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The Fourth Prayer to the Archangels to Hear Good News More

The Fourth Prayer to the Archangels to Hear Good News More

In Christianity, there are thousands of prayers for any life situation. One of the rarest, but effective and powerful prayers is the prayer to the archangels.

Who are the archangels

Archangels have their special place in Heaven. These are the supreme angels, messengers and messengers of the Lord, the voice of God in our world. Christianity is aware of several archangels, but only Michael and Gabriel bear the title of archangels. Gabriel is the angel that told the Virgin the good news that she would give birth to a son of God.

He also told the Virgin Mary that she would soon leave the world of earth in the world of heaven. And Michael is considered the head of the angelic army and the experience of Paradise.

There are many prayers to the archangels. Through these prayers, the archangels feel our troubles and ask God to help us in different things. The prayers to the archangels are incredibly strong and very effective.

Any misfortune or grief can be removed with a similar prayer.

Thursday prayer

The Thursday prayer is so named not by chance, for on Thursdays it has the greatest weight, but it can easily be read on other days. It allows you to hear good news more often, that is, it brings happiness to a home that needs God. The text of the Thursday prayer is as follows:

Oh, holy Dominions, who are always before Heavenly Father, pray to Jesus Christ, our Savior, let his royal strength be imprinted and give us grace, let us be cleansed by this grace, let us grow by faith, hope and love.

Read the lines in the morning when your mind is free of all that is superfluous. Moreover, the good news usually comes during the day, so the morning prayer will be the most productive.

There is a mention in the scripture of Archangel Uriel, who, according to the Bible, was placed on paradise after the banishment of Adam. The day of the week, which is patronized by Uriil, is Thursday, so in order to receive only good news, one can read this prayer:

O great archangel of God to Uriel! Thou art the shining of the fire of Divine and the enlightener of those darkened by sins: enlighten my mind, my heart, my will by the power of the Holy Spirit and guide me to the path of repentance and pray the Lord God, save me from the hell of hell and from all my enemies visible and invisible, always now and ever and ever and ever. Amen.

Both texts are very strong and can help any lost soul or righteous person. Remember that the most important thing in our life is faith in God and the desire to become better and better day by day.

We wish you strong faith and great luck, as well as clean from evil roads on the path to happiness. Let every day brings you only good news and good mood. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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