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The strongest Orthodox prayers to Nicholas the Wonderworker for help in work, earnings

6 strong prayers to Nicholas the Wonderworker about good earnings, help in work

Nicholas the Wonderworker is the intercessor of people who find themselves in difficult life circumstances. The saint does not leave any prayer unheard, but he must be approached with humility and warmth.

Nikolai Ugodnik is asked for help in matters related to work and finance. If a person has been going to interviews for a long time, but is rejected everywhere, the saint will help attract good luck and get the desired place with a decent salary.

In Russia, St. Nicholas is revered everywhere. After the prayers to Christ with the Virgin Mary, they always remember St. Nicholas. Such love is explained by the fact that the saint willingly responds to the requests of the worshipers.

A prayer to Nicholas the Wonderworker for help in work will help to find success, find a place like with a good salary.

There is a lot of evidence that at the time of danger St. Nicholas appears as an old man and helps.

In prayer for work, you can ask for the following:

  • about good earnings;
  • about new work;
  • search assistance to find a good job to take to the desired place;
  • about help in matters at work, so that everything worked out;
  • about money and well-being;
  • not to be fired from work;
  • to protect from problems at work, from conflicts with colleagues, superiors.

It is advisable to read Orthodox prayers from the prayer book in Church Slavonic. But you can pray in Russian, formulating requests in your own words.

Both will be heard by the saint. It is believed that ready prayers are the strongest, as they are written by people with a special holiness of life.

There is no exact list of what the saint needs to pray for. If a person is in any predicament and wants to pray to a particular saint, then his request will be heard without fail.

If, when looking for a job, it is necessary to strengthen the prayer, they order a prayer to the saint “before the start of a good cause”. To do this, in the icon shop leave a note with the names of the baptized, for whom to pray.

If you need a raise or increase in salary, you can indicate in it the names of the leaders of the enterprise or department.

Petitions can be read for oneself or another, you can also pray to relatives, for example, a mother can spiritually support a daughter, son, husband.

The strongest Orthodox prayers to Nicholas the Wonderworker for help in work, earnings

St. Nicholas needs to pray at the image, placing his face next to the icon of Christ. First they turn to the Lord with a prayer, you can read the short prayers, «To the King of Heaven» and «Our Father.»

After reading selected prayers to the saint.

It is important that the prayer understands the meaning of the text that reads. If the Church Slavonic language causes difficulties in understanding, you can read a prayer translated into Russian, but it is better to simply learn the meaning of incomprehensible words.

Prayer can choose any, which is closer to the heart. A personal request for a specific need related to work is added at the end of the prayer, formulating it in a free form.

First prayer: “Oh, all-holy Nicholas, it is most pleasing to the Lord, our warm intercessor, and everywhere in the grief of the speedy helper! Help me sinful and depressed in this present life, beseech the Lord God for the giving up of all my sins, which have sinned a lot from my youth, in all my life, deed, word, thought, and all my senses; and in my soul’s exodus by prayer to the cursed, beseech the Lord God, all creatures of Sodetel, deliver me of air ordeals and eternal torment: May I always glorify the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, and your gracious intercession, now and forever and ever and ever.


Translation of the first prayer into Russian: “Oh, blessed Nikolai, the great saint of the Lord, our ardent defender and speedy helper in trouble! Help me, a sinner and despondent in this life!

Beseech the Lord God to grant me the forgiveness of all my sins with which I have sinned from my youth and in all my life — by deed, word, thought, and all my feelings! At the end of my soul, help me unhappy, implore the Lord God, the Creator of all things, to deliver me from the air ordeals and eternal torments, and may I glorify the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit and your merciful intercession now and forever, and forever and ever.


Prayer Two: “On all the great marvelous, the great Hierarch of Christ, Father Nicholas! We ask you to hope the hope of all Christians, faithful protector, hunger for the feeder, weeping joy, sick doctor, sea ruler, poor and orphan feeder, and all a quick helper and patron, and live peacefully and see the glory of the elect of God in heaven and with them continually chant the one in the Trinity of the worshiped God forever and ever.


Not everyone knows that every day of the week in Orthodoxy has its own dedication. So, Thursday is dedicated to the holy apostles and Saint Nicholas.

Therefore, those who want to receive the location of the saint and his heavenly support should strengthen their prayers and visit the temple on this day.

Third prayer: “Of all the pious and all-righteous bishop, the great Miracle-maker, the Prelate of Christ, Father Nicolae, the man of God and faithful servant, the husband of desires, the chosen vessel, the strong pillar of the church, the glorious, the star brightening and illuminating the whole universe: you are the righteous, like a blessing He who was planted in the courtyard of his Lord, who was living in Mireh, had enriched you with peace, and bestowed upon the peace of God the grace of God.

Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker. Prayer to Nicholas the Wonderworker Your holy procession, Father, sanctify the sea, always your relics to the procession of Barsky, from the east to the west, praise the name of the Lord.

About the wise and predatory Wonderworking, speedy helper, warm intercessor, predobry the pastor, saving the verbal herd from all misfortunes, we praise you and we praise you, like the hope of all Christians, the source of miracles, the protector of the faithful, wise teacher, hungry for the feeder, weeping joy, the naked ones , sick doctor, sea ruler of the sea, prisoner of the liberator, widows and orphans of the feeder and protector, chastity of the guardian, babies of the meek punisher, old fortifications, mentors of the mentor, rest in peace, the poor and needy powerful wealth.

Hearing us, praying to you, and resorting to your shelter, show your presence on us to the Most High, and proclaim your prayerful prayers, all useful for the salvation of our souls and our bodies: keep this holy monastery (or this temple), every hail and whole, and every Christian country, and the people who live out of every bitterness, shall I help you:

The vems of bo, vems, as much as the prayer of the righteous one who travels for good can be much the same: to you the righteous, by the Most Blessed Virgin Mary, the presenter to the All-Merciful Imams God, and to yours, blessed Father, warm intercession and intercession humbly flow in: you respect us and you will be welcome. shepherd, from all enemies, destruction, coward, hail, iron, flood, fire, sword, invasion of foreigners, and in all our misfortunes and sorrows, give us a helping hand, and open the doors of God’s mercy, unworthy of the height of heaven, from sets epravd our, tie the bonds of sin, and nikolizhe will of our Creator or sotvorihom sohranihom His commandments.

By the same we bow our knees, crushed and humble our hearts to our Creator, and ask your fatherly intercession to Him:

Help us, God forbid, let us not perish with our iniquity, deliver us from all evil, and from all things resisting, control our mind and strengthen our heart in our right faith, in your own intercession and intercession, neither wounds nor dismissal, I will not live with me in this age without death or wrath, and will save me from shuyago standing, I will grant desnago with all the saints. Amen».

On Thursday, the Church at divine service offers prayers to the holy apostles and St. Nicholas of Myra, the wonderworker. Probably, there is not a single Russian Orthodox home that would not have an icon of a saint.

But the presence of one image is not enough, veneration of the saint must be expressed in the living temple prayer.

Fourth prayer: “O our kind shepherd and God-wise mentor, Hierarch of Christ Nicholas! Hearing us sinners, praying to you and calling for your speedy intercession; See us weak, from everywhere caught, from all the good of the destitute, and with the mind of the faint-heartedness of the darkened; Try to please God, do not leave us in sinful captivity to be, let us not be our enemy in joy and not die in our evil deeds.

Pray for us unworthy of our Co-deverend and the Vladyka, to him you are with unprepared faces: mercy to us will create our God in this present life and in the future Wetz, may he not repay us in our deeds and uncleanness of our hearts, but in his goodness he will repay us .

We hope for your petition with confidence, we praise with your intercession, we call upon your intercession for help, and we ask for your most holy image, help: save us, please Christ, from the evils that are upon us, and tame the waves of passions and misfortunes that rise against us, but for the sake of your holy prayers do not embrace us to attack and do not wallow in the depths of sin and in the mud of our passions. Pray to the Saint Nicholas of Christ, Christ our God, give us a peaceful living and abandonment of sins, as well as salvation and great mercy to our souls, now and forever and ever and ever.


You can read one prayer several times. Some repeat the prayer 3, 12, 40 times.

Repeated repetitions help to concentrate better on the words of the petition, demonstrate the prayer’s perseverance, his faith and hope.

Prayer nfifth: “O great intercessor, hierarch of God, Nicholas blessed, like the sunflower, shone miracles, calling upon the same quickest hearer to appear, and precede and save you, and deliver you from the misfortunes of all kinds, from God to these wonders and gifts to God!

Hearing me unworthy, in faith, the person calling and prayerful brings singing to you; I offer you more of the petitioner to plead for Christ.

O notorious in miracles, high priest! Yako boldness, soon the Lord of Presence, and Reverend his Rule of prayer to Him, make a sin of me, and from Him bless the bounty of goodness, and receive me in your intercession, and from the onslaught of enemies visible and invisible freeing, ruining all those slander and evil tricks, and reflecting on me in all my life; By forgiving me with the sin of sin, and saved me to Christ, present the Kingdom of Heaven to improve for so much humanity, to Him all the glory, honor and worship befits, with His beginningless Father, and with the Most Holy and Good and Life-Creating Spirit, now and for ever and ever centuries. Amen».

For those who want to improve their financial situation or get a good place, you can advise, in addition to praying, to keep fasting.

Prayer sixth: “Oh, the all-good-hearted Father Nicholas, the shepherd and teacher of all by faith flowing to your intercession, and calling you warmly, pray soon, and deliver Christ’s flock from the wolves who destroy it, that is, from the invasion of the evil-minded Latins attacking us.

Protect and save our country, and every country in Orthodoxy that exists, with your holy prayers from world rebellion, sword, invasion of foreigners, from internally and bloody battle.

And, if thou hast had mercy on the men of three men in prison, they delivered them, and delivered them from the king of anger and after the sword, pardon and deliver the Orthodox people from the pernicious Latin heresy to Velikii, Little and White Russia.

Yako let your intercession and help, by his own mercy and grace, Christ, God, yes stared mercifully eye of His on people in ignorance suschiya, others like the right hand nor Shuitsev its not poznasha, even more so yunyya, kiim seduction Latin glagolyut in hedgehog otvratiti from the faith of the Orthodox, May He enlighten the minds of His people, may they not be tempted and fall away from the fatherly faith, conscience, put to sleep wallowed wisdom and ignorance, awaken, turn the will of the holy faith of the Orthodox faith, remember the slaughter faith and the humility of our fathers, stomach for faith Fa voslavnuyu rely on, who receive the prayers of His saints teplyya in our land Beamed that keep us from charms and Latin heresy, so keep us in the Holy Orthodoxy grant us the terrible Sudischi desnago His standing with all the saints. Amen».

It is important not only to ask God and the heavenly intercessors for help, but also in the fulfillment of the desired thanks for the assistance provided. The ungrateful heart will not see help, but the grateful one calls upon the grace of God for all things and all kind.

For all the blessings they thank the Lord, because the saints are addressed by Christians as assistants and supporters, who are coming to the throne of God.

Prayer of thanksgiving to God: “We thank We, O Lord our God, for all your good deeds from the first age to the present, into us, unworthy servile of Yours (names), former, their idols and not vemes, about revealed and undetected, even the former and in a word: you who love us as you and your Only-begotten Son of us, give us your willing dignity, give your honor and deserve us to be your love. Give by thy word wisdom and fear

Inspire your strength from your strength, and if that is wanting or reluctantly sinning, forgive and not imputation, and save our soul to the holy, and present to Thy Throne, have a clean conscience, and the end is worthy of Thy humanity; and remember, O Lord, all who call upon Your name in truth, remember all that are good or resisting to us who are desirous: all men of Emas, and every person in vain; the same we pray to Thee, Lord, give us gracious grace to us of Your grace. «

In the church, you can order a prayer of thanksgiving to Christ the Savior, which is important to be present in person. Saint Nicholas can express his gratitude by reading an akathist.

In addition to the words of gratitude, you can express your appreciation in the form of flowers to the image, giving to people in need, donations to the temple.

For everything that happens, you need to thank. If you could not get to the desired place, it can be a blessing.

Perhaps the person ahead is waiting for the best option.

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

Money has always been my main concern. Because of this, I had a bunch of complexes. I considered myself a failure, problems at work and in my personal life haunted me.

However, I decided that I still needed personal help. Sometimes it seems that the matter is in you, all the failures are only a consequence of bad energy, the evil eye or some other evil force.

But who will help in a difficult life situation, when it seems that all life is rolling down the slope and passing by you. It is difficult to be happy working as a cashier for 26 thousand rubles, when you had to give 11 for renting an apartment.

What was my surprise when my whole life suddenly changed for the better overnight. I could not even imagine that one could earn so much money that at first glance a knickknack could have such an effect.

It all started with the fact that I ordered a personal one.

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