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The amazing power of the All-Tsaritsa icon, whom can she help?

Icon of All-Czaritsa: what can she help and how can she pray

You probably know that there are a large number of icons of the Mother of God. But there are such images of the Virgin, which are separately distinguished from the general mass at the expense of their amazing healing properties.

One of the images of such a plan is the icon of the “All-Daughter”, the magic of which I suggest you talk further.

The amazing power of the All-Tsaritsa icon, whom can she help?

Historical background of the icon of the Mother of God the All-Daughter

The divine face of the Mother of God called “All-Martyrs” (in the Greek version of “Pantanasso”) can be found on the Holy Mount Athos near the northeast column of the cathedral temple of the Vatopeda monastery, on the left side of the royal gates.

The icon is distinguished by miniature parameters and, according to the legend, the Athos elder Joseph Hesychast gave it his blessing, passing it on to his followers. The appearance of the face dates back to the seventeenth century.

The sacred object shows us the Most Pure Mother of God dressed in crimson robes, which sits on the imperial throne. In her hands she holds the God-child Jesus, in whom the left hand holds the scroll, and the right hand expresses a blessing gesture.

The Virgin Mary shows her Son with her right hand, making it clear that he is the Savior of the whole world. Against a background background, one can observe an image of two angelic beings, favorably shining with their wings the Holy Virgin.

The icon of the Virgin, the All-Holy One, is honored, both by the inhabitants of Athos and far from its limits. This icon is able to heal people who have found oncology — the most terrible modern pathology.

There are a huge number of cases of cancer patients, whom the disease left after they prayed at the face of the All-Tsaritsa. And also the icon allows you to get rid of the passion to practice magic, eliminates adolescents’ dependence on alcohol and drugs.

The value of the All-Tsaritsa icon, in which it helps

The miraculous icon was bequeathed by the Athos elder Joseph Hesychast to his followers on Mount Athos.

The icon of the Blessed Virgin Mary “The All-Princess” (also called the “Pantanasa”) has a weighty significance for all adherents of the Christian religion and simply Orthodox people.

  • there are cases of miraculous healings of people who suffered from the most severe pathologies;
  • the image tends to motivate people to quit doing sinful deeds (magic, blasphemy);
  • besides this, the Holy Mother of God is able to guide a person to the right path in life, strengthens faith and allows to be consoled from problems;
  • The main healing property of the icon is the elimination of cancer pathologies. Of course, in order for the power of the face to really manifest itself — faith and, moreover, very strong will be needed. Only with the help of sincere faith and prayer can you get rid of any ailments.

The image of the All Pancreato Pantanassa icon is also given the name “All-Mistress”, from which its real powerful force becomes clear.

Stories of amazing healing with the face of the All-Lady

For the first time, the impressive power of the image of the Virgin was observed by people many years ago. The elder Joseph Hesychast told about this amazing incident, which took place at the face of the icon described.

Once a certain young man entered the church and wished to make a bow to the icon, but suddenly the face of the Virgin was kindled like a lightning bolt, and the young man was thrown back to the ground by an invisible force.

When he rose, he tearfully repented told the priests that he did not adhere to a righteous way of life and practiced occult practices. Even the purpose of his visit to the Vatopedi monastery was to test the power of his magic on sacred images.

But under the influence of the miraculous intervention of the Mother of God, the youth lost his interest in magic forever, radically changed his life and turned into a God-fearing person.

The amazing power of the All-Tsaritsa icon, whom can she help?

People from all over the globe strive to see this miraculous icon with their own eyes, to make a bow to it. And about the fact that the image allows you to get rid of cancer — is known from a huge number of facts, confirmed by doctors. I suggest to talk further about them in more detail:

  • This story took place in the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra. A girl, who lost her sight, approached the icon of the Most Holy Theotokos with prayer, as her optic nerve was affected by cancer. For several days she turned to the icon for help, and finally her hot requests were heard — in a surprising way the sight returned to her, although the doctors said that there was no chance of that.
  • If you are interested in where you can find the icon of All-Tsaritsa in Moscow, then I draw your attention to the fact that in 1995, Archimandrite Efrem blessed the writing of an exact copy of the face of the Virgin Mary. This list was delivered to Moscow at the request of the Relief Society, headed by John Kronstadt (located at the Children’s Cancer Hospital). Since then, many children have begun to feel much better.

And after another couple of months, for Christmas, the face of the Virgin began to allocate to the world, only a couple of droplets arose on it, giving everything around an excellent fragrance. Repeated myrrh-streaming fell on the celebration of the Entry into the Temple of the Holy Mother of God.

  • Another amazing miracle, donated by the icon of the Mother of God in the Russian Federation, was the healing of a young man who suffered from drug addiction for a long time. Subsequently, he was able to completely abandon his addiction and returned to normal life.

What requests can be addressed to the icon of the Virgin Mary?

In the annals of amazing healings, pleading to the sacred image of the Virgin Mary, systematic renewal reaffirmations of divine grace arise for all people who turned to her for help.

In particular, the Most Pure Mother of God is most often asked to provide the following assistance:

  • heal from cancer and other severe pathologies;
  • eliminate the dependence of a person on addictions — alcohol and drugs;
  • exorcise demons, remove obsession, provide protection from all witchcraft and magic related;
  • parents ask for help for their children, so that the Holy Mother of God instructed them on the right path, pleasing to the Creator.

You can learn about the prayer that can be addressed to the Virgin Mary at the end of the article by viewing the video offering the prayer to the Virgin Mary. In the meantime, let us find out where you can find the face of All-Tsaritsa in the territory of the Russian Federation.

Image of Allmistress Pantanassa in Russia

Previously, we have already said that in Russia the face of the Virgin Mary bears the glory of an icon, to which people seek help in healing from oncological pathologies. By the way, cancer is not a new phenomenon at all (as many people think), it is told about it by the Ancient papyruses of Ancient Egypt from 1600 BC, which tell about all the horrors of this most severe pathology.

Already in those distant times, oncology struck both the adult population and children.

In 1991, in Moscow at the Children’s Oncological Hospital (located on Kashirskoye Highway), one girl was noted by the appearance of an amazing glow from the “All-Lady” icon). She told the doctors and her family about this phenomenon.

Of course, by adults this news was taken very skeptically, until the light was noticed by other small patients of the ward. And then even adults saw him. Surprisingly, after that, the grave illness of the girl began to gradually heal.

Parents and doctors could not find an explanation for such an amazing event.

A little later, the Community of Mercy at the Children’s Cancer Hospital in Moscow created the first list of the All-Daughter’s name. She was given her blessing by the senior priest of the Vatopedi monastery, Archimandrite Efrem, and the image itself was written by a Russian icon painter, who belongs to the Vatoped fraternity.

Since then, the icon has prayers for ill children and their relatives. And it was in this hospital that a very large number of people could receive magical impressive support from the Higher Powers.

Soon, an amazing face was transferred to the Church of All Saints (located in Krasnoe Selo), which is now called the Alekseevsky Monastery. But the image of “Pantanassa” is still often brought back to the Oncology Hospital to fulfill the ministry of prayers.

Icon Vsetsaritse where is in Moscow

If you live in the city of Moscow and would like to pray at the icon of Vsetsaritsy, then we advise you to visit, first of all, the Alekseevsky Monastery, and also the Novopassky Monastery and the Church of the Holy Martyr Tatiana at MSU.

In the last temple, the list with the icon appears in 2005 — it was presented to the temple by parishioners who returned from the pilgrimage to sacred Mount Athos. Since then, prayers with an akathist are periodically performed here — once a month on Tuesday.

In the Novopassky monastery, the list with the face of “All-Tsarytsi” turned out to be in 1997. In 2000, a miracle happened — the icon began to flow to the world, after which testimonies began to emerge telling about amazing healings.

In the temple, the akathist is read every day in front of a wonderful face, and a prayer service is held every Sunday.

The amazing power of the All-Tsaritsa icon, whom can she help?

As for the Alekseevsky Monastery (located in Krasnoye Selo), in it the prayers with the akathist at the face of “All-Daughter” are performed once a week on Sundays at half past four in the evening. In case, if there should be a big holiday on Monday, the prayer begins at three o’clock in the afternoon.

Now you know the meaning of the icon of the Mother of God the All-Lady, as well as where it can be found in Russia, particularly in Moscow.

At the end, watch the thematic video with the prayer to the face of All-Daughter:

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