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The sacrament of unction: the essence of the ceremony, for whom it is intended, how to prepare

The sacrament of unction: the essence of the ceremony, for whom it is intended, how to prepare

Unction by many is associated with the death-rite church rite, because a priest is always invited to a dying person for the last anointing. I was very surprised when my sister-in-law offered to go to the Unction to Great Lent. I’m not going to die, why should I be gathered?

But it turned out that I was greatly mistaken, and the Sacrament of the Unction is carried out even for healthy young people. In the article I will tell you about the features of sedation, when it is performed and for what.

The sacrament of unction: the essence of the ceremony, for whom it is intended, how to prepare

The meaning of the unction

During the consecration (anointing with consecrated church oil), God’s grace descends on the person. At this time, you can recover from serious illnesses. But the main purpose of the gathering is to absolve even those sins of which a person does not know or has forgotten.

Although the unction is carried out for dying people, but it is intended for all believers. They do not collect only children under seven years old, since they do not commit conscious sins.

Unction is one of the seven sacraments of the Church and is different from prayer or liturgy. If during the time of prayer we testify our faith, we hope for the forgiveness and mercy of God.

Then during the Sacraments, God’s grace descends on a person, regardless of his merits.

The sacrament of anointing was established by the apostles, the disciples of Jesus:

The sacrament of unction: the essence of the ceremony, for whom it is intended, how to prepare

Since most diseases are caused by the sins of man, absolution leads to bodily healing. However, deceit will not help a person to receive God’s grace. If a believer conceals his sins at confession, relying on automatic forgiveness through anointing, this option will not work.

God sees the heart of man and all his secret thoughts know. Therefore, before the obedience you should go through confession and repent for everything sincerely.

Why is the consecration called the Holy Unction? Because in the ceremony take part 7 priests — the cathedral.

During the consecration, 7 chapters from the gospel are read after the obligatory prayers. The number 7 in Christianity is considered sacred and denoting the fullness of something.

After each reading of the gospel chapter, the priest performs the anointing of the body of the believer with oil. A total of 7 anointings are performed.

The sacrament of the unction is carried out in the temple during the days of Great Lent, as well as in any other place where there is a seriously ill person. If a believer congregates on the days of the Lenten Border, he must observe the fast of the church.

However, seriously ill people can not adhere to this rule, if they are prescribed a medical diet.

What needs to be done after anealing? It is necessary to partake of the Holy Gifts in the nearest liturgy.

The Unification of Anointing from Confirmation

Some believers do not see the difference between anointing and unction, as well as the anointing of the All-Night Vigil. Confirmation (seal of the Holy Spirit) is carried out immediately after the baptism of a person, these are two Sacraments complementary to each other.

The anointing during the All-Night Vigil does not apply to the Sacraments, it is part of the church ceremony.

The sacrament of unction: the essence of the ceremony, for whom it is intended, how to prepare

Who needs to be gathered

The consecration is necessarily performed on a dying person in order to purify the soul from transgressions. The sacrament is also carried out on all Orthodox, suffering physical and mental ailments.

For example, despair and sadness are considered mental weaknesses that require healing. Unconscious transgressions, which the Christian does not take into account, are a heavy burden on the soul — hence the sadness, grief and despondency.

The sacrament is not carried out over mentally ill people and patients in an unconscious state.

Many believers do not understand why the unification is necessary, if the sacrament of repentance exists? Human nature is weak in its essence, and we can not always be aware of our sins.

The petition of the priests’ council for a person has tremendous spiritual power, for God is pleased when they pray for their brothers and sisters. The council of priests begs the Lord to grant the believer absolution and bodily healing, and this prayer cannot be unheard.

What sins are forgiven when unction:

  • long forgotten and unconfessed;
  • committed in ignorance;
  • which can not tell seriously ill for health reasons;
  • which cannot be redeemed by good works.

Are all believers healed after the sacrament of unction? There is a superstition that a man will recover or die after anxiety. It’s a delusion.

Healing may not be, because of all the will of God. A believer should strive to improve, to lead a godly lifestyle, and not to give up on lost healing.

Unction is not a magical rite or medical procedure, but the grace of God.

Healing is a free gift of God’s grace that does not depend on the actions performed by people. First of all, it is necessary to think about spiritual things, and not an aspiration to get help in need.

Seriously ill people sometimes fear desecration, thinking that it will inevitably lead to death. But this is a serious misconception.

Mortal hour of a person does not depend on the church ceremony. God can prolong the life of the sick person so that he can take care of his soul: he has had time to repent, take communion, and prepare for the hour of death.

The sacrament of unction: the essence of the ceremony, for whom it is intended, how to prepare

Questions and answers

Is special preparation required for the sacrament? If there is a possibility, it is advisable to confess and take communion before the Unleashing.

On anchoring bringing with them a vegetable (olive) oil, Cahors, candles, rice (wheat).

It is necessary to come to the Sacrament in advance and enroll in the church shop, indicating your baptismal name. There you need to buy a candle.

Is special clothing necessary for the unction? Since the priest will cross the chest with oil, you should wear a jacket with buttons or a zipper. You can not wear a sweater under the throat or turtleneck.

It is recommended to take a handkerchief or a napkin on the Sacrament of Sacrifice to remove excess oil from the skin.

How many times a year can you gather? Once is enough, unless an unforeseen illness or traumatic event occurs.

Unction does not replace the sacrament of penance and does not abolish it.

Is it possible to continue medical treatment after unction? Spiritual healing does not negate medical treatment, as these are different things.

It is necessary to complete the entire course of prescribed therapy to the end.

Is it possible to eat meat after healing? Many people believe that the resulting healing imposes a ban on eating meat.

This is a superstition that is not related to church rules.

Do I need to fast on Mondays after healing?, except Wednesday and Friday? This also applies to superstition, the unification does not impose obligations of additional clauses.

There is another superstition that after the gathering it is forbidden to have a marital relationship and take a steam bath. This is an absolute misconception that does not apply to church canons and rules.

How to apply the consecrated fir, taken from church? Firs can be added to food, as well as to cross the sore spots after the prayer.

What to do with wheat grains, taken after the gathering in the church? Of these, you can cook porridge or sprout on a dish with water and eat.

In church practice there is no special rite with wheat grains, which were used during the consecration.

Wine after unction can be added to food, take inside. The candles after the cleavage are lit at home when one of the household is sick.

However, if many sick people took part in the Sacrament of Holy Unction, it is better not to take candles home.

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