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Strong prayers for the health of the child, recovery and protection

Maternal prayers for the health of children — the most powerful and effective

The strongest prayer for children’s health is that which comes from the very depths of the mother’s heart. Why motherly? Because only mother knows her child for 9 months longer than other people.

Because between mother and child there is a close inextricable link. When a baby is sick, his mom is sick with him, but her pain is stronger because she has a soul.

In moments when a child suffers from ailments, Orthodox prayers for the health of children can come to the aid of mothers.

Strong prayers for the health of the child, recovery and protection

Holy assistants to the mother of a sick child

Of course, in case of a child’s illness, one should not neglect the traditional medical treatment — medicine has now made tremendous progress and is able to cope with many, even serious, diseases.

Do not forget about faith, about the holy heavenly helpers — their support and assistance can help ease the patient’s condition and speed up his healing. The best way to appeal to the higher forces has always been, is and will be a sincere prayer.

Orthodox prayers just need to read during the illness. The Lord is the main helper of the mother of a sick child, for His possibilities are endless.

God also has his companions — the saints who know how to heal the body and soul. Therefore, it is possible to appeal to the Almighty with a request for health through His saints — the Creator listens to their opinion and through them provides his help.

In addition to the Lord himself, most often, with a prayer for the health of children, cry out for:

  • The Blessed Virgin;
  • St. Nicholas the Wonderworker;
  • Blessed Matrona of Moscow;
  • Saint Panteleimon the Healer.

A mother’s prayer for health (no matter whether her son or daughter), directed to the saints listed, has truly miraculous powers and can sometimes be the only salvation in a critical situation.

5 of the most powerful and rare prayers for children

Below is a selection of strong mother prayers for children — they include both the most popular prayer texts and the rather rare, known to a narrow circle of believers. However, all of them in practice have repeatedly proved their effectiveness and helped many children suffering from this or that disease.

Prayer for the health of the children of the Lord

Prayers for the health of children, addressed to the Lord, have amazing power. When her child is sick, a mother can ask for a speedy recovery for him by applying the following prayer text:

Important: if the baby is not yet 7 years old, words “God’s servant” need to replace the phrase “Baby of God”. This condition is necessary, since it is believed that all children under 7 years old (inclusive) are Lord’s babies, His angels.

Prayer of the Most Holy Mother of God (Virgin)

Thoughts, feelings, hopes, despair and suffering of the mother will not be understood by anyone better than the same mother. That is why many mothers during the illness turn to the Virgin Mary with a prayer for the health of the child. The healing text addressed to her is:

Strong prayers for the health of the child, recovery and protection

In addition to this miraculous prayer, with a request for the health of his child, another church text can also be used. Despite its brevity, it is very powerful. His words are:

Strong prayers for the health of the child, recovery and protection

Prayer for the health of the child Matron Moscow

Among the Orthodox believers, one of the most revered saints is the Blessed Staritsa Matrona of Moscow. You can ask Matronushka for health for the child using this prayer:

Strong prayers for the health of the child, recovery and protection

The most preferred prayer will be for the youngest children. If the child has already reached adolescence or adolescence, the Blessed Staritsa should be prayed about his (her) health by applying another text. His words:

Strong prayers for the health of the child, recovery and protection

The energy and effectiveness of the prayer to Matrona of Moscow will significantly increase if a small icon of an old woman is placed in the room or next to the bed of the sick child.

Prayer to Nicholas the Wonderworker for recovery

The mother of a sick child is helped by St. Nicholas. He is asked for healing as follows:

Strong prayers for the health of the child, recovery and protection

Prayer for the health of children Panteleimon the Healer

The patron saint of all the sick is the holy martyr Panteleimon the Healer. During his lifetime he was a talented healer and became famous for his miraculous healing examples. In order to appeal to the saint, it is better to purchase his image in the church shop and read this prayer 3 times before him:

Strong prayers for the health of the child, recovery and protection

Rules of reading a prayer for a child

Even the most unpleasant symptoms of the disease will recede if there is a loving mother next to the patient who supports her child and can find the right words of prayer.

Strong prayers for the health of the child, recovery and protection

The greatest effect on the healing and health of the child will be achieved if prayer appeal is made within the walls of the temple. The strongest prayer is that which is read sincerely, from the heart.

Each word of it must be passed through the soul, find a response in it. And then the disease will quickly recede, especially if the mother and the sick child are baptized.

It is advisable to reinforce the prayer ritual with forty-fours about the health of the sick — he is ordered in the church. Well, if a mother goes to the temple, puts candles in front of the icons of the Lord and the saints, collects holy water — you can add food and drink to a sick child, just drink it, wash your face and hands.

If the mother does not have the opportunity to leave the sick bed, relatives or relatives can go to church.

Orthodox prayers for health can also be pronounced if the child is not baptized. It is allowed to pray at home, but for this purpose it is recommended to buy icons of those saints who are sent a request for health..

The higher forces are merciful to the sincere prayer of the mother, for whom nothing and no one is more valuable than her child.

Health prayers should be reasonably combined with traditional medical care. In moments of exacerbation of the symptoms of the disease, it is imperative to contact the doctors, and in moments of improving the condition of the child — to say prayers.

The priests recommend reading prayers for health as often as possible, and not only during the period of illness, but also when the child is healthy — in this case, the prayer will perform a preventive function. Words of the petition should be learned by heart, and in the process of reading — not to be distracted by extraneous factors, fully concentrate on the main goal.

To bring the recovery of the sick child closer will help and visualization. A mother should concentrate on the image of happy and joyful, and most importantly, fully healed children.

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