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Symbol of Faith: text of the prayer in Russian

Symbol of faith or prayer «I believe» — ​​one of the main Christian prayers

The “Symbol of Faith” prayer, the text of which in Russian will be given below, is considered one of the main prayers of Christianity of all faiths. It summarizes the basic truths of the Christian faith, i.e. what Christians everywhere believe in.

For this reason, the name “Symbol of Faith” is often replaced with the synonym “Believe” — the first word from which this prayer begins.

Symbol of Faith: text of the prayer in Russian

“A symbol of faith”, any church allocates a special place: services begin with this prayer, godparents read it when they baptize a child. It must also be known by those who themselves accept Baptism, including children who have reached a conscious age.

The power of “Believe” allows you to establish a close relationship with the Lord and strengthen your faith in him.

Prayer “Symbol of Faith”: Text in Russian

In Russian, the text of the prayer “Symbol of Faith” is as follows:

Symbol of Faith: text of the prayer in Russian

Brief historical background of the origin of the prayer

The prototype of the “Symbol of Faith” originated during the formation of the Church. Even then, there were several short truths, the purpose of which was to remind those converted to baptism about what they should believe.

Over time, as the rite of baptism underwent changes, prayer began to acquire its modern look, new wording was included in its content.

This variant, in which the “Creed” exists now, was compiled at the I and II Ecumenical Councils. The first was held in the year 325, in Nicaea, the second — in the year 381, in Constantinople (Constantinople).

By the name of these cities, the modern “Symbol of Faith” was named Nicene-Tsaregradsky. During the First Council, the first 7 truths of prayer were compiled, during the Second — the rest 5.

The content and interpretation of the prayer “I believe”

The “Symbol of Faith” consists of 12 members (parts). Each part contains some one truth:

  • 1st member — the one God is mentioned;
  • From the 2nd to the 7th — are dedicated to Jesus Christ, the Son of God;
  • 8th member — talking about the Holy Spirit;
  • The 9th member is dedicated to the one Church;
  • The 10th term is the sacrament of baptism, its good;
  • The 11th and 12th members mention the Kingdom of Heaven, the resurrection of those who have departed to another world, the eternal life.

Meaning of prayer

It is not for nothing that the “Symbol of Faith” begins with the word “I Believe” — a great meaning is laid in it, and it must be pronounced sincerely, respond in the soul and mind of the person praying. Believing is the first thing required of a true Christian.

The following lists what he is obligated to believe in: the trinity of God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit), in one Church and eternal life, which will reign on earth after the Last Judgment, where everyone will get what they deserve.

The unity of God

The first member of the prayer is dedicated to one God, specifically one, since Christianity is a monotheistic religion. Before the birth of Christianity, people invented many gods for themselves, associated them with natural phenomena.

And in the Christian religion the Lord is one, the Son of God and the Holy Spirit are parts of it.

In the first term, the essence of the Creator is revealed: thanks to him, life on earth was born, it was he who created all living and nonliving, “visible and invisible.”

Symbol of Faith: text of the prayer in Russian

After the mention of the one God, there is a narration about His Son — Jesus, who sacrificed his own life so that the humanity would be given deliverance from all sins. Christians consider God to be the son of the Lord, born of an ordinary mortal woman.

Christ grew, like an ordinary man, but was different from other people by the gift of miracles. Miracles in his life path, he created many.

People followed Jesus, and the apostles were his first disciples. He taught them God’s word, not hiding his origin.

He was born, as all people are born, lived human life and also died as a man, and then resurrected by the will of his Father.

With the acceptance of the mystery of the birth, life, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Christian faith begins. For this reason, the greater part of the prayer is dedicated to the Son of the Lord — in this part his course of life is briefly revealed.

It is believed that now he is next to his Father and awaits the coming of the Last Judgment.

Holy Spirit

The 8th member of the prayer is dedicated to the Holy Spirit. He is part of the one God and is revered along with the Creator and His Son.

United Church

In the ninth part of the “Symbol of Faith”, the Church is named united, conciliar and apostolic. It is one because it unites believers of the whole world, spreads Christian truths among them. Cathedral — means worldwide.

For Christianity, there are no separate nations — any person living in this world can profess this religion. Apostolic — because the first followers of Christ became precisely the apostles. They recorded the life of Jesus and his actions, spread the story around the world.

The apostles elected by Christ during his earthly life became the founders of the Christian religion.

Sacrament of baptism

The tenth member of “I Believe” is dedicated to the sacrament of baptism. This prayer is accompanied by any rite of baptism. She says the convert, or his godparents.

The roots of the prayer itself originated with baptism, which is one of the key Christian traditions. By accepting baptism, a person accepts Jesus, prepares to pray and honor the triune God.

The resurrection of the dead and the coming of heaven on earth

The final, 12th, member of the “Symbol of Faith” tells of the coming resurrection of the departed and the future heaven on earth for righteous Christians who will arrange Jesus Christ after the Last Judgment and victory over darkness, not without the help of his mighty Father.

On an optimistic note — waiting for the beautiful of that time — the “Symbol of Faith” ends. In these twelve members are placed the whole essence and history of the Christian religion.

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