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The strongest prayers for mother’s health

The strongest prayers for the health of the mother: Orthodox, Muslim, Catholic

The prayer of sons and daughters for the recovery of the mother is very strong and effective. There is no difference under what conditions and at what time it is pronounced. The main thing is to keep the words of the prayer from the heart, and the one who prays in the process does not have evil sinful thoughts.

In combination with competent medical treatment, healing prayers can lead to amazing positive results. Believers point out that in the process of pronouncing their relatives they feel somewhat better.

It is believed that the strongest prayers — the mother. They heal, return to the true path, help to cope with bulk problems.

In fact, the child’s prayers for mother’s help also have the same power. Especially if the requests of the son or daughter relate to the health of the woman.

The strongest prayers for mother's health

Orthodox Christians may appeal in prayers to Nicholas the Wonderworker, the Matrona of Moscow, Jesus Christ, the Most Holy Theotokos. Their texts are allowed to learn by heart and read from the prayer book.

The most popular prayer among believers of any age is “Our Father”. It is suitable for any situation.

You can read prayer lines by asking for help with the mother’s illness.

The strongest prayers for mother's health

Prayer «Our Father»

The strongest prayers for mother's health

Matrona of Moscow prayer for the health of a sick parent can be read in two versions. Both of them are equally strong:

  1. 1. “Blessed Matron! You heal the sick and bless the believers. Heal my mother from serious ills, get rid of terrible diseases and unkind thoughts. Protect my mother from evil people and from all sorts of ailments. I ask for health, I pray you, thank you, Blessed Matron. Let it be so. Amen. «
  2. 2. “Matron of Moscow, blessed, heal the servant of God (mother’s name) from deadly ailments and diseases. In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen. «

To appeal to the saint is relevant in cases where a woman is in a hospital ward, but doctors do not give her proper assistance. You can pray at home and in the Orthodox church.

It is advisable to stand in front of the image of the saint on his knees.

First you need to cross three times, and then say any of the prayer texts. After the ritual, you need to put a candle in the church for the health of the mother.

The strongest prayers for mother's health

Prayer texts about ill health, addressed to Jesus Christ, have special miraculous power. Children resort to them in the most severe cases.

In the church or at home, on your knees, you need to say the following words: “Lord, Holy Jesus Christ, Son of God. I appeal to you with a prayer for the health of the mother.

Have mercy on the servant of God (mother’s name) and help her cope with serious illnesses and incurable diseases. Give her strength to pray sincerely, righteous, and extend to mother years of life on our sinful Earth.

Let it be your will. Amen. «

Nicholas the Wonderworker is famous for his healing power. Therefore, the saint people most often ask for the healing of their relatives from various ailments, reducing pain.

Children can pray to him about the health of their mother.

It is necessary to contact Nicholas the Wonderworker, standing in front of the icon on his lap, with the following words:

“Wonderworker Saint Nicholas, with a plea I appeal to you. Protect my mother from loss of health, from deadly ailments and desecration.

Help her to gain Orthodoxy and righteous faith. Pray, prevent all confusion from sin and the fall of the perishable.

Protect her before the Lord God, take the sickness away from my mother. Let it be your will.

In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen. «

When the mother does not help to cope with the disease, medical treatment, desperate children should go to the temple to the icon of the Blessed Virgin Mary and pray for the woman’s recovery. It is customary to lay fresh flowers to the saint before the prayer, but this is an optional condition.

In the process you need to pronounce the following words:

“The Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God. I pray for your holy intercession, and give the grace of God. So that my mother, God’s servant (name), would rather be healed, would not languish in deadly agony and serious illnesses.

Let it be your will. Amen. «

Prayer should be repeated every day before bedtime. In the future, this can be done at home.

Russian-speaking Muslims can help the mother in coping with the disease by reading the following prayer lines:

“To the prayer of the Great Allah of the Most High Day of Judgment Healing from all ailments for my mother. Only by the will of Allah will a mother be healed from deadly diseases. »You need to repeat them several times a day.

You can use the general Muslim prayer for healing:

  1. 1. “Allahumma, Rabban-us, Muzhibal-ba’s, Ishfi Antash-Shafi, La Shafiya Illya Anta, Ishfi Shifaan La Yugadiru Sakam”.
  2. 2. “Lord, the Trustee of people! O eliminating troubles ,! Heal because you are Healing. Only you heal. Heal so that your healing power hits right on target. ”

It is believed that the Quran is able to heal people even in the most serious condition. Therefore, during a period of serious illness, mothers should read the following lines daily from him:

  1. 1. I begin with the Great Name of Allah, the only Lord Almighty. He grants the blessings, merciful and omnipotent, and merciful for those who believe in Islam in the afterlife (Akhirah).
  2. 2. Praise be to Allah, the God of all Worlds, for all that Allah has bestowed upon his servants. To Allah the Most High Glory, he is the Creator and the Most High Lord.
  3. 3. Ar-Rahman Allah (has mercy on everyone) and ar-Rahim (has mercy on believers in Islam after the death of the body).
  4. 4. Allah rules the world, he is the only lord of the Day of Judgment, repentance and retribution. The power on the Day of Judgment is found only in Allah and no one else. The power over everything is only in the hands of Allah.
  5. 5. We pray to the only Allah and ask for help, and no longer hope for anyone.
  6. 6. God bless us Allah, believers in Islam.
  7. 7. Slaves lead the right way, you gave us insight and faith in Allah Alone, directing us along the direct path of Islam. The ways of the prophets and angels Allah bestowed upon the believers in Islam. Do not lead us along the path of those who have strayed from the right road and have lost the faith of the saint, those who have despaired and have ceased to believe in the Great Allah.

There are special prayers for help in the illness of the mother and for Catholics. They are similar to the texts of Orthodox prayers, but have their own characteristics.

It is also possible to make Catholic appeals to the Lord at home or by going to church. Praying is recommended to memorize the text.

The following words are spoken:

“Lord, I pray Thee for the mother of the sick. Relieve physical and mental suffering and show your slave (mother’s name) to the mercy of the Most High God.

Let me feel your great love for my mother to all people on earth of our sinful and in health, and joy to return to the old life. While she is ill, strengthen her faith in your fatherly forces and help obey the will of the Lord, and her daughter, help her mother understand and give love and care.

O Great Lord, I cry for healing. In your hands the fate of my mother and her health.

Holy Mother of God, grant the sick your maternal care. Amen. «

So that mum does not hurt and her serious condition is relieved, you should order a prayer in the church for the health of the woman. This is a very strong procedure, which is carried out in an Orthodox church.

You can order a prayer service if your mother is baptized.

It is recommended to bring crosses and icons for prayer. After completion of the procedure, you must transfer them to the woman in the hospital.

Many patients note that after receiving such a dagger or an icon, their health status quickly improved..

Notes asking for healing are served in the church. The ministers will offer to just read the prayer for the sick mother or order forty-fours for the health of the woman.

In the latter version, the name of the sick person will be mentioned by the priest during the prayer daily for 40 days.

On a special piece of paper handed over to a son or daughter by a church minister, you need to write «On Health» and the name of the mother. Petitions from parishioners are transmitted to the priest before serving.

He reads them, asking the Lord for mercy and healing for the people mentioned in the notes.

For a prayer to be heard, it is important to pronounce it correctly. The thoughts of a person at the time of pronouncing prayer texts must be pure and sinless.

Need to pre-tune in to the process. Read the Bible or just think about something good. If a person is angry with someone or experiences other unpleasant emotions, it is worthwhile to postpone the prayer for another time.

First you need to calm down and find harmony in your soul. At the very beginning, be sure to cross three times.

In the process of prayer, it is necessary to read its text thoughtfully and without haste, with all my heart wishing the native person to recover. Finally, cross again three times.

Under what conditions to read a prayer does not matter. It is best to do this in the temple in front of the icon, but you can in any other place — at home, on the street in a secluded place.

If there is no opportunity to kneel in front of the image, it will be enough just to bow your head to the crossed palms.

It is important to remember that even the strongest prayer does not negate the need for highly qualified medical examinations and medical therapy prescribed by a doctor. It often happens that God helps a sick person through other people.

For example, doctors and other medical staff. Prayer and complex treatment with specialists should complement each other, and not mutually exclusive.

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