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The strongest prayer to Nicholas the Wonderworker for help

The strongest prayer to Nicholas the Wonderworker for help

Nicholas the Wonderworker is one of the most revered saints in the world. He is also called Nikolai the Pleasant, Saint Nicholas. He is considered the patron saint of children and travelers.

Several days are dedicated to the saint: May 22 — the transfer of relics, August 11 — the birthday of Nicholas, and December 19 — the day of death. It is possible and even necessary to read prayers at home not only in the days of memory, but also in any other. They say that Nikolai the Pleasant is praying tirelessly for us, hearing all our prayers.

He asks the Lord in Heaven to have compassion on sinners and bless unbelievers.

How to pray to St. Nicholas

The clergy believe that Nikolai the Pleasant always hears us, even if our prayers are spontaneous. If you ask for help outside the home, Nicholas the Wonderworker will hear you and will surely help you overcome any difficulties and cope with problems.

Saints can pray in the morning and at bedtime, in front of an icon or just like that. The main thing that your prayers were sincere. Of course, a prayer before an icon with a candle in solitude is the best prayer of all, but Saint Nicholas can help a believer in any situation — just ask.

Strong prayers are sometimes written on a piece of paper, folded and worn with them. In the case of Nikolai the Deliver, this also works. You can make such a talisman yourself by folding the sheet several times and wrapping it with scotch tape so that it does not deteriorate.

Strong prayer to Nicholas the Wonderworker

If you feel that you need help, then read a strong prayer that will make you more self-confident, relieve fear and guide you on the right path. It is advisable to remember her:

“Prelate Nikolay, the Satisfaction of God and a man-lover, show us the right path in life, grant us enlightenment, happiness and love, so that we can share this with our loved ones. Save us from unkind people and all evil, give us the strength to accept what we cannot change. Strengthen our faith so that we may come closer to our God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit and the Father Almighty.

Pray to the Mother Advocate for the health of our children and our parents. Heal our spiritual and bodily wounds so that we can serve our God and live in happiness. Remove the sorrow from our hearts so that the light of God and the love of it illuminate our dark souls. ”

This prayer can be read while traveling, during the onset of the black stripe in life, and also just like that — before going to bed, after waking up. Ask Nicholas the Wonderworker about everything that you lack. During the life of the saint he did many good deeds, healed many people and set them on the right path. No wonder his name is Wonderworker, because even during his lifetime he was famous for his wonders.

It was the power of prayer and faith, so you can heal your soul with prayers.

Read this prayer whenever you feel the need. Someone will need once a week, and someone will want to pray daily. Buy the icon of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker and hang it in the children’s room or in front of the entrance door, so that the saint can protect your home from unkind people. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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