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Thankful prayers to the Lord and saints

Thankful prayers to the Lord and saints

Gratitude prayers are words that come from the very depths of our hearts, addressed to the Lord and Saints in gratitude for the right to a happy and peaceful life.

More often than not, when in our life everything goes well and misfortunes bypass us, we take it for granted. But with the arrival of trouble, sadness covers us headlong. At such moments, we strive to turn in prayers to all the saints and to God with requests to save us from suffering, completely forgetting about the words of gratitude for the constant help and support of Heaven.

Features of prayers of thanks

Every believer should understand that happiness, joy and good fortune are a gift from the Lord for our pious and good deeds, and misfortunes, misfortunes and hardships are the punishment for our sins. To avoid retribution for sinful offenses, it is necessary not only to ask for help, but also to pray for forgiveness and omission of sins.

It should be remembered that no matter how hard it is for you in life, in no case should we forget about gratitude to the Lord and all the saints for your good health, for a happy friendly family, for kindness in your heart and peace in your soul. After all, a happy life is complete commitment. Expressing gratitude to God and the saints in prayers should be a useful habit that will further change your destiny.

The closer you are to the Lord, the farther away are all worldly miseries.

To thank God and all the saints, it is necessary to read special prayers that carry a thankful character. The day started with words of appreciation automatically becomes a time of happiness, opportunity and good luck. After all, a simple thank you, addressed to the Lord and His saints, purifies the soul, gives strength, charges with light and sets up in a positive way.

Thankful prayer to the Lord

Words of appreciation should be read both in the morning and in the evening. The most important thing read them with love, sincerity, and faith in the heart. Gratitude to the Lord is:

“Lord our God, we bow before You in words of gratitude! You are our Father, the Creator of all life, and we are Your servants! We say thank you to you for all the generous gifts that you bring to our lives! You are our strength, You are our support, You are the will and the spirit unshakable in us!

Thank you for the food that you give to us every day, thank you for your protection from enemies and misfortunes! Thank you, Lord, for giving us life and for staying with us helping in the difficult days of our lives! Forgive us for our sins, cleanse our hearts from hatred, preserve the purity of our souls and do not let us lose our strength so that we may follow the spiritual path until the end of our worldly days! Only You alone, the Lord, is able to shelter us from all evils and give us a better life in eternity!

We thank You, God, for the family that on earth supports you, for the friends of the faithful and for all the blessings that You have bestowed on us on this earth! Praise you forever! You are our heart, You are our love!

Accept genuine words of gratitude and never leave us, our Father! Amen. Amen.


Prayer of thanks to the Guardian Angel

The Guardian Angel, the mentor and protector, who has been assigned to us from Above, also needs sincere prayers and words of gratitude, for He protects our lives, personal happiness and well-being, shielding us from evil influence. The prayer to the Guardian Angel is:

“Oh, our Great Creator! I thank you for giving along with the life of my Guardian Angel to me! Let the prayer be read to your angel in gratitude for his intercession!

Thank you, my most holy protection angel! I thank you with all my heart! Thank you, my Protector, for the help that you provide me every day!

For always being behind my back, guarding me. You are my support and my support! Thank you for the light that illuminates my path to righteousness! Thank you, my reliable protection, for your presence in my life, for mercy and kindness!

I am grateful (a) for saving me from the deeds of sin. Do not leave me until the last minutes of my life on earth! Become my guide to the kingdom of God, when I complete the earthly path.

My love for You and gratitude grows in my heart and soul day after day! Amen».

Prayer to the holy saints of God with gratitude

Under various circumstances of life, we pray to different saints, but gratitude for their help can be expressed by a single prayer, illuminating the light of our souls. There is no believer who, in difficult times, the holy saints of God did not help, so it is necessary to thank them for their heavenly patronage by reading the prayer:

“Oh, great most holy pleasers of God! I address you with a prayer, but I do not ask for help, that you render me in difficult moments of life. With gratitude, I pray you. You are my intercessors, you are the support of all the people of the earth.

I pray for the forgiveness of our sins, our malice and weaknesses. Thank you, pious devotees, for living in peace and harmony, for happiness and family well-being, for a quiet life without needs and sadness. Do not stop praising your names and send you words of gratitude.

From now and forever and ever. Amen».

Thanksgiving prayer to the Virgin

The Most Holy Theotokos is the intercessor of every soul that prays, an ambulance and a patroness of the destitute. In prayers to the Mother of God every day is addressed by not one thousand people, asking Her for the most intimate. Like any mother, the Virgin Mary wants to hear that everything is in order with Her children, that Her help came in handy. Be sure to read the words of gratitude to her:

“Oh, Most Holy Virgin Mary! Queen of earth and heaven! Mother of our Savior! You are our hope, our support and support!

In you, our consolation! I thank You, O Most Pure Virgin, for bright deeds, for healing the ailments of body and soul, for Your compassion for us, for saving our souls from anger, sorrow and thoughts of the bad! In You — immortality, strength and love is all! Please accept my words of gratitude to You!

Thank you, Holy Virgin, that you pray before the Lord for the soul of everyone! I thank you for the peace and light in my soul, for a healthy body and clear, kind thoughts! May Your power come with me to the end of my journey!

I will never tire of glorifying Your most holy name, and in the words of gratitude to You my prayer sounds. Amen».

It is not necessary to read ready-made thanksgiving prayers. You can say the words of gratitude from yourself. The main thing is to open your heart and soul at the moment of reading such a prayer, to repent for all sinful deeds.

Say thanks to the Most High and the saints for all that is in your life, for all that you are grateful to.

The best time to read the prayers of thanks is morning. Take care that no one distracts you during prayer. It is important to properly convey the words of gratitude to the Lord and all the most holy ones so that your sincere prayers will be heard.

The most important thing is that prayer thanks should be read not only after asking for help, but also when everything is fine in your life. Remember: in words of gratitude is your true happiness and forgiveness. be happy and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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