely take advantage of.

Especially if a person led a righteous life, did not break the commandments of the Lord. Then the likelihood that heaven will hear the request, which was addressed to them, and fulfill it to bring happiness to man, is very high.

Righteous life and fulfillment of desires

Please note that the mention of a righteous life was not accidental. Very often people forget that the Lord has commanded them to live according to certain commandments.

Those who violate them are considered sinners.

Let us give a simple example when a person may not even think about being a sinner. Going to work in rainy weather, and being drenched by an inattentive or impudent driver who did not wish to slow down, driving into a puddle, a person curses.

And not always mentally.

Sometimes these swear words sent to the driver hears the whole area. And here he is the first sin — foul language.

After all, the Bible contains lines that people should not use swear words. Consequently, a huge number of modern people, without even thinking, become sinners.

And if a person is a sinner, he cannot count on the fact that heaven will help him, even if a strong prayer was used to fulfill desire in one day. Another thing, if a person realized that he had made a mistake and tried to correct it.

Therefore, before asking about the Most High, it is necessary to consider whether a person is worthy of help. A person must answer this question to himself.

And the answer must be honest.

If a Christian feels sin, he needs to meet with his spiritual mentor and learn how to atone for guilt. Repenting and redeeming his sin, the Orthodox will be worthy to receive the help of the Lord.

Descriptive desire: how to get what you want?

From the side it may seem that concretization cannot in any way affect whether the Lord will fulfill the prayer’s request. However, this is not the case, since a person, first of all, must be able to correctly formulate his desire.

Above in the article it was mentioned that sometimes the Most High refuses to fulfill the desire, if a person is not ready for this. But most often the indifference of heaven is explained differently.

If a person offering a prayer does not know himself exactly what his soul desires, then why fulfill such a desire becomes incomprehensible.

The strongest prayers for the fulfillment of desire in one day

Therefore, in order to receive the grace of the Lord, it is extremely important to remember the need to clearly formulate your goal. Moreover, you need to ask strictly what the person needs.

For example, a sick person cannot ask for material benefits, even if he asks for money for treatment. In this case, the desire to recover will be more correct.

After all, heaven can fulfill this request and at the same time it is absolutely not necessary for a Christian to become rich.

What can I ask

It is worth noting that the desire itself can be anything. You can ask about different things:

  • about healing from ailments;
  • about the welfare of loved ones;
  • about a happy marriage;
  • about the happiness of children, relatives and so on.

Every request, if it is sincere, will surely be heard. In particular, if she is not self-serving.

After all, such requests are not simply not fulfilled. They can also bring on a person who has risked to show their greed, the wrath of the Lord.

Therefore, it is recommended to avoid such requests and in every way drive away thoughts of material enrichment.

If a person needs money, you just need to beg for mercy. And if the Almighty considers that the improvement of well-being is really necessary for his creation, then such mercy will be granted to him.

Ritual before reading a prayer

This ritual has nothing to do with the fact that it is customary to perform reading the conspiracies. His only goal is to help those who are going to read the prayers. In other words, this simple ritual should be performed by all those who read the prayers in order to tune in the desired fashion:

  1. Before you express your desire, you need to think about it. Perhaps the Christian himself does not understand that this desire is not true.
  2. If a person is determined that he wants to ask, then he should literally visualize this desire. For example, imagine how he is discharged from the clinic, if it comes to recovery from the disease.
  3. It is extremely important to represent exactly the moment when the dream has already come true. This is a common mistake when people simply imagine exactly how a dream comes true. No, you need to imagine that the desired has already been received.
  4. Write on a piece of paper desire is recommended only in the right frame of mind. For example, when a person experiences great joy.

Pay attention to the last item. To make a wish come true after reading a prayer, which is very strong in itself, you must write it down on a small piece of paper and carry it with you all the time.

This should be done right up to the moment when the desire is fulfilled.

Losing this leaf is highly undesirable. The priests claim that the loss of a leaf with desire is a sign from above.

Thus, the Lord shows that in the near future the secret desire will not be fulfilled.


  1. Only the Lord can fulfill desire.
  2. To communicate with the Almighty is strictly prohibited to use the texts of conspiracies.
  3. To be worthy of the grace of the Lord, the one who asks should lead a righteous life.
  4. Before turning to the Most High, one should atone for sins and repent.

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