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The everlasting Psalter on health and repose: what it is and where to order

The everlasting Psalter on health and repose: what it is and where to order

Psalms of David, written in ancient times, have not lost their relevance in modern times. Filled with a prayer to God, the lines of verses respond in the hearts of people and make you think about the eternal. The indefatigable Psalter saved me from the untimely death of my uncle, when he was in a grave physical condition.

We ordered the Psalter for six months, and recovery came in a month and a half. In the article I will tell you what the Psalms are, and where you can order it.

The everlasting Psalter on health and repose: what it is and where to order

The Psalms of David are an integral part of church worship and prayer rule. All the psalms, which are also called hymns, are divided into three parts:

Psalms of praise (hymns) are filled with sincere gratitude to God for all that he filled the lives of people. In penitential psalms, we feel a heartbreak for sins, an awareness of the insignificance of the sinful nature of man and a plea for help in correcting.

Instructive psalms talk about the wisdom of life lessons, instruct on the path of faith.

The Holy Fathers call the Psalter the inspired book filled with God’s grace. King David, the author of this scripture, was a prophet and a righteous man. With the help of reading the Psalter, you can reach the heavenly palaces and find salvation of the soul, but only after baptism.

The Palestinian and Egyptian Christian ascetics, during their wanderings in the desert, could read the entire Psalter during the day and knew the psalms by heart.

St. John Chrysostom called the Psalter spiritual healing, for it heals the souls of the righteous and leads to repentance of sinners. The Psalter reveals the mysteries of the holy scripture to the reader, helps to follow the path of truth and does not deviate a step, drives away satanic obsession and strengthens the faith.

The everlasting Psalter on health and repose: what it is and where to order


What is it and why is it called that? The incessant Psalter is read in monastic cells, and reading is not interrupted for a minute.

This is a cell monastic prayer, the practice of which was developed over the centuries. The monks of a separate monastery take turns reading psalms night and day, without interrupting for a second.

Why did the monks decide to read psalms continuously? Because in the scripture it is said that the angels of heaven ceaselessly praise God with thanksgiving. The stimulus to action was the words of the prophet David:

The everlasting Psalter on health and repose: what it is and where to order

So it was decided to read the psalms in turn, replacing each other, so that the praise did not stop day and night. The monks (monks) reside in the angelic rank on earth, therefore the glorification of God takes place in heaven and in the earthly monastery in parallel.

When reading the incessant psalter, prayers for the living and the departed are also pronounced. Psalter about health — what does this mean? The monks have special journals with the names of Christians that should be mentioned in health.

After reading the kathisma, the monk reads «Glory», and after glorification, he utters the names of those commemorated about health.

The everlasting Psalter on health and repose: what it is and where to order

For how long can you order the Psalter? The person selects the duration of the reading:

This means that the monks will read the Psalter of Health for the indicated time and constantly commemorate the people on the list. However, you should know that you can order the reading of psalms only for a baptized person.

The incessant Psalms of rest can also be ordered only for the baptized, but it is unacceptable to order the reading of psalms for those who committed suicide — this is a great sin.

Reading the Psalter with an invisible shield protects the earth from the aggression of Satan and his minions.

Why is the Psalm incessant practiced only in monasteries? Because the monks took a vow to offer prayers for the whole world.

For this they have renounced the fuss of the world, in order to devote all the time to prayer life. Ordinary people can not afford to pray day and night, as they are busy with work and caring for their families.

For them, the monks do it.

The everlasting Psalter benefits the soul of a person for whom psalms are read. But it also benefits the one who utters the inspired lines. Psalms can be read at home, as well as a group of people by agreement.

There is a lot of evidence how a man miraculously recovered or returned to the path of faith after reading the psalms. For the dead read 17 Kathisma, which is intended to commemorate the departed. The spirit of the psalter has an incredible cleansing power that has a beneficial effect on the human soul.

You can also listen to the psalms in the recording, filled with the spirit of prayer.

Reading psalms calms the rebellious heart, fills the soul with peace, adjusts the prayer mode and drives away evil spirits from a person and his home. The practice of psalm is useful in the daily prayer.

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