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Strong prayers from drinking husband

Strong prayers from drinking husband

In the fight against drunkenness of loved ones, all means are good — a strong prayer from the husband’s drunkenness is an excellent means when nothing helps.

Drunkenness is one of the worst sins that destroy families and destinies. It is especially scary if the support and the family protector — the husband — suffers with such a disease. Such a person is almost lost for family and society, and needs treatment.

To date, there are many ways to treat alcoholism, and you are free to choose any. But please do not forget about the prayers.

Our Lord accepts all of us as his children, and he will hear and help any prayer.

Before prayer

Sit in a quiet room, calm your mind. You must find the strength to sincere desire to help dear person.

It is just like that to read the text of the prayer so that the husband does not drink without thinking about the words — a waste of time.

Observe the following rules:

  • phrases addressed to God have power, be careful in your words;
  • deal with sincerity in your heart;
  • your conversion will work better if it sounds in the temple of God;
  • it is recommended to confess before prayer;
  • it is not necessary to dedicate anyone to your mystery of addressing God;
  • reading a prayer do not be distracted;
  • You must read a prayer before the image of the saint to whom you are addressing (before the prayer, light three candles in front of the image);
  • so that the husband does not drink alcohol, it is advisable to pray in the second, fourth and sixth days of the week (men’s days for prayers).

What should do ill from drunkenness

Suffering from alcoholism (if he is capable) must come to church and be in her three services. After it is necessary to go through repentance and confession.

A 40-day fast is desirable for cleansing the body and spirit from evil and poison. Every morning you need to say a prayer, drink the holy water from the church.

These new habits should discipline the man and help him cope with the disease.

Texts of prayers

Prayer to the Virgin

O, Queen of Heaven, merciful! We come to your intercession, do not overstep our prayers, hear us: mothers, wives and children, as well as patients with the spirit of drunkenness.

Gracious Mother of God, bring them to salvation from sinful fall, lead to the rejection of drunkenness.

Ask your Son, turn away, confirm in soundness and honesty.

Receive Holy Mother our prayers from us: women, mothers; crying, orphaned, us, to your liking.

Keep us from the enemy’s evil deeds, and in the hour of a terrible end, do not leave us without your prayers, save us from suffering. Let your mercy cover us.


Strong prayers from drinking husband

Appeal in prayer to Nicholas the Wonderworker

Nikolai, we pray you in prayer: generously deliver the helpless from the abomination and demon of drunkenness. Against his desire, deliver the man who suffers from this blight. Do not drink, do not swallow from this potion without horror.

And if he takes a sip, he pours holy water into the womb. So be it.


Strong prayers from drinking husband

Prayer to Boniface

Martyr, the great suffering Boniface! We ask you to intercede for us, we pray to you: do not reject us, hear our voice.

Look at our brothers and sisters suffering from blight — drunkenness. Take this from sin, oh, holy martyr Boniface!

Touch their hearts with your prayer, bring them, keep them from this sin. Strengthen your sons and daughters in good health to the end of their days.

Your right hand will give salvation and a vow to prayers, children shedding their tears to you. Save wives, children, and husbands from pianism.

Give them health, cry hear. Watch us from the evil devil, more vicious enemies.

On the day of judgment and exodus, deliver us from eternal blasphemy, give us infinite love and peace in the soul. Before the enemies of the visible and invisible cover us by the mercy of God for ever and ever.


Strong prayers from drinking husband

Appeal to the Holy Trinity

Father, son, Holy Spirit! Inseparable and glorious, look at your servant (say name), who is obsessed with drunkenness. Let go of his transgressions, heal him, give him lost health and pure thoughts.

Give him the good of your world. He will be with us together giving you thanks in prayers to You and the Lord to our Creator.

Strong prayers from drinking husband

Appeal to the Matron

Mother Matrona, holy and faithful! Day and night you pray for us to the Lord God in the Kingdom of Heaven, kneeling down.

Our sorrows and sorrows drive away, ward off illnesses and ailments. At the Father in Heaven, ask for forgiveness for us.

From all the people on earth you are asking for mercy from the All-Good.

To all the sick and infirm you give healing, feed the hungry, saddened give consolation. Carrying the burden of his give help.

Everyone turns to Mother Matrona, Matron, the intercessor, hears everyone, hears and helps.

Wife’s prayer

Holy Christ, who died of torment for us. Hear my prayers, my prayers are hot from the heart. Help my faithful, deliver him from the evil potion, drunk.

I pray to your call for your strength to help heal from the demonic snares.

Strong prayers from drinking husband

About the result

Suppress in yourself pity for the patient, it is difficult to help with pity alone. Work to recover from drunkenness falls on the shoulders of the alcoholic himself, but also on his family and loved ones.

Support plays an important role in healing, don’t forget it.

Do not wait for instant results, but the spirit should not fall. Prayers do not go «nowhere.»

To give up is not necessary in any case. A person suffering from alcoholism will soon feel the power of prayers from native people and will get better.

If you are plagued by doubt, contact your priest.

It happens that people drink, but they are not called alcoholics. Often this is due to the fact that these people have lost the ideal, or have not acquired them at all. Help such people gain faith, help them comprehend the sacraments of faith.

And then, perhaps, they will stop replacing faith and goodness in the heart with all kinds of bad habits.

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