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The strongest prayers for health, healing the sick

Orthodox ask God to grant healing to themselves, their relatives and friends. Believers make prayers for the good health of newborns, children, grandchildren, parents. In case of certain diseases, they also pray intensely to selected saints.

Believers order prayers and prayers for health in the temple, read texts of prayers at home for themselves or the sick.

Healing prayers help to quickly recover, recover from operations, can protect against physical and mental illness.

It is customary to turn to the Lord with prayers for any illness. In ancient times, healers did not start treating a patient without a prayer, because they understood that the Lord grants health, and doctors are only an instrument of His Will.

When they pray for life and health — their own or their loved ones — they do not give up hope of God’s mercy, because anything is possible for the Lord.

Reading prayers for health, they ask:

  • about healing, recovery;
  • about health;
  • about spiritual health;
  • about recovering from a serious illness;
  • about the successful completion of the operation;
  • about the health of the mentally ill;
  • about alleviating suffering.

The strongest prayers for health, healing the sick

In the Holy Scripture it is said that no sorrow befalls man without the will of God. For all you need to thank the Lord — for the well-being, and for the deprivation.

Such thanksgiving dulls suffering, brings spiritual comfort to the sick, renews faith and hope in the mercy of God.

To help the Orthodox Christian in treating any serious diseases, even:

  1. one. Confession and Communion. Sometimes repentance alone helps the disease to leave a person. Some sins are so heavy that they entail the punishment of God in the form of physical suffering. Communion instils the grace of God in man, which transforms the soul and heals the body.
  2. 2 Blessing priest. Before an operation or treatment in a medical institution, it is customary to take a blessing, asking for prayers about yourself.
  3. 3 Magpie and Psalter. In the temple, and better in the monasteries, they leave notes with names for forty minutes of health, commemoration of the living on the “Psalter Psalms” for a long time. When submitting notes, it should be remembered that the power of common prayer is when the people who submitted the note also pray.
  4. four. Agreement prayer. Believers relatives are asked to pray according to the agreement of the suffering. A common prayer is pleasing to the Lord and is rather being performed.
  5. five. Remembering names in liturgy. Notes submitted to the altar express faith and hope that the Lord will visit the sick with his kind help.

The strongest prayers for health, healing the sick

They pray for healing to the Lord God, because in His hands is the life of the sick. Helpers are called upon by His gracious Mother — the Most Holy Mother of God — and the holy healers.

He who during his life had the gift of treating people or himself endured diseases with patience, he cares about the sick before God after his departure to heaven.

The strongest prayers for health, healing the sick

The Lord is gracious and, through diligent, ardent prayers of loved ones, he sends relief from illness, improvement and favorable prognosis, as well as spiritual health. Pray to God and the beginning of any prayer appeal to the saints.

To do this, read these prayers or «Our Father.»

The strongest prayers for health, healing the sick

Icon "Savior, the Arms"

First prayer: “Vladyko, Almighty, holy Tsar, punish and do not kill, claim descending gods, and erecting casting, corporeal grieves of men, praying to God, our God, your servant (name) non-existent, by thy mercy, forgive him all our sins, our gods To her, Lord, your doctor’s power from heaven, drop the touch, touch the telephony, extinguish the fire, tame the passion and any weakness that lurks, wake up the doctor of Your servant (name), raise it from the bed of the sickly and from the bed of the bitterness whole and whole God’s gift of the Church’s Harm, and all the gift of the Church’s Hierarch of the Hierarchian Church. and doing thy will. Thou is there, he is sweet and saved, O our God, and we give glory to You, to the Father and to the Son and the Holy Spirit, now and forever and ever and ever.


Second prayer: “O, Most Gracious God, Father, Son, and Holy Soul, worshiped and glorified in the undivided Trinity, discern gracefully for Thy servant (name), obsessed with disease; let him all his trespasses; give him healing from the disease; Return to him the health and strength of his body; give him a long and prosperous living, your peaceful and conciliatory beneficent, so that he together with us brings grateful prayers to You, the All-Glorified God and my Creator. Holy Mother of God, by Your omnipotent intercession, help me to pray to Your Son, my God, for the healing of God’s servant (name).

All the saints and angels of the Lord, pray to God for His sick servant (name). Amen».

Depending on the disease, you can pray the miraculous images of the Virgin Mary:

Image of the VirginCases in which they pray
"Three-handed"Diseases of the limbs, arthritis, arthrosis, mental illness
"Inexhaustible Bowl"Alcoholism, drug addiction, game addiction, depression, despondency, emotional ailments
"Unexpected Joy"Deafness
"Vsetsaritsa"Oncology, damage, witchcraft
Theodore IconSevere pregnancy, childbirth, requests for a daughter
"Healer"Children’s diseases, any diseases
Kazan iconBlindness, eye diseases, requests for the health of the whole family
Joy of All Who SorrowTuberculosis, diseases of the throat, limbs

Referring to any image of the Eternity, you can read the same prayer for health or dedicated to a particular icon.

The strongest prayers for health, healing the sick

The image of the Virgin «Three-handed»

Holy Prayer Mother of God about healing: “Holy Mother of God the Virgin, living is real and saving your inheritance after death, hear the sigh of my soul calling You to help! Sleep from heaven, come and touch my mind and heart, open the sight of my soul, may I see Them, my Lady, and Thy Son, the Creator, Christ, and my God, and I will understand what His will is and what I lose.

To her, my Lady, drag Thy help and pray for Thy Son, let Me see His grace, yes, bound by His lovers at His feet, I will abide forever, if I am wounded and sick, but with His feet, which are numb and relaxed.

I invoke You, Lord Jesus! You are my sweetness, life, health, joy more than this world of joy, the whole composition of my life.

Thou art the light more than any light. I see my body, immovable from illness, I feel the relaxation of all my members, the pain in my bones.

But, oh my light, how the rays of thy light that fall on my wounds delight me! Warmed by their warmth, I forget everything, and at my feet with my tears I wash my sins, rise, shine.

I ask this one thing from you, my Jesus, — do not turn your face away from me, give me forever at your feet joyfully to mourn my sins, for at the sight of you, Lord, repentance and tears for me are more pleasing than the joys of the whole world.

O light, my joy, my sweet, Jesus! Do not cast me away from your feet, my Jesus, but through my prayer with me, wake up with me well, yes, living by you, praise Thee with the Father and the Spirit forever. The prayers of the Virgin and all your saints hear me, Lord.


Prayer of the Kazan Mother of God: “O Most Holy Lady of the Lady Theotokos! With fear, faith and love, falling before your honest icon, we pray Thee: do not avert your faces from those who resort to you, plead, merciful to Mati, your Son and our God, Lord Jesus Christ, may you keep our country peaceful, and establish it in piety But let the Church keep Her Holy Unshakable, and redeem from unbelief, heresies and schism. Not imams of great help, not imams of other hopes, Isn’t You, Purest Virgin: You are the all-powerful Christian helper and protector.

Deliver all those who believe in Thee, who pray from the fall of sin, from the slander of evil men, from all temptations, sorrows, diseases, troubles, and from sudden death. Give us the spirit of contrition, the humility of the heart, the purity of thoughts, the correction of sinful life and the abandonment of transgressions, let me praise the greatness and mercy of Yours, we are here on earth, and with the saints we will glorify the most honorable and magnificent Father and Son and the Holy Ghost.


One of the strongest prayers for the health of the patient is an appeal to the Moscow Matron. Parents pray for her sick child especially often, since requests to her are very quickly fulfilled.

They ask that people dear to the heart be healthy, about protection from enemies or an unkind eye. Anyone can pray an old woman for her relatives: mother, father, sisters, brothers, grandfather and grandmother, for small or adult children.

The saint pray at the image, placing the icon of Christ next to it. Mother often reminded her that she only helps people by the power of Christ.

Before the image, a candle is lit, flowers are brought to the temple to the icon, which Matron loved so much.

The strongest prayers for health, healing the sick

Icon of Matrona of Moscow

First prayer: “About the blessed mother of Matrono, the forthcoming soul in heaven before the Throne of God, rested with his body on earth, and given forth from above the grace of various miracles exuding. Regard now with your gracious eye on us, sinners, in sorrow, sickness and sinful temptations, your dependent days, comfort us, desperate, heal the afflictions of our lyutya, God permissive of us through our sins, save us from many troubles and circumstances, pray to our Lord Jesus Christ forgive us all our sins, iniquities and fall, we are from our youth even to the present day and hour of sin, and with your prayers we receive grace and great mercy, we will glorify in the Trinity of One God, the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit, now and ever and ever and ever.


Second prayer: “Oh Blessed Mother Matrono, hear and receive us now, sinners, praying to you, skillful in all of your living and accepting and hearing all who suffer and grieving, with faith and hope to your intercession and help of those who resort, quick help and miraculous healing for all who suffer; let not your mercy be depleted now to us, unworthy, restless in the multitude of this world and nowhere find solace and compassion in the sorrows of the soul and help in bodily diseases: heal our diseases, save us from the temptations and torments of the devil, passionately fighting the war oz to bring his life Cross, to bear all the life and not to lose the image of God in it, the Orthodox faith to the end of our days save, hope and hope for God, strong imagery and unfeigned love of others; Help us, after leaving this life, to reach the Kingdom of Heaven with all those who please God, glorifying the mercy and goodness of the Father of Heaven, in the Trinity slavimago, the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, forever and ever. Amen».

St. Nicholas is a miracle in our day. They pray to him in any illness; prayers and an akathist before the operation are considered effective.

Doctors say that invisible force facilitates the procedure, it is immediately felt that they pray for this person.

The strongest prayers for health, healing the sick

Icon of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker

Prayer to Saint Nicholas: “O our kind shepherd and God-wise mentor, Hierarch of Christ Nicholas! Hearing us sinners, praying to you and calling for your speedy intercession; See us weak, from everywhere caught, from all the good of the destitute, and with the mind of the faint-heartedness of the darkened; Try to please God, do not leave us in sinful captivity to be, let us not be our enemy in joy and not die in our evil deeds.

Pray for us unworthy of our Co-deverend and the Vladyka, to him you are with unprepared faces: mercy to us will create our God in this present life and in the future Wetz, may he not repay us in our deeds and uncleanness of our hearts, but in his goodness he will repay us .

We hope for your petition with confidence, we praise with your intercession, we call upon your intercession for help, and we ask for your most holy image, help: save us, please Christ, from the evils that are upon us, and tame the waves of passions and misfortunes that rise against us, but for the sake of your holy prayers do not embrace us to attack and do not wallow in the depths of sin and in the mud of our passions. Pray to the Saint Nicholas of Christ, Christ our God, give us a peaceful living and abandonment of sins, as well as salvation and great mercy to our souls, now and forever and ever and ever.


Saint Panteleimon was a physician in his lifetime. After the adoption of Christianity, he helped all the suffering, healing them with the power of prayer.

The strongest prayers for health, healing the sick

Icon of the Great Martyr and Healer Panteleimon

Prayer to the Healer Panteleimon : “Holy Great Martyr and Healer Panteleimone, God of merciful imitator! Prize over charity and hear us, sinners, before your holy icon of those who earnestly pray.

Ask us from the Lord God, Hemaj with the Angels, stand in heaven, the forgiveness of our sins and our sins: heal the sickness of the spiritual and bodily slaves of God, now remembered, for the upcoming and all Orthodox Christians, to your intercession who are flowing: by yourself, by our sin Euteas are obsessed with many ailments and not imams of help and consolation: we are resorting to you, as if to give grace to pray for us and to target every ailment and every disease; grant good health and gracious souls and bodies, preservation of faith and piety, and all to the life of the temporal and to salvation, dear to all of us with your holy prayers to all of us, like you, having been honored by you of the great and rich graces, glorify thee and giver of all good, marvelous in the holy, God our Father, and Son, and Holy Ghost. Amen».

If a wife prays for a sick unbelieving husband, then she can read the following prayer on his behalf: “Oh, the great goodness of Christ, the passion-patient and the many-powerful physician, Panteleimone! Have mercy upon me, a sinful slave, hear my moaning and my cry, appease the heavenly, supreme Physician of our souls and our bodies, Christ our God, grant me healing from the oppressive illness.

Accept the unworthy prayer of the most sinful people most of all, visit me with a gracious visitation, do not repent of my sinful sores, anoint with your oil of grace and heal me; Yes, with my soul and body, the rest of my day, the grace of God, I am able to spend in repentance and pleasing God, and be honored to perceive the good end of my life. Hey, please God! Beseech the Christ of God, let me give you health to your body and the salvation of my soul with your intercession.


St. John of Kronstadt lived recently, in pre-revolutionary times. The way of life of the devotee was very strict. He got up at dawn, after the church service, visited the sick, prayed at their bedside.

The number of people wishing to get to his confession was not counted. For his exploits in the name of his neighbor, the Lord endowed him with the gift of healing.

Pray to the holy righteous in any disease, alcoholism and other harmful passions..

The strongest prayers for health, healing the sick

Icon of John of Kronstadt

Prayer to John of Kronstadt: “Oh, the great acceptable of Christ, the holy righteous Father John of Kronstadt, the pastor is a marvelous, speedy helper and gracious representative! Raising praise to the Triune God, you prayed crying:

“Your name is Love: do not reject me astray; Your name is Strength: make me sick and falling; Your name is Light: enlighten my soul, clouded by everyday passions; Your name is Peace: die for my restless soul. Your Name — Grace: do not stop pardon me. «

Now, the All-Russian congregation, grateful to your intercession, is praying to you: Christ, the righteous and acceptable of God! Thy love bestow upon us, sinners and weaknesses, to enable us to bear the worthy fruits of repentance and unconsciously partake of the Holy Mysteries of Christ with your power of faith in us strengthen, in prayer, support, heal the sickness and sickness, deliver from the evils, the enemies of the visible and invisible, deliver; by the light of your servants and primates of the Altar of Christ on the holy deeds of the pastoral work, grant babies the education, instruct their youth, support the old age, look at the shrines of the temples and holy shrines; die, miraculous and providenest most dearly, the people of our country, with grace and the gift of the Holy Ghost deliver from fierce fighting, waste, gather, entice, and converse with the Holy Cathedral and Apostolic Churches; By the grace of thy matrimony in peace and unity of mind, grant to the monastics in the affairs of good prosperity and blessings grant graciousness to comfort those who suffer from the spirits of unclean freedom, in mercy and in all of us on the path of salvation admonish.

Living in Christ, our Father John! Lead us to the everlasting light of eternal life, let us be honored with you everlasting bliss, praising and exalting God for ever and ever.


Rev. Athanasius of Athos was a mentor to monks, led an ascetic life and in his humility was a servant to everyone. He did not disdain the care of grave patients, lepers. He had the gift of healing, but in order to hide the power of his prayer from others, he appointed patients to take various herbs.

Many suffering from the onslaught of passions, such as anger, were completely freed from him after the prayer of the saint.

Pray to St. Athanasius for seriously ill, with mental illness, with the enslavement of any passion.

The strongest prayers for health, healing the sick

Icon of St. Athanasius of Athos

Prayer: “Reverend Father Athanasius, a fair saint of Christ and the great Athos is miraculous! In the days of your earthly life many of you on the right-wing path, and in the Kingdom of Heaven, guided wisely, mournfully comforting, falling to give a helping hand and kind to all, father and compassionate ex, you now, in Heavenly, abide lightness, multiply your love for us, in mori zhesteystem distinction distressed, tempted by the spirit of malice and their passions, warring on the spirit.

For the sake of humbly pray thee, holy father: according to God’s grace to you, help us to do the will of the Lord in simplicity of heart and humility, and the temptation of the enemy to conquer and the ferocious passions of the sea of ​​dryness, but nevertheless we will pass the abyss of life and the condemnation of your passion, the ungodly passion, and the depths of life, and the flesh of courage will come to us. to us the Kingdom of Heaven, glorifying the Primordial Trinity, the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, now and forever, and forever and ever. Amen. «

In cases where a person is ill for a long time and there is no hope of recovery, in order to relieve the death pangs, they pray hard to St. Athanasius. The monk in such cases did night service, asked the Lord for rest and deliverance from the torment of the sick and freeing the loved ones from caring for the dying.

By the morning, through the prayers of the saint, he tormented him peacefully to depart to the Lord.

Upon recovery, thank the Lord and the holy heavenly intercessor.

Prayer upon coming of healing: “Glory to Thee, Lord Jesus Christ, the only-begotten Son of the beginningless Father, only heal every ailment and every ulcer in people, like pardon me, sinner, and delivered me from my illness, not allowing it to develop and kill me because of my sins. Henceforth give me, Vladyka, the strength to firmly do Your will for the salvation of my damned soul and for Your glory with Your beginningless Your Father and your co-existing Spirit, now and forever and ever and ever.


A pious and pious deed will be the service of thanksgiving in the church. As a thankful prayer to the saint who helped heal, read akathist.

Depending on the wealth, make a donation to the temple, decorate the icon of the saint, bring flowers.

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

Money has always been my main concern. Because of this, I had a bunch of complexes.

I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me. However, I decided that I still needed personal help.

Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

But who will help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that all life is rolling down the slope and passing by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when I had to give 11 for renting an apartment. It was my surprise when my whole life suddenly changed for the better overnight.

I could not even imagine that one could earn so much money that at first glance a knickknack could have such an effect.

It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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