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The strongest prayers for healing the sick

Strong prayers to the Lord God and the saints for healing the sick from various diseases

Orthodox Christians pray to the Lord God and the saints for help in healing. By his mercy and thanks to the earnest petitions of the saints, the Most High sends health and prolongs life.

For the healing of specific diseases pray to selected saints. It was noticed that they rather help in trouble, which they themselves faced or if they already had the gift to heal during their lifetime. Thus, with toothache, they turn to Saint Antipas, with children’s diseases, to Xenia of Petersburg, with ear diseases and deafness — to the image of the Mother of God “Unexpected Joy”.

In childhood diseases, the Apostle Peter will help to temper the fever. Saint Matrona will ask the Lord for a mild course of illness and a speedy recovery.

Many other saints can help heal from any disease, even when doctors make a disappointing diagnosis.

Even a fatal illness can win sincere strong prayer. Requests to higher forces will help to heal not only the body, but also the soul.

The strongest prayers to the Lord will save beloved people from illness, help to recover quickly.

You can not avoid medical care, but do not rely only on it. When resorting to medicine, one should not give up hope of the Lord, since in His hands is the life of everyone.

Prayers for health read for themselves, sick relatives, a loved one, a child.

It is best to use the prayers of the Orthodox prayer book. Their texts are written by righteous holy people.

Because of their godly lifestyle, they became so close to the Lord that their words began to heal.

Prayer can choose one or several. The main thing is to read them daily in the morning and in the evening.

In the Orthodox Church, you can order the requirements for various vital needs, for sickness — prayer for health. To him is written a note with the names of the patient, as well as relatives and physicians.

At the prayer it is desirable to attend in person.

The strongest prayers for healing the sick

The one praying must put himself in the hands of God. Whatever the outcome of his illness, it must be remembered that the Lord leads everyone in the best way.

The providence of God is unknown to us, the Christian must obey the commandments and rely on the Most High in everything.

If hospital stay or surgery is scheduled, you should be spiritually prepared for this. You must first confess, take communion, take the blessing for surgery or treatment.

If possible, they order a fortune for health, in monasteries — the Psalter for a long period. If there are believing relatives, you should ask them to pray under the agreement of the sick and suffering.

The intensified prayer is the commemoration at the liturgy.

The strongest prayers for healing the sick

Prayer in sickness: “O Lord God, Master of my life, You, by Your goodness, said: I do not want the death of a sinner, but that he should turn and live. I know that this sickness with which I suffer is Your punishment for my sins and iniquities; I know that in my work I have deserved the gravest punishment, but, Man-Thrilled, do not act with me out of my wickedness, but in Thy boundless mercy.

Do not covet my death, but give me the strength to patiently endure the disease, as a test deserved by me, and after healing from it I turned with my heart, with all my soul and with all my feelings towards You, Lord God, my Creator, and was alive to fulfill Your holy commandments, for the tranquility of my family and for my well-being. Amen».

If only to ask the blessings of God and at the same time donate nothing, then the requests will not be fulfilled soon. If a person has love and he performs a spiritual feat, then Christ, seeing this, will soon fulfill the petition.

Prayer for the sick: “Lord, you see my disease. You know how sinful and weak I am; Help me to endure and thank Your Goodness. Lord, make this a disease to purify many of my sins.

Lord, Lord, I am in your hands, have mercy on me according to your will and, if it is useful for me, heal me soon. Worthy in my work I accept; Remember me, Lord, in your kingdom! Thank God for everything! «

The strongest prayers for healing the sick

When a person begins to pray for a close sick, child, it is necessary that he not only made the petition, but also tried to get rid of his own shortcomings.

Short prayer about sick: “Fast in the intercession alone, Christ, soon show from above a visit to your suffering servant, and save you from illness and bitter diseases and erect Petun Tee in your hedgehog and praise unceasingly, with the prayers of the Virgin, alone in Humanity. On the bed of the disease of the lying and mortal early wounded, as sometimes erected by the Spas, Petrov, the mother-in-law and relaxed on the bed of the wearer, visit, and heal, the suffering people, and heal: yak Multiple.

Prayer for healing the sick: “O Most Gracious God, Father, Son, and Holy Soul, in the undivided Trinity worshiped and glorified, look priestily upon Thy servant (name), obsessed with disease; let him all his trespasses; give him healing from the disease; bring back to him the health and strength of his body; give him a long-term and prosperous living, your peaceful and premium benefits, so that he together with us brings grateful prayers to You, the All-Glorified God and my Creator.

Holy Mother of God, by Your omnipotent intercession, help me to pray to Your Son, my God, for the healing of God’s servant (name). All the saints and angels of the Lord, pray to God for His sick servant (name). Amen. «

The faithful helper of all Christians is the Most Holy Virgin. Her miraculous images gave healing to many already desperate patients.

Especially help in the diseases of the Icon of All Who Sorrow joy, Kazan, Three-handed, All-Tsaritsa. Mother of God diligently ask the mother about their children, seek help with female infirmities, any serious illness.

The icon often depicts the words of prayer addressed to the Virgin Mary. In the Russian version, they sound like this: “Assistant offended, hope, lost her, poor intercessor, sad comfort, hungry nurse, clothes naked, sick healing, sinful salvation, help and intercession for all Christians.”

The prince is surrounded by the unfortunate and afflicted and is accompanied by angels who distribute favors on her behalf.

The strongest prayers for healing the sick

The image of the Virgin «Joy of All Who Sorrow»

The first miracle happened in 1688: after the moleben near the icon, the sister of the Moscow Patriarch was healed of a severe illness. According to church testimonies, after the prayers, miracles began to take place near the image: the blind saw their sight, the poor-speaking and the dumb began to speak, the deaf to hear, childless couples acquired offspring.

Prayer: «O most holy Lady Theotokos, the Blessed Mother of Christ our God, Savior of All the Afflicted patients visit, the weak cover and intercessor, widows and orphans patroness of mothers sad vsenadezhnaya comfort to those, babies frail strength, and all helpless always ready to help and correct refuge!

You, O All-Merciful One, have received from God the Grace at every intercession and delivered from sorrow and sickness, because you have suffered the same lyuitya of sorrow and sickness, gazing at the free suffering of Your Son on your beloved and Togo on the cross, crucified by sight, weapons, by the Symeonean forerun, by the Symeonean forerun, by the Symeonean beloved and Togo on the cross, you see the sight, the weapon, the prophets, the sacred, and the arms of the Symeonem, the sacred, and the Lord, pass.

Even so, O Mother, child-loving, give our prayers to us, comfort us in the tribulation, like faithful joy. Haremaker: the Throne of the Most Holy Trinity, the right hand of Your Son, Christ of our God, may come to the throne, ask us all for good. For the sake of faith and love from the heart, we adhere to Thee like the Queen and the Lady and cry in Psalms for You: hear, Dschi, and see, and incline Your ear, hear our prayer, and deliver us from all the troubles and sorrows.

You will petition all the faithful, who are the ones who mourn the joy, fulfill it, and give peace and consolation to the souls. See our misfortune and grief: show us thy mercy, give comfort to our wounded sorrow, show our hearts and sinners the riches of your mercy, give us tears of repentance to purify our sins and to quench the wrath of God, and with a pure heart, good conscience and with hope, without a doubt, we resort to Your intercession and intercession.

Accept, all-merciful Our Lady of the Theotokos, our earnest prayer to You, and do not deny us, the unworthy, from Your benevolence, but give us relief from sorrow and sickness, protect us from all slander of hostility and slander, human, wake us the incessant all-day helper Our lives, as it were, under Your wretched cover, will forever be the goal and preserved by Your intercession and prayers to Your Son and God our Savior, He also befits all glory, honor and worship, with His beginningless Father and Holy Spirit, now and ever and forever and ever. Amen».

The Kazan image is addressed in any diseases, especially with vision problems, with blindness, cataracts, and glaucoma. The protective force of the Mother of God of Kazan is so great that this image is placed at the crib, believing that the virgin Mary protects the child and protects against any misfortune.

The strongest prayers for healing the sick

«Kazan» icon of the Mother of God

“O Most Holy Lady of the Lady Mother of God! With fear, faith and love, falling before your honest icon, we pray Thee: do not avert your faces from those who come to you, pray, Merciful Mati, Thy Son and our God, the Lord Jesus Christ, may God keep our country peaceful, and establish His holy church yes it will keep firmly from unbelief, heresy and schism.

Not imams of great help, not imams of new hope, unless You, Purest Virgin: You are the Omnipotent Christians Helper and Intercessor. Deliver all those who believe in Thee, who pray from the fall of sin, from the slander of evil men, from all temptations, sorrows, troubles, and from death in vain; Give us the spirit of contrition, the humility of the heart, the purity of thoughts, the correction of sinful life and the abandonment of transgressions, yes, all gratefully praising Thy greatness, let us receive the Kingdom of Heaven and tamo with all the saints, glorify the Most Revered and Magnificent Name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.


The miracle was revealed to the ascetic John of Damascus. By the prayers of the image of the Virgin, the severed hand of the saint was rooted.

In honor of this, a hand of silver was made and attached to the icon on the certificate of healing.

The strongest prayers for healing the sick

The Image of the Virgin «Three-handed», the monastery of Hilandar, Athos

“Oh, the Most Holy and Most Blessed Virgin, the Virgin Mary! We bow down and worship You before the holy icon of Yours, remembering your glorious miracle, healing the truncated hands of the Monk John Damascus, from this icon that has appeared, his sign still seems to be on it, in the form of a third hand, to the image of Yours attached.

We pray to Ty and ask Thee, the All-Good and All-Brought Kind of our Advocate: hear us who pray to Thee, and so blessed John, in mourning and sickness to You, you who cried, heard Thou, and so also do not despise us, mourning and suffering from the wounds of passions of diverse, mournful and wounded passions of diverse, mournful and wounded passions , diligently to Thee from the soul the crushed resorts.

You see, Mrs. the All-Merciful, our infirmities, our bitterness, need, I will need your help, as if everywhere hostile surround us, and there is no helping person, below stepping in, if You are not at peace with us, Mistress. To her, we pray to Ti, wake up to our painful message and help us with the patristic Orthodox faith to the end of our days immaculately preserve, in all the commandments of the Lord steadfastly walk, repentance true about our graceh always bring to God and endorse a peaceful Christian death and good answer at the terrible judgment of Syron Yours and our God.

Now pray for us with your motherly prayer, that he may not condemn us because of our iniquity, but have mercy on us because of his great and unspeakable mercy. Oh, all-good! Hear us and do not deprive us of the help of Your sovereign, yes, Thy salvation is yours, we sing and glorify Thee on the land of the living, and our Redeemer, the Lord Jesus Christ, born from You, glory and power, honor and adoration, worship Him, to Him, the Father and the Holy Spirit , always, now and ever and forever.


The image of praying for pain in the arms, legs, injury, injury, fractures.

This image is famous for the wonders of oncology healing. Suffering from female diseases, cancer of the breast, ovaries, at the request of the Virgin Mary recovered.

The strongest prayers for healing the sick

The image of the Virgin «Vsetsaritsa» (Pantanassa)

Short prayer: “All-glorious, gracious to the Virgin Mary, Pantanassa, Vsetsaritse! Nesm worthy, but vnideshi under my roof!

But since God’s graciousness is a beneficent mother, the word of God, may my soul be healed and my infirmity body be strengthened. Imashi bo is an invincible power, and every verb of the All-Holy One will not be weary of You!

You ask for me! You for me begged.

Yes, I glorify your glorious name forever, now and forever. Amen».

Do not despair when doctors do not guarantee the result. Persistent petitions from the image of the Virgin, repentance of sins, the correction of life, the promise of a clear conscience have repeatedly performed the miracle of complete healing.

Doctors in such cases only shrug and write it off as a diagnostic error.

A complete prayer: “O Most Pure Bohomati, All-Daughter! Hear our many-hearted sighing before your miraculous icon, from Athos inheritance to Russia, a priest, look upon Your children, the incurable ills of the afflicted, to the holy image of Thy with faith adhering!

The kriloma bird covers the chicks its own, and you are now, at the same time, you are still alive, and you are covered with your multipurpose omophorion. Tamo, where the hope disappears, awaken with hopeless Hope. Tamo, the ideal lyutya grief overwhelmed, Patience and Olaboy appear.

Tamo, the ideal darkness of despair, dwells in the soul, let the ineffable light of the Divine appear!

Faint-hearted comfort, weakness, strengthen, hardened hearts soften and enlighten education. Heal your sick people, O all-merciful Queen! The mind and hands of the healers bless us; May they serve as the instrument of the All-Powerful Doctor Christ our Savior.

Let us live, Ty, who are with us, pray before Your Icon, O Lady! Stretch out Thine ruce, fulfilled healings and physicians, Joy of the bereaved, with sorrow and Consolation, and received miraculous help soon, glorify the Life-giving and Inseparable Trinity, of the Father and the Son and of the Holy Spirit, forever and ever.


Holy healers are the righteous, who are famous for the miracles of healing from any ailments, mental and physical. Prayer includes a petition to the healer Panteleimon and others.

Prayer for the healing of the holy physicians vmch. Panteleimon, Sts.

Cosme and Damian, Sts. to the martyrs Cyrus and John, cf. Hermolaus, Sts. Martyr Diomede, sv. to the martyrs Photius and Anikita:

“On the greatness of Christ, pleasers and wonderworkers of Panteleimone, Cosmas and Damian, Cyrus and John, Yermolae, Diomede, Fotie and Anikito! Hear us who are praying to you (names).

You know our sorrows and afflictions, you hear the sighs of the multitude that flow to you. For our sake, we are calling our fast helper and warm prayer book: Do not leave us your petition with God.

We still deceive us from the path of salvation, guide us, gracious mentors. We are weak in the faith, confirm us, orthodoxy teachers.

We have done good deeds, enrich us, mercy treasures. We are always winding up esmes from the enemy visible and invisible and angry, help us, helpless intercessors.

The wrath of the righteous, driven on us by our iniquity, turn away from us your petition at the throne of the Judge of God, to Him you will be in Heaven, holy and righteous.

Hear us, the greatness of Christ’s servants, you who faithfully call you, and ask for your forgiveness of our sins and misfortunes from your Father in Heaven for all of us. You are bo assistants, intercessors and prayer-books, and the glory of you is sent to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit, now and forever, and forever and ever.


In case of eye diseases, you can pray to the Kazan image of the Virgin, Equal to the Apostles Prince Vladimir, Dimitry of Thessalonica, the martyr Longin, Saint Alexius, Metropolitan of Moscow.

Prayer to Prince Vladimir: “O great disservice of God, Equal-to-the-Apostles, Prince Vladimir! Look upon our weaknesses and beg the King of Heavenly Primiloserdago, may he not be angry with us and not destroy us with our lawlessness, but may he have mercy and save us by His mercy, may our repentance and the saving fear of God put into our hearts, and He will enlighten with His grace our mind, leave us the hedgehog for us every day and turn to the path of salvation, but unswervingly the commandments of God to create and the ordinances of the Holy Church, abide.

Pray, gracious, God-Lover of God, may He show us His great mercy: May He deliver us from deadly diseases and from all evil, May He preserve and save God’s servants (names) from all wickedness and slanders of enemies, and we all will be honored with you eternal bliss, praising and exalting God forever and ever. Amen».

In case of unbearable pain, when there is no opportunity to visit a doctor, they pray to the martyr Antipas, the Bishop of Pergamon:

“Oh, the most glorious holy martyr Antipo and the speedy helper of a Christian in sickness! I believe from all my soul and mind, for I have given you from the Lord the gift of sickness and weakness, for the sake of you, as a gracious doctor of illnesses, I use the weak (or weak), and my respectable image with awe is kissing (or kissing), pray .

By your intercession with the King of Heaven, ask me who is sick (or sick) to heal from the discomforting tooth disease, even if you are unworthy (or unworthy) to you sincere father and my patron, but you, being an imitator of the humanity of God, created me worthy of your honor. ) of your intercession through my conversion from evil deeds to good living: heal the blessings of the ulcer and scab of my soul and body abundantly bestowed upon you, grant me health and salvation and good haste in everything, but such a quiet and silent living having lived (or lived) in yak godliness and honesty, spodoblyusya with all the saints glorify the Most Holy Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen».

People with heart problems, high or low pressure, pray earnestly to St. Joasaph of Belgorod.

“Oh, please God the saint Joasaph! From the depths of the heart we appeal to you, the God of Gods (names), protect us from temptation, heresies and schisms, teach the most sophisticated, enlighten our dispersed mind and guide us to the path of truth that cooled the heart’s love to the neighbor and zeal for the execution of God’s commands, sin and By negligence, the weakened will of our quickening the grace of the Spirit of the Most Holy.

Yes, to your pastoral voice later, we preserve our soul in purity and truth, and help God, we will reach the Kingdom of Heaven, ideally, together with you, praise the glorious and magnificent name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit forever and ever. Amen».

Moms can count on the heavenly support of the saints: Xenia of Petersburg, Matrona of Moscow, St. Nicholas, Apostle Peter, holy healers. To leave the disease, they ask for the intercession of the Blessed Virgin in any image.

Prayer to Mother Matrona: “Oh, Blessed Mother Matrono, will face the heavenly soul before the Throne of God, rest upon the earth, and bestow upon the grace various miracles emanating from above.

Regard now with your gracious eye on us, sinners, in sorrow, sickness and sinful temptations, your dependent days, comfort us, desperate, heal the afflictions of our lyutya, God permissive of us through our sins, save us from many troubles and circumstances, pray to our Lord Jesus Christ forgive us all our sins, iniquities and fall, we are from our youth even to the present day and hour of sin, and with your prayers we receive grace and great mercy, we will glorify in the Trinity of One God, the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit, now and ever and ever and ever. Amen».

To St. Nicholas the Wonderworker: “Oh all, great, wonderworking, to the Hierarch of Christ, Father Nicholas! We ask you to hope the hope of all Christians, faithful protector, hunger for the feeder, weeping joy, sick doctor, sea ruler, poor and orphan feeder, and all a quick helper and patron, and live peacefully and see the glory of the elect of God in heaven and with them continually chant the one in the Trinity of the worshiped God forever and ever.


Prayer Xenia of Petersburg: «Oh, holy all-blissful mother Xenia! Under the shelter of the Almighty God who lived, led and strengthened to the Mother of God, she underwent the gift of foresight and miracles from God, accepted the gift of insight and persecution, and, under the shelter of the Almighty, rest.

Now the Holy Church, as a fragrant color, glorifies thee: we are praying at the place of your burial, before the image of your saints, as living with us, praying: accept our petitions and bring them to the Throne of the Merciful Father in Heaven, who is bold to Him. Receive for you eternal salvation, and for the good deeds and undertakings of our generous blessing, deliverance from all troubles and sorrows.

Present with your holy prayers to our All-Merciful Savior about us, unworthy and sinful, help, holy blessed mother Xenia, babies, light the light of Holy Baptism and illuminate the seal of the gift of the Holy Spirit to imprint, youth and young women in faith, honesty, God-fearing and courage. they are granted

Sick and unsafe heal, family love and consent of the base, monastic deed of good deed deserve and vilify the fence, affirm the people and our country in the world and tranquility of the Holy Christ Secrets in the last death hour of the Holy Spirit Mysteries.

You are our hope and hope, soon hearing and deliverance, thanks to you we send and with you we glorify the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, now and ever and ever and ever. Amen».

The image of the Virgin «Unexpected Joy» became known after the miracle of deliverance from deafness. After diligent requests from this icon, she was healed.

“Oh, the Most Holy Virgin, the All-Good Son of the Mother, the All-Good, the city of this veil, all who are in the grace, the sorrow, the misfortunes and disease are faithful to the Prosecutor and the Protector! Receive this prayer from our prayers of God, unworthy servants of Thy ascendant to You; and, like the old man of a sinner, every day many times before the honest icon of Thy prayer, did not despise thou, but thou hast bestowed the unintentional joy of repentance upon Thy Son, by the intercession of the Sinner for forgiveness, bent over the sinner.

So now also do not despise the prayers of us, unworthy of Your servant, but begged Your Son and our God, and all of us, with faith and emotion in the most meaningful manner of Your worship, will bestow upon unintentional joy on your needs; Yes, they see Thee in heaven and on earth, supposedly a firm and indecent Priest of the Christian race, and they lead this Thy and Thy Son with the Infinite His Father and the All-Consisting His Spirit, now and forever and ever and ever. Amen».

From spiritual illnesses help the saints, who themselves suffered from the attacks of the devil. The prayers of saints Cyprian and Justine, the prayer for the arrest of the elder Pansophia of Athos, are read only with the blessing of the priest.

After explaining the reasons, the priest may advise another petition or give his blessing to these prayers.

You can choose other intercessors and address them with a short prayer: “Holy (name), pray to God for us! «.

Other health saints include:

  • Spiridon Trimifuntsky (in case of diseases of children, for all diseases);
  • Kosma and Damian (in all cases);
  • Archangel Raphael (about healing);
  • Simeon Verkhoturye (with leg disease);
  • Seven young men of Ephesus (if they have trouble sleeping);
  • Jacob, hegumen Zheleznoborovsky (with paralysis);
  • Artemy Verkolsky (with stomach ailments);
  • Agapit of Pechersk (oncology, liver diseases, blindness).

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

Money has always been my main concern. Because of this, I had a bunch of complexes.

I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me. However, I decided that I still needed personal help.

Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

But who will help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that all life is rolling down the slope and passing by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when I had to give 11 for renting an apartment. It was my surprise when my whole life suddenly changed for the better overnight.

I could not even imagine that one could earn so much money that at first glance a knickknack could have such an effect.

It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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