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The prayer of Ephraim Sirin — Lord and Master of my belly: the text in Russian, how to read

Ephraim Sirin’s special prayer “Lord and Lord of the Belly”: how to read

In Orthodoxy, there are prayers, the reading of which occurs at a certain time of the church calendar. Such is the well-known prayer of Ephraim Sirin «Lord and Master of my belly.» Only in difficult periods of fasting can these words be heard in the church.

What is in them that they so attract people, among whom were many great creative personalities.

The prayer of Ephraim Sirin - Lord and Master of my belly: the text in Russian, how to read

From the history of the prayer of St. Sirin

This text has a very deep semantic meaning. It is believed that the creator of his former mentor Ephraim Sirin.

He lived in Syria (whence came the second part of his name) in the 3rd c. The church mentor was distinguished by an excellent education, he wrote wise writings that were read out in churches in front of believers. There were many holy works created by the saints, among them are the compilation of prayers and the interpretation of the biblical text.

The prayer of Ephraim Sirin - Lord and Master of my belly: the text in Russian, how to read

Not all of his work today is in Russian, translated quite a bit from the holy heritage. One of the central places in it is occupied by spiritual poetry. And “Lord and Lord of my belly” inspired in the past famous poets, it was about these words that a beautiful poem was written.

These holy words were for the Russian genius the awakening and reinforcement of his spiritual powers. Here is the power of repentance of the Christian devotee Ephraim Sirin.

When and how to read a prayer

The prayer of Ephraim Sirin - Lord and Master of my belly: the text in Russian, how to read

This divine penitential text appeared in the 4th century. from the pen of the holy ascetic Ephraim the Syrian is not read all the time. It sounds in the Great and Christmas Lent during church services.

This happens according to a specific scenario, which must comply.

So, reading the first time, as soon as the petition is pronounced, one should bow. All 3 petitions are completed with the earthly bow of the worshiper. Next, with a belt bow, you need to whisper «God, cleanse me, sinner» (12 times).

The whole prayer text is repeated again. oh my god and master of my belly… and ends with a bow of earth.

During the first period of fasting, the prayer of repentance takes place on the following days:

  • Wednesday, Friday (Week Cheese);
  • Holy Chetyrepress (all the time, excluding weekends);
  • Passion Week (the first 3 days);
  • on Great Wednesday is read for the last time at the end of the liturgy.

In the second specified post is read at the daily service, which is not marked.

Why does the penitential prayer of Ephraim Sirin read in Fast?

The prayer of Ephraim Sirin - Lord and Master of my belly: the text in Russian, how to read

To answer this question, it is worthwhile to get acquainted in more detail with the past of the Christian ascetic. Once this man led a wrong, riotous lifestyle, did not burden himself with moral norms. It happened that the guards seized him on the false testimony.

He was credited with what he did not commit: the abduction of livestock. In fact, the herd was destroyed by wild beasts.

Being already in prison, Ephraim meets a strange man who comes specifically to him. A conversation took place between them, where the stranger indicated that even in this particular case the prisoner was not to blame, but here he is in justice.

The future righteous received advice to look in his memory for something that deserves such a punishment. Then the prisoner recalled a case from his life and a shameful act, when, for fun, he released the poor man’s cow into the wild, where predators caught up.

He himself did not pay anything then, but the poor man became even more miserable, and his life became very complicated.

The newcomer promised that everything would work out, and that’s what happened. Ephraim was released, finding the real culprit. Since then, views of the world and lifestyle have changed.

Thus was yesterday’s sinner called to worship through Revelation Supernatural. In the future, the saint always kept in himself sincere repentance in community with gratitude to the Lord.

In the prayer of Ephraim Sirin, it is just such a humble, repentant character that is reflected.

In the days of fasting, it is appropriate to read it for many reasons: at this time the believer is obliged to pay special attention to the life already lived, to sins and other existing shortcomings. For his inner transformation, man must work hard.

He cannot do without the help of the Almighty, therefore, they are asking for forgiveness through the text of St. Syrin.

Why and how to read the penitential in the days of Advent?

According to the statute, on separate days of the Rozhdestvensky post, a service should be organized as in Lent:

  1. clock;
  2. the prayer of the righteous Ephraim;
  3. different bows.

The prayer of Ephraim Sirin - Lord and Master of my belly: the text in Russian, how to read

Sins from which the prayer of Efrem Sirin saves

  • Everything that is connected with voluntary passivity: neglect, laziness, purposelessness, empty pastime, cynicism.
  • Despondency, as a result of idle life and carelessness, on all the negative view.
  • Lustration, desire to dominate and subjugate.
  • The decision to rake in the heat of someone else’s hands and walk over their heads, at the expense of others to arrange their own well-being.
  • Celebration. Unwillingness to use the gift of God-given speech for the good of all.
  • Condemnation and mockery of others.

Means of dealing with sins according to the righteous Ephraim the Syrian

All of these bad qualities will help overcome prayer by the following means:

  • The purity of not only the body, but also the soul. It helps to understand where the true purpose of everyone living on earth.
  • Humility is one of the main virtues, helping to hear the voice of God and go on His way.
  • Patience — the ability to delve into the essence. Respect for any creation of the Lord.

The main thing about which a Christian is warned in such a simple, at first glance, creation is knowing and understanding his shortcomings well, a person is able to see other people as well. However, one cannot be proud of pointing down on them.


The great prayer of repentance of Ephraim Sirin in every sense is very useful to any Orthodox:

  • it will help make the soul cleaner and taller;
  • is a sure reminder of the sinfulness of everyone;
  • gives an understanding of what is important in this life in reality;
  • read only in posts on a specific schedule.

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