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The prayer of Filaret of Moscow — the atonement of sin in prayer

Daily prayer of St. Philaret, Metropolitan of Moscow

I pray to the Lord and the saints every day; it is prayer that helps repent and cleanse my soul. Today I will tell you why Filaret of Moscow needs to pour in, and how a saint can help every believer.

Redemption of sin in prayer

Orthodox Christians greatly respect St. Philaret of Moscow. It is to him that they offer prayers every day.

In this case, each person asks for something of his own. It is believed that Philaret can help the believer to get what his soul so desires.

However, it is important to remember that it is impossible to ask him for protection from mercenary purposes. Since such a request not only will not be heard and executed, but also infuriates the heavens.

The prayer of Filaret of Moscow - the atonement of sin in prayer

Long since prayers to this saint have been offered up by people who have already managed to lose faith in the fact that heaven will answer their prayer for help. The clergy believe that Filaret of Moscow, who, during his lifetime, was distinguished by great kindness, continues to help those in need and in heaven. He is more supportive and tolerant of sinners.

And therefore, if a person sincerely repented or is still looking for a method of the best repentance, he can appeal with prayer to the saint. It is believed that he never refuses those who sincerely ask, even if there is a sin behind a man.

Of course, provided that in his thoughts a person dreams to atone for his sin.

Life of the saint

In Orthodox circles, a prayer is especially famous; it is customary to offer it to Philaret every day. Because it is believed that it is a speech of thanks, which is addressed to the Lord himself.

In order to understand where such associations come from and why Christians venerate this saint so much, you just need to familiarize yourself with the history of his life. After all, this person during his life helped a lot and was a model of virtue.

Philaret was born in a simple family. His parents were ordinary workers, who from childhood taught their children to work. They were also deeply religious people, so they tried to instill a love for the Lord in their son.

When the child grew up, the parents sent him to study. The future saint spent his student years at the seminary. Teachers and classmates he remembered as a diligent student.

He not only performed all his homework with ease, but also generally made great strides in his studies.

Philaret was not only diligent in his studies. He was also a very kind man who was eager to help everyone. That is why, after classes, the young man attended a small hospital, which functioned at the seminary.

There he spent a lot of time diligently caring for patients. The hospital workers themselves were very happy about this.

After all, the young man was talented enough to even become a doctor. But he chose a completely different path for himself.

It is noteworthy that some of the patients were very sick and required special care. But this did not frighten the young man at all.

And he continued to conscientiously perform his duties, which he himself had placed on himself. After all, none of the teachers did not ask him to devote time to caring for patients.

But the young man, having learned that the infirmary lacked qualified personnel, decided not to stand aside.

Achievements Filareta

Immediately after graduating from the seminary, a young man confidently enters into adulthood. Having finally decided on his vocation, he begins to engage in many useful things. All of them are aimed at the development of spirituality.

After all, this is where the young man sees his goal. His special achievements are considered to be:

  • active enlightenment of the masses — being a believer who wants to save others from the fall into sin, Philaret begins to preach the Christian faith. He attends many institutions and lectures. It is noteworthy that it was after meeting with the future saint that the number of parishioners in local churches increased significantly;
  • the assistance of the Moscow Diocese — as soon as Filaret of Moscow received power in his hands, he began to actively use it to help ordinary people and other clergymen;
  • writing the course of theological sciences — it was the Metropolitan who was assigned the responsible mission to write a whole course of theological sciences.

Fight against cholera

When Moscow was struck by such a terrible disease as cholera, the metropolitan also did not stand aside. He offered a prayer to the Lord every day, praying for pardon. But he did not pray for himself, but for his flock.

Some unbelievers even reproached him for believing much more in the Most High, and not in medicine, and that was what was harmful. After all, people just listened to his sermons and preferred not to seek medical help. However, Filaret himself denied the fact that he was doing wrong.

Since, on the contrary, he called on all those who were struck by the disease, to go to the hospitals and ask for help from the doctors. But at the same time, the saint reminded that help should be asked not only from the luminaries of science.

Also, he thought the prayer to God would be superfluous.

Prayer and service to God

It is noteworthy that every day the saint began the same way — with prayer. The daily prayer of Metropolitan of St. Philaret of Moscow was the exaltation of gratitude to God, who was especially supportive of his slave. He gave him mercy every day and blessed him with good deeds.

It is for this reason that he taught his flock that the Lord needed not only to praise, but also to thank for mercy.

The prayer of Filaret of Moscow - the atonement of sin in prayer

The saint dedicated his whole life to the service of the true God and the development of the diocese. He not only attended many services, but also took part in them.

In addition, he did not refuse to meet with visitors. Because he understood that they came to the temple of God to get advice or help. And at the same time, Filaret of Moscow knew how important it is for all people to get support.

That is why he tried to each participant to express their participation.

In addition, he continued to take an active part in public life:

  • met people outside the church to preach faith to them;
  • spoke at seminars;
  • attended academy clergy.

Many clerics agree that it was the metropolitan who made a huge contribution to the development of the clergy. And this is hard to argue. Since Philaret really dedicated his life to the clergy and did everything possible for his prosperity.

But the main thing is that he was not at all sorry for himself.

It should be noted that the Metropolitan lived his life as a very modest and simple person. He never sought praise.

When grateful people came to church and tried to thank him in every way, he always refused. He claimed that he was not worthy of any thanks. Moreover, the man insistently asked people to thank the Lord for it.

After all, he himself is only a tool in his hands and helps the flock with the permission of the Most High.

It should be noted that the metropolitan paid a lot of attention to the development of spirituality. He did his best to increase the number of parishioners. And at the same time, the saint was not led by the desire to prove anything to anyone.

He just wanted to save his flock, to direct it on the right path. In addition, the Metropolitan was especially worried about the active distribution of drunkenness in Russia.

That is why he increasingly took to the streets and preached the word of God, trying to reason with people who began to attach to the bottle and row up.

Healing history

Having lost faith in the medical workers, people sought salvation in the faith. Once a rich merchant’s wife turned to church. The other day, her husband seriously injured her arm, and after a long treatment, doctors concluded that surgical intervention was necessary.

They immediately warned that the arm would have to be amputated to avoid blood poisoning. When a woman found out about this, she immediately expressed indignation and hurried for help to the metropolitan.

Hearing the story of the unfortunate, Filaret of Moscow gave her advice to order forty minutes about the health of the patient and to partake of it. The very next day after accepting the sacrament, the man felt much better.

And after that, many believed that the prayers that the saint uses are really able to help, because they possess divine power.

Prayer text

To pray to the saint, it is enough to use the prayer that he read during his life, turning to the Lord. Please note that the prayer of Philaret of Moscow can be used even if a prayer wishes to ask for healing from heaven.

The prayer of Filaret of Moscow - the atonement of sin in prayer

If you believe the stories of other believers who used this prayer, it is one of the most effective. But only under the condition that it is lifted up by a person who leads a righteous life.


  1. Filaret of Moscow during his lifetime was a simple and kind man. He never refused to help anyone.
  2. The saint preferred not to accept any thanks from the flock, because he considered himself unworthy of it.
  3. The prayers that the believers offer to the saint are thanksgiving. It is believed that the prayer to this saint who prays expresses gratitude to the Lord. That is why these prayers are usually read every day.
  4. Philaret of Moscow can pray for healing.

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