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The miracle of prayer «la Virgin, rejoice & raquo;

The miracle of prayer «Virgin Mary, rejoice»

There are many prayers in Christianity that are considered miraculous. One of them is the prayer, «To the Virgin of the Virgin, rejoice.» It gives believers not only peace and joy, but also brings good luck in business.

Text prayer

Words of prayer very simple and easy to understand, so remembering it is not difficult for anyone:

Hail to the Virgin Mary, Gracious Mary, the Lord is with Thee; blessed art thou in women and blessed The fruit of your womb, as the Savior bore our souls.

The Lord himself told us about how strong the prayer to the Virgin Mary is and how much she helps us in difficult situations. With these lines we glorify the Mother of God, for she presented the world with the baby Jesus, who later took upon herself our sins. We thank her for becoming a guide between God’s grace and our souls.

Reading “Virgin Mary, rejoice,” you express an immense respect for heaven and for the resilience of the Virgin Mother in the face of enemies and evil people throughout the earthly journey of Jesus Christ, while his mother was next to him.

When to read this prayer

The miraculous prayer, «Virgin Mary, rejoice,» can be read at any time, but most Christians read it in the morning, afternoon, and evening. According to believers, when they don’t cry out to the Lord through these words for a long time, their lives are filled with sadness and unhappiness. Others point out that they turn to God for help with this prayer when difficulties are encountered on their way of life.

The miracle of this prayer lies in the light that it bestows upon the soul. With her simple and unsophisticated but strong words, she saved and will save many more destinies and souls. To achieve the same effect, it should be read with respect, and not thoughtlessly repeat the prayer text.

If you read «Virgin Mary, Hail» 150 times a day, then you will find happiness, and the Mother of God will cover you with her veil. Serafim Sarovsky said that this prayer is capable of everything — it is worthwhile only to give a part of the soul and invest some time in reading the prayer.

The miracle of the “Virgin of the Virgin, rejoice” is in its simplicity, which gives every Orthodox Christian happiness on a par with another important prayer, “Our Father.” Even by repeating the words of prayer three times — in the morning, in the afternoon, and in the evening — you will transform your life. Prayer will give you health, luck and good mood. Be happy and do not forget to press the buttons and

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