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Strong prayers to John the Soldier for the protection and return of things

Prayer to John the Warrior: how to return the stolen and protect yourself from enemies

Prayer is a reliable assistant to the believer in difficult life situations. When all efforts have been made to change the current situation, and no one else can influence it, it remains to hope for a higher power.

Recently, I lost my wedding ring and, having searched the entire apartment, I could not find it. In desperation, I shared a problem with my mother, and she advised me to read the prayer to John the Warrior. To my surprise, already an hour later I found a ring in a jewelry box, among other jewelery, although I had reviewed them several times before.

In this article I will tell you about who John the Warrior is, what he helps, and how to pray.

Strong prayers to John the Soldier for the protection and return of things

History of the saint

There is a double opinion about St. John Warrior, since There are 2 versions of his being. According to one of them — he was an ardent opponent of Christianity and all that was associated with this religion. John served in the imperial forces under Julian the Apostate, and, together with other soldiers, persecuted people of the Christian faith.

With a more detailed study of the chronicles, you can see that the saint man sought to help those who were under the yoke of power and underwent persecution. John warned people about the upcoming raids, and independently organized the escape of Christians so that they could avoid imprisonment.

During his ministry with Julian the Apostate, the Warrior was able to free hundreds of prisoners. In addition, he secretly visited hospitals and provided all possible assistance to people in need. Unfortunately, the supreme ruler soon found out about the acts of John, and gave the order to imprison him.

The benefactor was able to free himself from imprisonment only after Julian died during the battles in the Persian War. He devoted the rest of his life to helping Christians, and died in extreme old age.

What to ask for?

During his lifetime, Warrior John was the protector of the Orthodox people, and remained so after his death. Today, standing in front of the icon of the saint saint, people mostly ask for the following:

  • protecting them from offenders and enemies;
  • reconciliation and conflict resolution;
  • restoration of justice;
  • punishing criminals;
  • finding a lost or stolen item;
  • return of debts.

There is also a belief that wearing the face of a saint with you attracts good luck. Believers are advised to take with them a small icon, going to an important meeting, on a trip, on an interview, etc.

Among the strongest and most common prayers to the martyr John are:

From enemies and offenders

Virtually every person has enemies and ill-wishers who plot and intrude. If it is impossible to find justice on such enemies, then it is time to turn to John the Warrior.

He will not only provide reliable protection, but also punish enemies.

Strong prayers to John the Soldier for the protection and return of things

To enhance efficiency, before reading the sacred text, first read the prayer «Our Father». Thus, the aspirant will repent of his sins, and after that he will appeal directly to John the Warrior.

It is advisable to read the words in front of the icon in the temple, but if there is no such possibility, then you can perform the ritual at home using the face of the saint.

About finding lost items

Things tend to get lost, but if some are easily located, it is only necessary to remember where they were put, then others are impossible to find. They are like «fall through the earth.» In such cases, the prayer to John the Warrior is read about the lost thing.

But it is important that the applicant should be positive and imagine how he finds the desired item.

Strong prayers to John the Soldier for the protection and return of things

On the return of stolen items

Losing something important or expensive is undoubtedly bad, but even worse if it is stolen. In such cases, people no longer hope to return what was dear to them, because the thief probably will not return the stolen goods.

Nevertheless, there is hope for John the Warrior. It is addressed with the following words.

Strong prayers to John the Soldier for the protection and return of things

About the return of debt

Helping a loved one is a good thing, but what if he is not in a hurry to return the debt? The martyr John the Warrior always fought for justice and defended those who were offended, so he can even be addressed with such an ambiguous problem.

While reading the sacred text and making a request, it is important to let go of your anger and mentally forgive the debtor. You should also tune in to the positive.

Strong prayers to John the Soldier for the protection and return of things

Prayers that appeal to John the Warrior are best pronounced in the temple, because there is a special energy that reigns, which increases the efficiency of the spoken words. Also, a person should not conceal anger at the offenders or debtors, and ask the higher powers to punish them, because the holy saint himself was disinterested and not vindictive, therefore he helps those in whose heart light and forgiveness reign more eagerly.

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