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The strongest prayer from solitude to Nicholas the Wonderworker

The strongest prayer from solitude to Nicholas the Wonderworker

Man is a social being. At the very beginning of his life he is surrounded by his parents and other relatives, over time he matures and matures to create his own family.

Only now not all people manage to find their other half, which will later become a companion or companion of life. Even the most successful people are often alone. But loneliness is not a sentence.

You can get rid of it, and the Orthodox Church recommends doing it through prayers. One of the strongest prayers of solitude is the prayer of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker.

The strongest prayer from solitude to Nicholas the Wonderworker

A lot of believers venerate St. Nicholas the Convenient and turn to him with a variety of requests, including the request to eliminate loneliness. Loneliness — a depressing state. Of course, there are those who like it, but most people, nevertheless, endure it quite hard.

The lonely person is most depressed and depressed. Often apathy, boredom, sadness and indifference to everything and everyone are added to the longing.

A sincere prayer can bring relief in difficult times. Thanks to her, every single person can find peace in his soul, for prayer is an appeal to the Higher Forces for comfort and help.

If you pray with deep faith in the soul, from a pure heart, the Lord God, Nicholas the Apostle and other saints will surely hear you and give you the opportunity to know true happiness in love and marriage.

Texts of the strongest prayers to Nicholas the Wonderworker from loneliness and prayer ritual

You can get rid of loneliness with the help of several prayer texts to ask St. Nicholas the Great — read about them below.

Nicholas the Wonderworker: the strongest prayer from loneliness

This prayer must be pronounced daily (the church usually recommends reading it for at least 40 days in a row, without omissions). The prayer rite, implying the use of this text below, should consist of three stages:

  1. First you need to sincerely ask St. Nicholas to send you a worthy companion or life partner. This request is made in your own words. It should be noted those qualities that you would like to see in your future husband or wife.
  2. After the portrait of the “ideal” second half has been compiled and voiced, tell the holy elder about how you would like to see your personal life (also as detailed as possible).
  3. Pray before the image of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker, and at the end ask him to reveal God’s will regarding your life purpose to you.

The text of a strong prayer from solitude addressed to Nikolai the Pleasant is as follows:

The strongest prayer from solitude to Nicholas the Wonderworker

Another strong prayer to Nicholas the Pleasant, changing the fate

The task of this prayer, compared with the previous one, is more extensive. She is able not only to save a praying person from loneliness, but also to change his fate for the better.

No wonder the prayer is called “To change destiny”.

The prayer rite with the use of this text has characteristic features:

  1. Secret. Any prayer (including this one) is a personal conversation of the prayer with the saint, therefore, it is not worthwhile to devote anyone to your plans about addressing Nicholas the Benefactor with a request for intercession.
  2. Training. The same applies to most prayers and includes a visit to the temple, communion, strict fast, a week long, confession.
  3. Solitude and silence when uttering a prayer. You can pray directly in the church, or at home, in front of the icon of St. Nicholas. If possible, you should light the lamp. Of course, the prayer is read without an icon, but pronouncing the text in front of the image of the saint increases efficiency many times and brings the result closer.

The text of the prayer to Nicholas the Wonderworker “To change fate” is as follows:

The strongest prayer from solitude to Nicholas the Wonderworker

To say a prayer from loneliness must be approached responsibly: with unshakable faith, sincerity and good intentions. Prayer to Nicholas the Wonderworker, changing destiny, must also be read for at least 40 days in a row, without omissions.

In case gaps do occur, it is recommended to resume the ritual and start counting 40 days again. In the days devoted to prayer, the person praying must completely stop smoking and drinking alcohol.

Prayer to Saint Nicholas “To change destiny”, which can get rid of loneliness, with each reading must be pronounced 3 times: out loud, in a low voice and mentally. The Orthodox Church believes that the third time is more powerful.

It is recommended to memorize the text of the prayer by heart, but if you do not trust your memory, you can also say the words from the piece of paper (at the same time, it is best to rewrite the words yourself). A person should turn to this prayer from loneliness with pure thoughts, readily change internally, change his thinking.

If you decide to read this prayer text at home, do not rush to remove the icon of St. Nicholas every time. During the entire prayer ritual, the entire period of the utterance, the image of the saint must remain in the place allocated to him.

How does the prayer to Nicholas the Wonderworker work?

The strongest prayer from solitude to Nicholas the Wonderworker

Orthodox prayers have the ability to change the fate of a person praying for the better. Prayer texts addressed to St. Nicholas are not an exception.

Under the influence of prayers, a person acquires spirituality, becomes closer to God. Nicholas the Wonderworker will help everyone who prays to him sincerely and with deep faith, will convey to the Lord the prayer’s request. And God, in turn, will send the believer the opportunity to realize his dream.

If the praying manages to use them in time and correctly, then stable positive changes will come in his life.

It is possible to appeal to St. Nicholas with the request to eliminate loneliness not only with the help of the above presented prayer texts. It is also allowed to appeal to him in your own words — the main thing is that they go from the very heart, from the very soul.

Nikolai Udodnik is notable for his boundless kindness and will certainly help you come closer to your dream. Just do not forget to thank him (for this there is even a special prayer of thanks).

And on December 19, the day of the memory of the holy elder, be sure to go to the temple and pray.

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